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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1081: The Chilly Depths Bahasa Indonesia

Five days had passed since Lin Mu had stepped on to the World Fragment and he had finally gotten close to the location from where the strange energy waves were coming from.

”Now that’s deep… does this go all the way to the center of this fragment?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but say as he stared into the bottomless abyss that was located in the frozen caps.

”This might have been a trench in the oceanic world. Possibly the deepest one. Some trenches can go far deeper than the ocean bed and many even go directly into the mantel of the planet.

The depths of the trenches are filled with magma and fuming gases directly spewed from the heart of the planet.” Xukong explained.

”I see… though it has certainly cooled down considerably.” Lin Mu said.

”We have no idea how long this world has been like this. We already saw a smaller fragment of the oceanic world when you left the fragment of the sacred ground with Jing Luo.

And now there is this one that is third the size of the Xiaofan world. There are no signs of the other fragments in the lesser void and I don’t think you will find one outside the Xiaofan world either.” Xukong agreed.

”What do you think we can find here, Senior? So far, we have found nothing at all.” Lin Mu spoke.

He had hoped to find some treasure or resources, but his luck didn’t seem to favor him. Forget about resource, even the spirit Qi was rare here.

”Destroyed worlds are always a wild card. One can never know what they will find there. It can all be for naught, or you might find your life’s greatest fortune.” Xukong replied.

”Mmm… at least the spirit Qi concentration is increasing here. Perhaps we’ll have a better chance here.” Lin Mu spoke.

He looked around to see if there was anything of interest on the top first, but didn’t find anything.

’Time to go down then, I guess.’ Lin Mu thought and used phase.

But then…


”HUH?!” Lin Mu ended up hitting the ground instead of entering it.

He used phase again and tried to enter the ground, but found it to be hard… like rock.

”How’s this possible?” Lin Mu was confused.

This was not the first time he had failed to pass through something with the use of Phase, but that only happened because he was restrained by formation arrays.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and activated his spatial perception. Then using phase again, he observed closely what was happening. And when he finally touched the ground again, he saw it.

”That strange energy… it can actually prevent the phase from working. It’s like… it is locking down the space itself?” Lin Mu analyzed.

Xukong who had been observing everything from the ring, couldn’t help but nod his head in approval.

’He caught on quickly, that energy isn’t something he can go against on his current level.’ Xukong thorough to himself.

Lin Mu thought of something before going back to the bottomless abyss. He raised his fist and punched down.



A three meter deep crater was formed in the ground, while cracks spread in the icy glacier around him from the impact.

”The ground is not that tough and can still be broken. It should be fine, then.” Lin Mu made up his mind.

Taking a step into the bottomless abyss, he let his body fall.

With barely any air in the surroundings, Lin Mu’s body silently fell into the darkness.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense was observing everything around him as he continued to fall. His speed continued to increase until it reached a terminal velocity and wouldn’t increase anymore.

In the darkness, Lin Mu found the time to become slow. Or rather, it was just his perceptive that had made it seem like that. He didn’t know how much time passed, before he finally found something.


A faint humming sound could be heard, which was rather striking in the silent darkness.

”What’s that?” Lin Mu’s spirit sense picked up on a harsh chill coming from a particular spot.


Lin Mu stopped his fall and flew to the spot from where the chill seemed to be coming from. The closer he got, the lesser the temperature was. It actually reached a temperature even lower than what was on the surface.

When Lin Mu had entered the abyss, the temperature had actually increased a bit, but then fell when he reached this place.


Lin Mu ignited several orbs of fire again and observed what looked like a sheet of blue glass on the wall of the abyss. He placed his hand on it and felt the chill penetrating the armor of the mortal strengthening scripture.

”Oh? It can actually go through it?” Lin Mu was surprised.

Though he also found the chill to be a bit familiar at the same time.

”Let’s see what we got here.” Lin Mu said before punching out.



The blue glass like surface cracked instantly and a gaping cave was revealed.


The shattering of the wall seemed to have caused the air inside the cave to rush out, as Lin Mu felt the chilly air frosting up the armor of the mortal strengthening scripture.

Taking a step into the cave, Lin Mu came across what looked like an icy abode. It certainly didn’t look to be made naturally, as there were signs of manual erosion on it.

Lin Mu observed the frozen walls closely and saw the marks in the rocks behind it that seemed to be made by some kind of an appendage.

”This was certainly carved out by something… something large.” Lin Mu guessed,

The carving marks were covered with a translucent layer of ice, thus made it hard to see, but after breaking some of the ice, Lin Mu could take a better look.

”It’s certainly made by some creature. It is not man made either.” Lin Mu concluded.

He continued onwards into the depths of the cave, until finally he came across a large blue object.

”Isn’t this…”


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