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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1172: Spirit Sealing Array Bahasa Indonesia

The disappearance of spirit Qi was something that was the most terrifying thing for most cultivators of the battlefield. But what was even more terrifying was that they were unable to use spirit Qi while their foes still could.

And that was exactly what was happening here.

“AHAHAHA! Master Bell Mountain is in Invincible!” The Dao Treading realm elders of the Northern Tribes said out loud.

“The Spirit Sealing Array is the northern tribe’s legacy array! No southern can match it or go against it.” Master White Mountain said while fighting the Centennial Sword ancestor. “You won’t be able to last much longer and nor will your people will live for long.” He taunted.

The Centennial Sword Ancestor pursed his lips but didn’t say anything. Though he tried to contact the other ancestors secretly, but was unable to.

‘Dammit, they are restraining all communications too… that immortal tool is too much.’ The Centennial Sword Ancestor thought to himself.

He knew about the powers of immortal tools and how dangerous they could be in the hands of an immortal ascension realm expert. Their own sect didn’t have an immortal tool, and neither did they have a pseudo immortal tool.

‘I wish the sword of the first ancestor was still intact… if it was then I might have had some chance.’ The Centennial Sword ancestor thought to himself.

The sword he was using right now was a peak grade spirit sword and was very good. But it was still not enough to match against an immortal tool. He could match a pseudo immoral tool if he combined his sword intent with the peak grade sword, but going another level above was impossible.

It was simply an impassable wall.

The same could be said for the other two top sects. They didn’t have an offensive pseudo immortal weapon or tool either. At least, not one that could be used here.

The Rainbow pill sect’s pseudo immortal tool was a cauldron that was used by the patriarch to refine the top quality pills, while the Sky Precept’s pseudo immortal tool was even more restricted.

It was a pillar that was restrained to the sect itself and could not be moved. It was a defensive treasure that was very limited in use.

Lin Mu, who was watching Master Bell Mountain levy this spirit sealing array, couldn’t help but remember the time when Ku Waowen had done the same.

‘That array was definitely made with this one as an inspiration. But that one had a lot of restrictions… this one, though… was set up without much trouble. Not to mention its scope and power is too great.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

The weight put on everyone was also similar to the chains that restrained Lin Mu back then. At least now, Lin Mu could bear to go without spirit Qi as he had his body cultivation too.

Having refined four treasured organs, Lin Mu would still be able to fight if he got past this restriction.

‘Just what restriction is it? A Qi skill or a formation?’ Lin Mu wondered.

“It is the work of that immortal tool, no doubt. If it was a Qi skill, you would have sensed it already. From all that we’ve seen till now, I can ascertain that the Bell immortal tool is a restrictive and supportive immortal tool.

It can apply vast formation arrays with no preparations needed, stop the flow of spirit Qi and suppress spirit sense while also creating a dominating field that can suppress the movement of everyone.” Xukong explained.

Lin Mu’s lips curled in a frown as he didn’t want all this to happen.

“I can’t even use the crystal like this…” Lin Mu muttered.

“You simply need to tear through this restriction with enough strength. Just like Little Shrubby is doing right now. Though I think his bloodline and aura is contributing in resisting it all too.” Xukong suggested.

And just as Lin Mu was considering the Xukong’s suggestion, a series of cries were heard.



“Let go of our disciples!”

Lin Mu’s eyes darted around but couldn’t find the source of cries as they were behind him. With his spirit sense restrained, he couldn’t check it all either.

“Save me, elders!” a disciple of the alliance cried out before he was slashed in half.

“HAHAHA! How do you like now that Ancestor is here too!” A tribal laughed as blood dripped from his sword.

“You all are useless without your experts aren’t you?” the others joined him in laughing as well, seeing that they were now free to kill.

“SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!” The Dao Treading realm elder Ku Mi ordered.

She was now free from the attacks of the Alliance’s Dao Treading realm members and had already killed her foe.

Lin Mu though saw it all happen as Ku Mi was in the field of his vision. And the one who had died was a Dao Treading realm elder from the Black Dune sect. But he was merely one of the hundreds that had died in that minute.

With their movement and spirit Qi restrained, there wasn’t much the alliance members could do. They were simply fish on a chopping board now, helpless and fettered.

“HAAA!” At the same time, another cry was heard in the distance. “DAUNTLESS EMBER FURY!”


An explosion happened as a burning figure tore through the ranks of the Northern Tribes.

“Who said that we are helpless!” King Hong’s voice was heard.

His body was glowing and his hair looked like it was literally on fire. The patterns on his body were also glowing and a fiery aura was felt from him.

“How?” Elder Ku Mi was surprised.

“Hmm?” Even Master Bell Mountain was not expecting someone to be able to escape the restriction. ‘Another one? I thought the beast alone was an anomaly…’

“Kill him first.” Master Bell Mountain said in a low voice.

“As you command!” The Dao Treading realm elders nearby replied, flying towards King Hong.

“Come on! I’ll kill you all!” King Hong said fearlessly.


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