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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1248: A Year In The Rust Sky World Bahasa Indonesia

It had now been over a year since Lin Mu had arrived in the Rust Sky world.

After he had found the method to let the strange Haima Warriors breakthrough, the tribe’s power had steadily increased. Around a third of the Haima tribe members had a Nascent soul now.

And not just that, but the average cultivation base of the tribe had also risen greatly, reaching the core condensation realm now. If not for the fact that there was a limitation to how many people could use the spirit Qi gathering array at once, this number might be even higher.

The experimental cultivation technique that Lin Mu had made also become a lot better. It not only allowed the Haima tribe members to cultivate normally, but a few members had even begun to form their own spirit sense.

This was currently limited to the strongest members of the tribe of course, but it was growing as well.

The first ones to master this were none other than Elder Niji and Head warrior Kulo, along with other warriors that were below him. The two strongest members of the tribe had also gained their own Nascent soul in this time.

As for the restriction that was placed by the Spirit cultivation attenuation formation array, it was slowly dispersed over a month. This allowed the Haima tribe members to reintroduce their older spirit Qi to their bodies and fully assimilate it into their new cultivation base.

Though there were still some restrictions depending on their older cultivation bases.

In the case of Elder Niji, while he still had the same spirit Qi stores as that of a Dao Treading realm expert, he couldn’t exert the same level of power. As of now he could only exert the same strength as that of a Shell Initiation stage Dao shell realm cultivator.

Elder Niji was also the first one to form a Dao shell, even if it was just an outline for now. He was steadily adding his older spirit Qi to this and solidifying its form. Lin Mu had advised him to simply form a spherical Dao shell since he had no idea what affinity they would have later on.

He was hoping that Elder Niji’s breakthrough to the Dao Treading realm would allow the tribe to gain a guideline for the Dao Traces. Lin Mu had no idea what their affinity to the Dao was like, though he had estimated that it shouldn’t be bad.

Another thing that Lin Mu was confused about was the Nascent souls that the Haima tribe members had formed. They all had the same undulating wave like patterns, but Lin Mu was unable to identify what the meaning of that was.

They didn’t show any direct affinity to an element either, so it had left Lin Mu at a loss. He reckoned that perhaps when Elder Niji reached the Dao Treading realm, he would be able to figure it out.

His best guess was that the patterns on the Nascent soul might have something to do with the Dao Traces that the Haima Tribe had a natural affinity to. Since all of them had the same type of a Nascent soul, it was unlikely for there to be any other possibilities.

Other than the growth of the Haima Tribe, there were many other changes too.

The biggest one being the fact that the large scale Chasm Beast tide was now over. Elder Niji was sure that it had ended early due to the regular appearance of the Heavenly tribulation.

Even now, someone would undergo a heavenly tribulation every other day.

Lin Mu reckoned that if the Haima tribe existed in the Xiaofan world and had the same level of growth, it would have single handedly overtaken the entire world with their sheer number of experts.

It only humbled him about the different standards of the worlds.

The passage of the Chasm Beast tide also meant that Lin Mu and the Haima tribe could now go out. And at this moment, they were standing outside the large mountain made by the Earth Fixing array.





The Haima Tribe members were currently sparring with each other. They couldn’t do the same in the tribe underground, because of an increase in strength before.

‘It was a good idea to do this outside… their power would have caused a lot of damage otherwise. Especially for those that are not fully in control yet.’ Lin Mu thought.

He was sitting on a ledge on the mountain and was observing the sparring session of the warriors. Head Warrior Kulo was guiding the warriors and correcting them whenever they made an error.


The sound of steps was heard, and Lin Mu sensed someone approaching.

“How do you feel about the children, Noble Lin Mu?” Elder Niji asked.

He too sat down beside Lin Mu and watched the sparring that was happening at the bottom.

“They are really fast at mastering the martial arts I’ve given them.” Lin Mu stated.

“That’s good. As long as they don’t disappoint you, I’ll be pleased.” Elder Niji said with a smile.

Lin Mu had given the Haima Tribe some basic martial arts to practice. Since they still couldn’t practice any Qi skills, Lin Mu reckoned this was another way for them to get stronger.

If anything, it would increase their raw fighting skills. Another factor that made him choose the basic martial arts was the fact that they were made with humans in mind.

One thing the Haima Tribe lacked was experience in fighting humans. They were mostly proficient in going against the ferocious Chasm beasts. But Lin Mu knew this could become a really problematic thing if they came across the humans outside the Land of Exile.

Here they could overwhelm the human exiles simply thought of numbers, but the same tactic won’t work when the humans were in majority.

Not to mention, the Haima tribe was exiled too and there was a great chance they would come in conflict with the human empire that did that to them.


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