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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1217: A Crude Method Bahasa Indonesia

Upon hearing Lin Mu’s words, Elder Niji got everyone to stand back.

“Further away,” Lin Mu spoke again.

“More?” Elder Niji was surprised since they were already standing ten meters away from him.

“You might be able to withstand the aftershock, but they won’t.” Lin Mu explained.

“Alright.” Elder Niji then got the Haima Tribe warriors to go further back.

Only when Lin Mu told them, it would be fine did they stop, but even that was already a hundred meters away. Once they were in the safety, Lin Mu began his move.

Standing in a horse stance, Lin Mu gathered power within his right fist. Vitality rushed out of his blood and flowed into his arm, before turning into the liquid vital essence and swirling within it.

Then spirit Qi mixed into it, turning it into a pink ribbon of energy that spun non stop within his arm. But it didn’t end there.


Waves of spirit Qi spurn around Lin Mu’s entire body, getting concentrated around his arm.

“This is new…” Lin Mu had not experienced this before. “No, wait… the spirit Qi constitution… it’s not high?” he was surprised.

So far what Lin Mu had learned was that he needed nearly three times or more spirit Qi to use a Qi skill in the Rust Sky World. But this turned out to be different for the Boulder Collapsing fist.

‘Is it because I’m also using Vital Essence with it?’ Lin Mu wondered and realized he might need to test it out more later.

He had not tested the Boulder Collapsing Fist ever since coming to this world, as there was simply no reason to. It was a move with high energy consumption and Lin Mu didn’t want to use it needlessly when he was already lacking energy.

But now that he had replenished it all with the Stone Flesh Mushrooms, he could freely use the skill again.

As waves of spirit Qi swirled around Lin Mu’s body, they became visible. A faint white energy could be seen moving and looked ethereal to all those watching. This was the first time Elder Niji or the Haima Tribe members were seeing the physical form of spirit Qi.

Not just that, but they also felt the presence of the energy.

“So this is what spirit Qi is like…” Elder Niji focused his attention on it.

The Haima Tribe Warriors on the other hand, were stunned. The pressure exuding from Lin Mu was otherworldly to them, and even the Chasm Beasts didn’t seem to come close to it.

And just as they continued to watch Lin Mu, he pulled his hand back.


The energy reached a peak before Lin Mu finally punched out!

Boulder Collapsing Fist: Third Form- Devastator!

A pink ribbon of energy shot out of Lin Mu’s fist, revolving endlessly. It pulled the air along with it, coloring it a shade of pink as well. But that was not all as the spirit Qi in the air too felt attracted to it, directly infusing into before turning into a long spiral.

The pink ribbon was now surrounded with a light pink colored spirit Qi spiral, giving it an elegant appearance. But within this elegant appearance was hidden a power that could eradicate everything that was in its path.

The Haima Tribe warriors felt like fainting just from watching it. Even at the distance they were standing, the spirit Qi within their bodies was threatening to burst out. It was like needles being attracted to a strong magnet.

Elder Niji was in a better state, but even he felt the pull of the spirit Qi in his body.

‘No wait… the spirit Qi in my body is moving in a specific manner?’ Elder Niji noted something else.

He focused on the spirit Qi and soon saw the paths that it took. He was actually learning his meridians circuits!

Elder Niji had never expected he would get to figure out how his meridians were without spirit sense. It was a fortunate encounter for sure, something that even Lin Mu didn’t expect he would cause.

Lin Mu didn’t know that he was causing this effect either, as his attention was focused on the mountain in front of him. The Pink ribbon of energy surrounded by the spirit Qi spiral seemed to have paused in air for a moment, but that was merely an illusion.


The afterimage disappeared abruptly as the Devastator struck the Mountain. The area shook and trembled while the energy spiral drilled into the solid mountain wall.


A rumbling sound was heard continually as the Devastator drilled into the hard rock. Dust and dirt filled the air, making it hard to see. Even Lin Mu was unable to grasp the scene with his spirit sense as the Devastator had roused the spirit Qi in the air, making it too chaotic to sense.

The attack lasted for about five seconds, after which a loud explosion was heard.


The explosion spread outward and threated to hurt Elder Niji and the Haima Tribe members, but Lin Mu simply threw out a circular shield. It was one of the many defensive spirit tools that he had in the ring.

He had basically never used it since he never actually had to. His own defenses were far greater than the shield and even in the case of others, he never had to protect them since they would have their own defensive skills and tools.

But the Haima tribe had nothing of that sort, making it Lin Mu’s work to protect them from the aftershock, which was stronger than he had originally expected.

Even at a distance of over hundred meters, the Haima Tribe members would have been struck by the fast moving debris from the explosion. These rock fragments were sharp and moved at a great speed.

It was the same as a Frag Grenade exploding and its fragments impacting everything in a spherical radius.


The rock fragments struck the barrier created by the shield, creating sounds that lasted for about two seconds.


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