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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1218: Change In The Boulder Collapsing Fist Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu waved his hand forcefully and cleared the dust in the air.


Once it was swept away, the aftermath of his attack could be seen. A ten meter wide hole could be seen in the tough mountain wall. But upon seeing this, Lin Mu’s brows furrowed.

His eyes focused on the center of the hole, trying to assess its depth. And when he finally did, he shook his head.

‘Even Devastator isn’t enough for this… the mountain is too tough and the impact reduces over the area.’ Lin Mu thought.

The hole had a conical interior, and at its deepest point; it was over two hundred meters deep. This might seem like it was quite deep, but when compared to the size of the Rust Hail Mountains, it was nothing.

Besides, one must not forget the power of Devastator. This was the same skill that Lin Mu had used to destroyed literally mountains in the Xiaofan world before. And yet, here they didn’t do the same amount of damage.

Granted, the mountain here was many times larger and tougher, the effect was still underwhelming.

“This…” Elder Niji was at a loss for words.

Even the damage that Lin Mu had done to the mountain was still incomprehensible to Elder Niji. He could barely see the end of the hole that had been drilled into the Mountain wall. Or rather than a hole, it was more accurate to call it a tunnel instead.

‘A single attack did this to the mountain wall… if this struck someone, what would happen to them?’ Elder Niji couldn’t help but wonder.

The attack was simply too powerful for him. He recalled the attacks of the other immortal cultivators that had been banished to the Land of Exile and realized that even those didn’t compare to this.

After all there had been no lack of exiled trying to escape this place. The Rust Hail Mountain was a barrier that they all wanted to cross but were unable to. Thus, they took the choice of making a tunnel and dig as much as they could.

And yet, they had failed more than once.

Many couldn’t even break the rocks of the Rust hail Mountain, forget drilling a hole.

As for the Immortals who had tried this, while they could certainly damage the Rust Hail Mountain like this, it was not to this extent. At most, they might make a hole that was a couple of meters deep, or a bit more.

But it was not an entire tunnel that was ten meters wide!


Lin Mu let out a breath and walked close to check the mountain wall again. Elder Niji and the rest approached him as well, while the Haima Tribe warriors trembled with each step.

“Noble Lin Mu… this power… I’ve never seen it before.” Elder Niji spoke.

“Mm… this is a different kind of a Qi skill.” Lin Mu replied.

“No, that’s not what I meant… I’ve not seen such power even from an immortal.” Elder Niji stated.

“Huh?” Lin Mu raised his brows and heard the past attempts at doing what he had done.

“They weren’t even able to go more than ten meters deep?” Lin Mu asked doubtfully.

“Yes, even an immortal was unable to do this. At digging that far took them many days and eventually they had to stop because of Chasm Beasts.” Elder Niji answered.

“Hmm… I see.” Lin Mu said, thinking that the Boulder Collapsing Fist was certainly different.

It was something he had gotten from a spatial rift and may very well have been from a higher leveled world. After all, while it did say that anyone could practice it and any kind of energy could be used for it, the standard it had was for one to have a very strong body.

Those with weak body could certainly use it, but it would come at the expense of injuries.

Lin Mu himself had shattered his hand the first time he used it. Even after tempering his body, it took him a long time before he could use it without any injuries.

Something like this was not reasonable for most cultivators at all.

Perhaps there was more to the technique, but the majority of its pages were missing. Luckily, there was still the starting part and the introduction of the skill left. Without it, Lin Mu might never be able to learn it at all.

Though this was just for the initial part, the three forms that Lin Mu had made were entirely new. There was no telling if it was part of the booklet too, which could be possible, but the many different elemental forms were probably his own.

Then there was the change in the appearance of the Boulder Collapsing fist.

‘The pull of spirit Qi was there in the Xiaofan world too, but it was not this strong.’ Lin Mu thought.

Furrowing his brows, Lin Mu pulled his fist back again and gathered energy in it.

Boulder Collapsing Fist: First Form: Impact!


Another hole was punched next to the already existing hole. But this time it was a lot more shallow and narrow. The hole formed was two meters wide and about four meters deep. Additionally, there was no suction force.

Elder Niji and the Haima Tribe warriors were startled from Lin Mu’s sudden attack, but they were not affected by the same pressure like before.

“Hmm… interesting.” Lin Mu rubbed his chin. “You all should retreat again.” He said to the Haima Tribe people.

They quickly ran back, without even needing to know the meaning of Lin Mu’s words. They could understand the intent very easily, seeing what he had just done.

Lin Mu got into the horse stance again and gathered spirit Qi within his arm.


This time an even greater pull was felt by everyone and when Lin Mu punched out the needle of energy turned into a large spike instead!

Boulder Collapsing Fist: Second Form- Piercer!


The needle of energy drilled into the mountain wall and for ten seconds, nothing was heard.


Finally, an explosion was felt, but its sound was rather muffled.


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