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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1128: The Ancestral Bell Bahasa Indonesia

Upon hearing the name Ancestral Bell, Lin Mu couldn’t really tell what the use of such an object was. He had not come across and spirit tools or weapons that were in the form of a bell yet either.

But the fact that it was an artifact that was brought by the Yao Clan made it far more serious. The Yao clan was the one that had brought about the rise of the Northern Tribes in the past.

It was them that had given them the advanced knowledge of the formations and even cultivation techniques. It was all that they had lacked in the past and also why they were easily restrained by the central, eastern and western continents in the past.

But with the rise of the Yao Clan, everything was flipped on its head and they brought about the biggest revolution in the history of the entire Ming Dao world. And once that happened, the world became as it was now.

Then there was also the fact that the Yao clan was always suspected to be from a different world. Or at the very least, had been supported by the people of the different world, a higher ranking world too, perhaps.

“What is that exactly and how can it pose danger to us?” Lin Mu questioned.

“While I do not have the entire record of it, from the fragments of it that are mentioned here in this scroll, I can safely tell that it is a very strong artifact. Something that can affect a very wide area and is also powerful enough to decimate entire nations at once.” Wu Hei answered.

Hearing this both Lin Mu and Jing Luo frowned as they knew if this was all true then the artifact might not just be a spirit tool.

Lin Mu looked at Jing Luo and guessed that he was thinking the same as him.

“A Pseudo Immortal tool or perhaps an Immortal tool?” Lin Mu said.

“Maybe… until we know the exact effects or its location, it will be hard to assume.” Jing Luo said before turning to Wu Hei. “What more does it say? Are there any descriptions as to what the bell looks like.” He asked, seeing as there was more than just one diagram on it thus it was hard to assume.

In response to this, Wu Hei pointed towards a certain diagram that was relatively smaller than the others.

“This is supposedly the Ancestral bell.” Wu Hei spoke.

Lin Mu and Jing Luo stared at the diagram and saw that it wasn’t just of a normal ringing bell, but rather that of an entire bell tower!

“Is this one of the miniature spirit tools that are modeled after buildings?” Lin Mu asked, as he had seen such spirit tools that were made to look like pagodas and the like.

“Hmm… it could be possible.” Jing Luo took a closer look at it. “Perhaps grandfather might have an idea. He is the only one who has gone deep into the territory of the Northern Tribes, thus he should know the most.” Jing Luo suggested.

“Yes, that’ll be better.” Lin Mu agreed, as Jing Wei was truly the safest bet they had.

“Is it fine if I take it with me?” Jing Luo asked Wu Hei.

“Of course!” He replied right away, having no reason to deny him.

“I’ll take it to him after I’m done with Lin Mu in a bit.” Jing Luo stated.

“That’s fine. You can keep it with you right now.” Wu Hei said. “I’ve made copies of it so there won’t be an issue.” He added.

“That’s good. You should also show this to the alliance. The patriarchs had also participated in the wars of the past, so might have some idea perhaps.” Lin Mu suggested.

“Yeah.” Wu Hei nodded.

But Jing Luo’s face was still a bit irked.

“What are you thinking?” Lin Mu asked, seeing his face.

“Something doesn’t add up…” Jing Luo said.

“How so?” Wu Hei asked this time.

“If the Ancestral bell really is as strong and dangerous as it says here, and is something the Yao clan brought in the past, then why does it still exist?

I mean, when the immortals descended to our world they decimated the Northern Tribes and destroyed all that they had. Even now, their return was only because they had managed to hide away their knowledge.

But physical items such as this Ancestral Bell and other weapons were certainly destroyed in the past. I remember reading about it.” Jing Luo answered.

“Yes… I recall reading about it too…” Lin Mu replied. “The Immortals didn’t want to leave behind any chance of another rebellion and thus shattered every spirit tool and weapon they had.”

“Exactly. And if it really is an immortal tool, then why didn’t they use it in the past against the immortals? It certainly should have been able to stall them for a bit, even if not defeat them.

At least that way it would have been in the records.” Jing Luo added.

Lin Mu thought to himself, finding it all to be suspicious.

“Is there a chance it was missed somehow? Or wasn’t used at all?” Wu Hei guessed.

“That would only make sense if…”

“If they couldn’t use it, even if they wanted to.” Lin Mu completed Jing Luo’s words.

“Yes. If there was a situation where they were unable to use it, or were restrained to use it, it might have survived. After all, we do know that the Northern Tribes unearthed several of their old ruins that were sealed away and thus hidden from the immortals of the past.” Jing Luo agreed.

‘Seems like we might have a wild card at our hands now…’ Lin Mu thought to himself, wondering how to go about dealing with this.

Though one thing was for sure that Lin Mu wouldn’t be able to take the same approach as he did with the sects until now. Barging in might only put him in danger and thus the entire world.


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