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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1173: The Dauntless King Hong Bahasa Indonesia

“Humph! We’ll see how long you can stay arrogant!” A Dao Treading Realm Elder said as he swung his Axe.

“A mere Dao Shell realm cultivator dares to go against us?” A second Dao Treading Realm Elder said as he executed a Qi skill, creating a bull imprint.

King Hong didn’t falter against them though and met their attacks head on.



The Axe met King Hong’s palm, which was burning with red flames. The flames spread out from his palm and shot forth like a jet, creating a cushion that prevented the Axe from touching him.


The metal surface of the axle sizzled under the heat as it was subjected to the jet of flames.

“Hah! Got you!” King Hong gripped the sides of the axehead with his fingers.

The Dao Treading Realm Elder who was using the Axe was surprised and felt the burning heat over his hand.

But this was just the first attack. The second Dao Treading Realm Elder who had used the Qi skill and created a bull imprint was also blocked. King Hong directly used his head and slammed into the bull imprint’s head.

“Too weak!” King Hong said with a wide grin and pushed back the bull imprint.

“No way…” The Dao Treading Realm Elder using the bull imprint, said.

But then a moment later he recovered and poured more spirit Qi into the bull imprint.

Much to his shock though, King Hong didn’t move at all. Or rather, he extended his free hand and curled it over the Bull Imprint’s head, gripping its horns. Then pivoting his legs he twisted, causing the Axe and the bull imprint to collide.


“HAHA!” King Hong jumped back with a flip, letting the attacks of the Dao Treading Realm Elders cancel each other out.

The resulting impact from the two attacks, stunned the Dao Treading Realm Elders for a couple of seconds, which King Hong didn’t forget to take advantage of. He lunged towards the Dao Treading Realm Elder who had used the bull imprint and clenched his neck from the back.

“Let me know whether the flames of hell are hotter than mine.” King Hong said, and let his hands ignite.

They turned bright orange before turning red, looking like coals in a furnace.

“AHH!” The Dao Treading Realm Elder cried as he felt his defensive barriers break and burn.

The next to burn was his skin, which didn’t even last for a second and his flesh started to burn next.

“Impudent!” The Axe using Dao Treading Realm Elder, recovered in this time and swung his Axe at King Hong again.

Seeing the Axe come, King Hong didn’t dodge as doing that would mean letting go of the Dao Treading Realm Elder elder that was in his hands already.


The Axe cut into his flesh, and blood was drawn.


The hot blood dripped to the ground and sizzled. The Axe stuck on the right side of King Hong’s chest looked gnarly, but the man in question seemed unfazed.

He didn’t wince in pain, but rather smiled.

“Got you,” King Hong smirked.

The Dao Treading Realm Elder felt danger and was about to let go of his Axe but was too slow. King Hong freed one of his hands from the neck of the other elder and curled it around the neck of the Axe wielding one.

For the other elder too, he changed his grip from his hand to the entire arm.

“Let me give you a nice warm hug.” King Hong said as he pulled both his hands together brining the two Dao Treading Realm Elder close to him.

“L… let… let go…” the two Dao Treading Realm Elder could barely breathe under the crushing grip of King Hong.

While King Hong wasn’t a Body cultivator, due to his physique and the Bloodline of the Flame Drake, the quality of his body was very high. It was safe to say that just his physical strength alone would be enough to compare to that of a Peak Nascent soul realm cultivator.

The other Dao Treading Realm Elder who were watching the clash, were left overwhelmed. In less than thirty seconds, the entire situation had been flipped on its head.

With the two Dao Treading Realm Elder in his grasp, King Hong laughed out loud and chanted.

“Dauntless Flame Pillar!”


In the next second, his entire body lit up in flames and rose high up in the sky. King Hong looked like a living, breathing torch!



The two Dao Treading Realm Elder suffered under the flames and couldn’t last long. Each of their defenses melted like ice, and so did their skin and flesh.

A few seconds later, their cries were nothing but echoes in the wind and King Hong let go.




Two black bodies fell to the ground and crumbled into fragments of coke.

The two Dao Treading Realm Elders were no more!

“You dare!” Elder Ku Mi was infuriated.

And she wasn’t alone either. Six Dao Treading Realm Elders all rushed towards King Hong, not wanting for him to live any longer.

“Yes, I dare!” King Hong retorted as he brought his hands together.

A flaming ball condensed within it before he threw it out.


The fire ball exploded half way to the Dao Treading Realm Elders, having been blocked by one of their skills.

“Tch! Again!” King Hong threw out more fireballs, but they were all blocked.

Soon the Dao Treading Realm Elders managed to reach him and the three of them entered close combat with him, while the other three inducing Elder Ku Mi attacked from a distance using Qi skills.

Blow after blow was exchanged, and injury after injury was sustained by King Hong as he fought valiantly.

All the members of the alliance who watched it were filled with fury as well, wanting nothing more than to cut down the foes that made their ally suffer.

Unfortunately, even if King Hong was brave, he was but one man against six Dao Treading Realm Elders.


“Ugh!” An ice spear tore through his stomach.


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