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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1129: An Obsolete Armor Bahasa Indonesia

The information about the Ancestral bell was passed onto the rest of the alliance by Wu Hei so that they could see if there were any old records that might have been missed. And while he went to do this, Jing Luo had brought Lin Mu to show the item he had talked about at the start.

“So what is it that got you looking like this?” Lin Mu asked.

“It’s kept here. Come on in.” Jing Luo said as he opened the door to a rather large room.

This was a separate refinement room that Wu Hei had given to Jing Luo for the time being. Since Wu Hei had tried to find a solution to the Human Controlling Blood curse and had used every path for that, there were several refinement halls in the mansion.


The doors of the room opened and the two of them walked in. And as soon as Lin Mu looked at the end of the hall, he saw the large object that was kept there.

“Is that…” Lin Mu could recognize what the object was.

“Indeed… that armor is ready!” Jing Luo said with excitement.

Lin Mu looked at the grey armor with a bumpy surface. There was fur around the neck as well as on the arm guards. The armor was made out of eight pieces, with them being two boots, two gauntlets, two shoulder pauldrons, a chest piece and finally the helmet.

It was a full set of heavy armor that looked fit for a general.

Lin Mu walked up to the armor and scanned it. He saw the hidden inscriptions that were carved on its inside, as well as the intertwining formation method of Jing Luo. It was something the man had made himself before at the fragment of the minor plane where he was trapped.

But there, since Jing Luo didn’t have the right materials, he could only use leaves and other things like it to make it. He had refined these leaves to the limit before imprinting formations on them. Then he had sewed them into his clothes.

This was the intertwining Formation Method made by him. And he had applied it here by separating the armor into several pieces. It allowed more formations to be added to the armor while also reducing the conflict and vulnerabilities between them.

In addition to that, it even reduced the spirit Qi consumption up to a certain level, making it stable in the long term.

“This is really good.” Lin Mu couldn’t help but praise.

“Of course! This is the best armor I’ve made till now. With the hide and bones of a Dao Shell realm beast that specialized in defense, this armor should be able to bear almost anything.” Jing Luo said proudly.

“Really?” Lin Mu replied.

“Feel free to test it out.” Jing Luo said with confidence.

“Alright.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

While he already had his body that had been refined with the True Gold Body forging arts and the mortal Strengthening Scriptures’s earth armor, Lin Mu wouldn’t mind even greater defense.

Thus wanting to test out the armor, Lin Mu first held onto the edge of its gauntlet. Using his thumb and index finger, Lin Mu firmly clamped onto it before pinching it.

“See it’s really toug—”


Before Jing Luo could finish his sentence, he heard a sound that doused his pride.

“Oh…” Lin Mu looked at the fragment of the gauntlet that was now in his fingers before looking awkwardly at Jing Luo.

Little Shrubby who saw all this, couldn’t help but let out a mewl as if he was laughing.

“I…” Lin Mu wanted to apologize, but was interrupted by Jing Luo this time.

“It’s fine. Seems like I need to improve even more.” Jing Luo stated.

“The armor is great! Don’t be sorry about that.” Lin Mu said, not wanting to put down the man and his effort.

“Perhaps the armor was just a little too late for you.” Jing Luo said, trying to cope.

It was technically true, since Lin Mu had grown far too quickly for him to have been able to keep up. This armor might have been really helpful for Lin Mu if he didn’t have the True Gold Body forging arts but now his own defenses were far greater than that.

One had to know that Lin Mu couldn’t injure himself by pinching the same way he broke the armor. His body would be totally fine with it. He would have to exert a lot of strength to be able to injure himself or use a skill that could over come it.

“Umm… Look on the bright side. You can still use the armor.” Lin Mu said after thinking for a bit. “In the coming war, we need everyone to be strong. If you can use it, the benefit will still be there. So it wasn’t a loss to make this armor.”

Jing Luo thought over it and nodded his head.

“Yeah… I can just use the armor myself.” Jing Luo agreed after hearing his words.

While Jing Luo did have a good defense and his body was relatively tough too, it wasn’t on the same level as Lin Mu that could take Dao Treading realm expert’s attacks like they were tickles.

“That’s it! I now know what to do!” Jing Luo got another bout of inspiration.

‘Since I can use it for myself, I can change the formations… perhaps I can even test out my prototype arrays.’ Many ideas kept on popping up in his mind, making him more excited.

Since he was making this for Lin Mu originally, Jing Luo hadn’t added any new formations he had thought of since they might not be stable. He wanted it to be a finished and stable product, since someone else would be using it.

But now that he was the one using it, he could use whatever he want and if problem arises he could very easily fix it as well.

In the end, it was still a gain.


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