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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1103: Jiao Fang: Ally Or Foe? Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had not expected to see an old acquaintance like him here. Though he didn’t know how to think about the man either. After their collaboration at the Tri Cauldron Peony Sect Lin Mu hadn’t talked to the man at all as their links were broken.

Not to mention, Lin Mu wasn’t too keen about the man’s character either, as he had known the man’s secrets and all that he had done in the past, including slaughtering his own companions.

And even recently, he had been the one to have killed Wu Xun. But then he had also killed a lot of the people of the Gu Legion as well as the sects of the Zither Wind Alliance. this it was also a bit in their favor.

Jiao Fang too gazed at Lin Mu and had a smile on his face.

”I’m pleased that you remember me, Alliance leader Lin Mu.” Jiao Fang spoke. “I’ve been intending to meet you for quite some time.”

”I see… and might I ask why are you here in the sect… or how did you come to this sect?” Lin Mu questioned.

”Ah, of course. Though I reckon I should at least establish the fact that I do not mean you any harm, and neither do I mean any harm to the Long Cloud Alliance.” Jiao Fang stated.

”Oh? So you want to ally with us?” Lin Mu questioned.

”You could say that.” Jiao Fang answered flatly.

’He doesn’t seem very keen on this either.’ Lin Mu could tell from his tone.

Lin Mu didn’t outright say it to the man’s face, though. He could easily guess that the man had some agenda of his own. After all, if he wanted to ally with them, he could have very easily come to the Long Cloud sect to do that. There was no way the sect would reject another Dao Treading realm cultivator joining them.

Then there was also the fact that Lin Mu forehand suspicions about Jiao Fang and some more things he had done. Lin Mu had not forgotten that the man had been called Yulong and that there was another Yulong who had been to the Iron Bull city and how he had joined the people of the Gu Legion there.

Lin Mu had a lot of questions and he was sure as hell going to get the answers from Jiao Fang.

’And if he does not give satisfying answers… perhaps he doesn’t need to exist either.’ Lin Mu thought to himself as a cold look flashed in his eyes.

Jiao Fang involuntarily shivered and felt a hint of danger from Lin Mu.

While he didn’t know why he felt it, he knew that it wasn’t a good idea to make the man who had just killed half of the sect wait.

”Senior Lin Mu, I’ll we’ll talk soon. But I have a promise to fulfill first.” Jiao Fang replied.

”A promise?” Lin Mu asked, feeling doubtful and then remembered there were more people here.

Jiao Fang nodded his head and turned back to face the broken residence.

”Come out, all of you.” Jiao Fang called. “Come out and greet Alliance Leader Lin Mu.”


Unified sound of gulping could be heard as the disciples in the residence felt a bit afraid. But at the same time, they knew it was not a good idea to delay at all.

Gritting his teeth, the elder brother was the one to step out first.

”Greetings Alliance Leader Lin Mu.” The elder brother said with his hands cupped and his head bowed.

The Elder brother was older looking to be in his mid forties. Compared to Lin Mu, he was the same age to be his father. And yet he didn’t mind activating subserviently. Or rather, seeing Lin Mu’s young appearance, he was even more terrified.

’Just what kind of an expert is this? There is no information about him at all and yet he is this strong? How deep and hidden must his power and influence must be?’ The elder brother thought to himself.

He had been in the Zither Wind sect for nearly two hundred years now and had joined it back when he wasn’t even at the Qi refining realm. When he joined, he was a mere servant and had reached the position of an overseeing inner court disciple with his own handwork.

He could even be said to be a little talented as he had reached the Nascent soul realm at the age of less than three hundred. Though he was only at the lowest stage of the Infant Soul Stage.

But he was not alone here either. Once he rose up in status, he also helped his younger brother along. The younger brother wasn’t his blood brother, but just someone his father adopted. And yet the bond between them was no less than that of real brothers.

Having greeted Lin Mu first, his young brother flowed after him too.

”Greetings Alliance Leader Lin Mu.”

With the two brothers taking the lead, the rest of the disciples appeared as well and greeted Lin Mu in unison.

Lin Mu of course, didn’t care for such formalities and didn’t require such actions from others. But it still gave him an opportunity to assess these disciples. From their expressions, he could tell this much hat they weren’t really mad about the Zither Wind Sect being destroyed.

Which was strange, as Lin Mu hadn’t done anything to make them act like this. After all, unlike the Ripple Mist sect, he hadn’t shown them the reality of the sect and what they had been doing.

’Is Jiao Fang behind this?’ Lin Mu wondered.

And just as Lin Mu looked at the man, he understood the look and began his explanation.

”Senior Lin Mu, these disciples are all those that have learned the truth of the Zither Wind Alliance over the years. They were suspicious and didn’t feel comfortable here and were looking for a means to escape.” Jiao Fang explained.

”And I’m guessing you decided to be the one to assist them with it?” Lin Mu replied.


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