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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1249: The Hungry Twin Snakes Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had the concern that when the Haima tribe left the land of exile, they would be attacked.

They didn’t know what was outside of the land of exile, and it was likely to be dangerous. For all they knew, there could be guards or an entire army posted there at all times. Which was why Lin Mu needed them to be proficient against humans too.

‘Even if the Haima Tribe has a similar form like normal humans, their battle style is still different. Though their speed should help them in overcoming this.’ Lin Mu thought to himself as he continued to observe the spars.

Lin Mu’s own understanding about formations, cultivation and even the Dao had increased in the time that he had spent in helping the tribe.

Even though he didn’t cultivate fully in this time, his cultivation base had still grown. In fact, it was faster than when he cultivated normally, so there was basically no loss to his own progress, either.

Lin Mu could even feel his understanding about the Dao of earth deepening.

‘If I had this level of comprehension back then, I would have been able to save a lot more people…’ Lin Mu thought, as a hint of sadness appeared on his face.

Elder Niji noticed this but did not ask about it. He knew from his years of living that it was best not to ask certain questions. If Lin Mu wanted to, he would tell them himself.

“Noble Lin Mu! Noble Lin Mu!” a frantic voice was suddenly heard, prompting Lin Mu to turn around.

“What’s the problem?” Lin Mu asked, seeing the anxious expression of the Haima member that had come running.

From the path that he had taken, Lin Mu could tell that he had come right from the tribe.

“The snake! The baby snakes have awakened!” The Haima member replied. “They’re bouncing around and have collapsed half of your residence!”

“Huh?” Lin Mu raised his brows in surprise.

After the first time that Lin Mu met the twin serpent, the two of them had fallen asleep and not woken up. He had been wondering when they would, and they finally had.

Lin Mu closed his eyes for a moment and checked his link with them, sensing an emotion coming.

“Of course… they haven’t learned how to communicate yet. Otherwise, I would have known the moment they woke up.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He got up quickly entered the mountain before descending to the tribe underground.



The residence that was given to Lin Mu was in a bad state now. Two of its rooms were turned to rubble and more walls were under demolition. The cause of it all was two streaks that were piercing through them all.


The two streaks sped up and targeted another wall.

But just as they were about to hit it, they hit a golden object instead.


“Stop it now, you two.” Lin Mu said in a stern voice.

His hands firmly held onto the two snakelets, making sure they didn’t slip out.


Only after he felt that they didn’t struggle anymore did he open his fingers to take a look. He could feel their tongues licking his palm too.

“Now then, what’s got you two so restless?” Lin Mu asked through the link.

But he got no answer while the twin snakes only stared at him blankly. After a minute, though, Lin Mu felt a wave of emotion from them and recognized it this time.

“You two are hungry?” Lin Mu realized. “Don’t worry, I got some food.” He said before taking out a basket of Stone Flesh mushrooms.

The baby snakes stared at the mushroom as if not knowing what to do.

“Oh wait, let me show you.” Lin Mu picked up one of the mushrooms and showed the two snakes how to eat it.

Seeing this, their eyes glinted before they pounced at the basket. In less than thirty seconds, the basket was completely emptied out.

But Lin Mu’s brows didn’t ease up at all, as he could tell they were still hungry. He checked them with his spirit sense and realized that there was basically no difference in their status.

The two snakes then hissed at each other lightly and raised their heads.


Two wisps of energy rose from their mouths. One of the wisps was black, while the other was white. The black wisp had come from the white twin and the white wisp had come from the black twin.

The wisps were quickly sucked in by the matching twin and they looked at Lin Mu again.

“Yin spirit Qi and Yang spirit Qi?” Lin Mu recognized what the two wisps of energy were.

‘But this time it was very little… do the Stone Flesh Mushrooms not provide them enough?’ Lin Mu realized that there might be another problem for him.

From observing the two snakes, he could tell that each twin only absorbed the elemental Qi that matched its own body. It would either release the opposite element of convert a part of the energy for the other twin.

“Hmm… just the stone flesh mushrooms isn’t enough huh…” Lin Mu pondered.

The last time when they had eaten, they had consumed the remains of the Chasm Beasts, which was of the Yin element. The black twin snake had consumed it all before converting a part of it for the other sibling to consume.

After analyzing this, Lin Mu was sure that the twin snakes needed food that was rich in either Yin or Yang elemental Qi.

‘With such a low efficiency of conversion, I don’t think it’ll be good to depend on the Stone flesh mushrooms. It might be fine for a couple of times, but in the long term it would be bad. Not to mention, the tribe needs to stockpile for the future when we leave the land of exile.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Having thought this, Lin Mu understood there was only one thing to do now.

“Let’s go hunt some Chasm Beasts.”


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