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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 700: A Display Of Formation Skills Bahasa Indonesia

About an hour had passed and the two disciples of the Noon Grass sect were still discussing their situation, and how to solve it when they suddenly felt a wave of spirit Qi coming from a certain location.

“Senior brother! That… that seems familiar.” The junior brother said after sensing the spirit Qi wave.

The senior brother furrowed his brows and extended his spirit sense in the direction from where the spirit Qi fluctuation had come, but he realized that it was beyond the rage till which he could reach.

“Hmm… it’s much farther than I thought. If it can still have this strength at this distance, then it must be quite strong.” The senior brother said.

“What should we do now? Do we check it out?” The junior brother questioned.

The senior brother didn’t answer right away and waited to see if there would be any more changes. After about fives minutes, he nodded his head and spoke again.

“We may as well check it out. But keep calm and stay alert. Better to be cautious than not.” The senior brother stated.

“I understand.” The junior brother said with a nod.

The two of them then flew in the direction of the spirit Qi wave and reached it after about ten minutes of travel. While they could have reached this much faster, they wanted to be careful to ensure that they wouldn’t come across any trouble.

This way they would have enough distance to retreat if need be. But when they actually reached the location they were still shocked.

“That… What is that man doing?” The junior brother questioned in shock.

“An entire formation array? Is he making an abode here?” The senior brother couldn’t help but mutter.

The two of them were standing on the top of a hill that was located at the side of a mountain. The mountain in front of them was densely covered in Hong Lin trees and the surface of it could barely be seen.

Though what they could perceive, there was a small cave at the entrance of which a beefy man was sitting. He had long hair that was tied into multiple strands that hung at his back.

He was wearing robes that were of a high quality and was decked in spirit tools and weapons from the top to bottom. No matter which way they looked at, he looked to be filthy rich in spirit tools.

While they couldn’t perceive the fainter spirit Qi fluctuations that came off the spirit tools due to the formations that the man was making right now, just from the appearance of it they could tell that they must not be lower than mid grade spirit tools.

But the most shocking part was the man’s cultivation base.


“Senior brother is he…” The Junior brother muttered, a little afraid to speak further.

“Indeed… he’s at the Adolescent Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm.” The senior brother replied.


And just as he said this, the senior brother saw hundreds of runes being created simultaneously at the flick of the man’s fingers as they quickly arranged themselves into a formation which then entered the cave.

The beefy man then took out several formation components such as flags, nodes, and talismans, before sending them flying. The components flew around the mountain and settled into the appropriate palaces that were needed for them.

The formation flags planted themselves at the four points of the mountain, erecting a layer that made the spirit Qi fluctuation get fainter. The physical nodes that were made of several stones directly buried themselves into the ground and disappeared.

Finally, the talismans attached to the trees in a random pattern before fading away. The beefy man then brought his hands together in a mudra and flipped them, merging the ten layers of formations that he had made in front of him.


An audible hum could be heard as the formations completely merged into a formation array.

Once that was done, the man and the cave disappeared as if there was nothing there from the start. Instead of that, a plain ground surface could be seen where the cave was. In addition to that, if one looked at the Hong Lin trees for a while, they would find it as if they were moving, which would make them dazed.

The two disciples who had seen everything were now more than shocked.

“Did that man just… set up an entire formation array in a span of ten minutes?” The junior brother asked, finding all of it to be unbelievable.

“He did… not only did he do it in ten minutes, the formation array isn’t something to take lightly either. I have no doubt I would be unable to break this even if I used all skill. Perhaps only a brute force attack might be able to do something to it.

But this is only because we saw the formation array being created. If it was someone else, they wouldn’t even know that there is a formation here and even a cultivator’s abode.” The senior brother replied.

Seeing as how the beefy man had used that cave, the two were very sure that what the man had made was a cultivator’s cave abode. It was one of the common kinds of residences a cultivator would make when they were out of their sects.

Though for most itinerant cultivators, a cave abode was probably the only kind of a residence, they would use. Actual physical residences were impractical since they often needed to move around a lot.

Plus, making a cave abode was much easier than making a proper residence. They could either just find a preexisting cave or carve out one for themselves. After all, there was no lack of mountains and hills in the world. And even if one didn’t exist, they would always make a cave in the ground itself.

Having seen the beefy man make an entire cave abode along with a formation array, made an idea appear in the mind of the junior brother.


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