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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1262: Teleportation Gates Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had gotten two important bits of information from Huyun Chuan right now.

The existence of the Body Maturation Pill and the Ascension Spirit Pill was the answer to several questions that Lin Mu had in the past. Of course he had no use for the Body Maturation pill, but the Ascension Spirit Pill was something that might come in handy.

‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a normal breakthrough. After all, I was not born in an immortal world and neither did I come here after the normal ascension.’ Lin Mu realized he was in a strange state of unknown limbo.

Of course he hoped that he would be able to breakthrough without the use of external methods.

“Say… if someone from a mortal world arrives in an immortal world before they reached the Immortal realm. And they weren’t in the Immortal Ascension realm either. Would they be able to reach the Immortal realm on their own?” Lin Mu asked, after thinking for a bit.

“Huh? Someone from a mortal world in an immortal world?” Huyun Chuan was confused.

“I… don’t know. I don’t even know how someone from a mortal world would arrive in Immortal world.” Huyun Chuan really didn’t know anything about this.

“Hmmm… do people from other worlds come to the Rust Sky world?” Lin Mu asked instead.

“Yes, they do. There are specific teleportation gates which are used by the travelers.” Huyun Chuan replied.

‘At least now I know this world is really open to the other worlds.’ Lin Mu noted.

“And where are these gates located?” Lin Mu questioned.

“The teleportation gates are highly regulated. There are three such gates in our world, one each in Huiqing Empire, Holy Topaz Empire and Dao Wind Empire.” Huyun Chuan answered.

“Oh? There isn’t one in the Eight Kingdom alliance continent?” Lin Mu asked in doubt.

He knew that he would have to one day leave this world too and go further, thus knowing the method to getting out was important. Lin Mu didn’t know if he would be able to return to the Xiaofan world in the future but he did want to visit it at least once.

“No there is none. The Eight Kingdom alliance did not qualify for one to be built here.” Huyun Chuan stated.

“Huh? There is someone that determines this?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yeah, the Immortal court. How do you not know that? Even commoners should know that?” Huyun Chuan had been wondering why Lin Mu was asking so many questions.

At first he thought that it was just to make him unable to figure out the real things he wanted to know. But now he wasn’t so sure.

‘The questions about the Rust Sky world were still fine, considering he might have come from another world. But not knowing about the Immortal court? That is impossible…’ Huyun Chuan thought.

“You don’t need to know that.” Lin Mu plainly stated, making Huyun Chuan drop it.

There was not even a single thought in his mind that Lin Mu might be from a mortal world. After all, to him, a person as strong as Lin Mu shouldn’t be from a mortal world. He had defeated him who was in the Immortal Ascension realm while being in the Dao treading realm.

In Huyun Chuan’s opinion, something like that could only be done by someone that was a genius of the Immortal world. Even among his own siblings, there were such geniuses. He had fought a few of his more talented siblings and had lost to them even though they were at a lower realm than him.

Lin Mu decided to stop the interrogation for now and left the man in the prison. He had gained a lot of information and needed to go through it again before analyzing it. Huyun Chuan was left sitting there on the ground, still bound with the ropes.

‘I need to inform Elder Niji about the possible arrival of Immortals. If we want to get out, they will be the first option. As long as I can get my hands on the teleportation talismans, I’ll be able to make replicas.

Or at the very least, use the ring to open a path. Just the coordinates would be enough too…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He had made the promise that he would get the Haima Tribe freedom from the Land of Exile and he was going to follow through it.

With this in mind, Lin Mu went to meet up with the Elder.

~knock~ knock~

“Noble Lin Mu? Did you finish interrogating with that man?” Elder Niji opened his residence door quickly.

“Yes… there are a few things I need to tell you. We will need the people of the tribe to be prepared.” Lin Mu replied.

Elder Niji’s brows furrowed, but he nodded his head.

“Let’s get Head Warrior Kulo and others here too. Will make it easier for us.” Elder Niji suggested.

“Yes,” Lin Mu agreed.

Elder Niji simply sent out a message on the mirrors and ten minutes later, all the higher ups of the tribe were assembled at his residence.

“I have several things to talk to you about. Including how we will be getting out of the Land of Exile.” Lin Mu stated.

Hearing this, the expressions of the Haima tribe people became serious. It had been their lifelong dream of several generations to get out of here, and they finally had some hope to do that.

Lin Mu went on to first explain what the Land of Exile was and how it was surrounded by a sea. He also told them the dangers as well as the kingdoms that ruled over it all. It was a stunning revelation to the people and also a bit disappointing.

Many of them didn’t even know what a sea was, and Elder Niji had to explain to them. The Land of Exile was already quite vast to them, and comprehending just how large the Sea of Muxuan was just difficult.


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