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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1104: Jiao Fang’s Goals And Four Reborn Bahasa Indonesia

The disciples standing behind Jiao Fang nervously looked at the two of them, afraid to let out even breathe loudly.

”Precisely.” Jiao Fang spoke. “It also served my purpose, thus I gave them a means to escape. I even came here to take them personally and was going to cause some chaos to get the right opportunity.” He added, and took a pause.

”Though… you came before I ever got to doing that.” Jiao Fang said with slight pleasure on his face.

”Very well… since you want to get them out, you can. Though I don’t think you will face any resistance now, they should be able to leave on their own.” Lin Mu replied.

”There are still dangers lingering in this sect, Senior Lin Mu. We will have to guide them out.” Jiao Fang stated.

Lin Mu raised his brows and guessed what Jiao Fang was talking about.

He then waved his hand and withdrew several things from the ring. “Do you mean these?”


In front of Jiao Fang landed chunks of black flesh and bones. The disciples who glanced at it were scared and wondered what did this belong to. But Jiao Fang knew exactly what it was.

”You… got rid of the Reborn already?” Jiao Fang was stunned.

”They were the first I got rid of upon entering the sect. Only after I had gotten rid of all of them did I attack the elders.” Lin Mu answered.

Hearing this Jiao Fang was left confused and surprised. He knew about the existence of the Reborn hidden in the Zither wind sect. They were to act as a backup plan for Gu Yao and would be unleashed when a great trouble came upon the sect.

They could act as a sword to initiate and attack, a shield to defend from foes and as a dagger to cull any internal resistance. The Reborn were to be released out, if a specific amount of people died in the sect or if anyone that Gu Yao had deemed worthy within the sect died.

They would also be released if the disciples of the sect started to protest and tried to escape.

The reborn would awaken and consume all those that opposed and kick start the next stage of Gu Yao’s plan early.

Jiao Fang was sure that now that Lin Mu had basically killed all the elders of the sect, the Reborn was bound to be released. It was also the threat that would prevent them from leaving, as they were kept not in the sect but rather the outskirts.

The Zither Wind sect also had more than just one Reborn. While Jiao Fang didn’t know the exact number, he did know that the strongest Reborn amount them was at least equivalent to the Dao treading realm.

Even he didn’t have the confidence to kill all of them and had only planned to escape them using some skills and techniques of his. He wasn’t even completely sure about saving all the disciples.

And they weren’t exactly important to him, either. He was merely using them as a means to and end. If the disciples escaped and the chaos caused by him spread, the reborn would awaken and destroy the sect.

All this would eventually lead to the same result that he wanted.

But now with Lin Mu’s appearance, a new route had appeared that still took him to the same result.

”I-is… is this what you warned us about, Senior Yulong?” The elder brother asked after mustering some courage.

”Yes… these are what the Gu Legion and the Zither Wind alliance have been making in collaboration.” Jiao Fang said before giving them a short explanation on how they were made.

Lin Mu let the man explain himself while he scanned the area with his spirit sense.

’The stores of their resources were already for the most part when I came here. It also seemed like it was all done in a hurry. Gu Yao must have picked up on what I was doing and got them to shift everything away.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

When he had entered the Zither Wind sect, the first thing he had done was to look for the hidden resources. But since he didn’t find them, he was suspicious and didn’t know how that had happened.

Later he discovered the Reborn that were hidden outside the sect’s main area, but still within its territory. There were a total of four of them, out of which two had strength that was equivalent to that of Dao Treading realm and two at the very peak of the Dao Shell realm.

Thankfully, killing them was a very easy task for Lin Mu and only took a single attack to break them apart. And since they were in a sealed state too, it was even easier.

With the reborn erased, Lin Mu finally decided to attack the sect. And the place he started with was the place that would hurt them the most: the blood pools.

He summoned Little Shrubby and devastated them in a matter of moments. Little Shrubby finally got to show his powers that were worthy of praise.

It was also at this time that the other elders found out about him and were quick to appear. The explosions that were heard in the refinement hall were also due to Lin Mu blasting the entire blood pool hall to smithereens.

Since the formation arrays were deeply connected with all parts of the sect, the damage dealt to it had far reaching effects. Which was the reason why the refinement hall shook and everyone was startled despite it being protected by an isolating and defensive formation array.

Lin Mu stopped his search when Jiao Fang spoke to him again and was done with the disciples.

”The disciples will now take a leave. Do you have a place you can recommend they can go?” Jiao Fang asked with a smile.

Lin Mu looked at the pale faces of the disciples and knew that the truth was not easy for them.


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