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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1080: Traversing The World Fragment Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu could feel the gravity getting stronger the closer he got to the world fragment. And by the time he reached the very surface, he was surprised to find out the gravity was far greater than he had thought.

”It’s nearly double the gravity of Xiaofan world?” Lin Mu muttered in surprise and confusion.

From the concepts he had learned from senior Xukong, he knew that the greater the mass of an object, the greater the gravity it could produce. But as far as he knew from observing, the world fragment was merely a third of the Xiaofan world’s entire size.

Thus, it didn’t make sense that the gravity of the world fragment was nearly double.

Xukong heard Lin Mu’s confusion and spoke, “the density of objects can also affect gravity. Something can have smaller volume but still be great in mass. Just like how gold is heavier than iron.”

Lin Mu understood upon hearing it, but it only made him marvel that much at the world fragment.

”If it can really produce this much gravity being only a third of Xiaofan world, then doesn’t it meant that this third has the same mass as nearly two Xiaofan worlds?” Lin Mu concluded.

”Indeed. Though there are other factors that can also affect it. I shall leave it up to you to learn and discover them.” Xukong replied.

”Of course, senior.” Lin Mu accepted.

He much preferred learning and exploring things on his own, and wouldn’t have it some other way.

Having stepped onto the surface of the Xiaofan world, Lin Mu first did some tests. He sensed the spirit Qi in the area and found it to be very sparse. It was barely ten percent of what it was in the Northern Town when he used to live there.

The air in the surrounding was also non existent, though it did exist.


Lin Mu took a deep breath as the ring released more air from its storage. The air exited it and was trapped within the armor of the mortal strengthening scripture. It was functioning like Lin Mu’s very own space suit.

The air moved along the surface of his robes and entered his nose. This allowed Lin Mu to breath with no problems. Though he might have some issues of the armor if the mortal strengthening scripture were to break.

Lin Mu looked around the area and found himself to be on top of an old mountain. He could tell from the layout that this might have been a great underwater mountain range once upon a time.

There were groves and crevices made on it from water currents constantly eroding it. And this was merely one of the tens of thousands of mountains that dotted the surface of the world fragment.

”Now then, where do we go now?” Lin Mu wondered.

He thought over all that he had seen from the distance and was interested in the frozen part of the world fragment. The rest of the area seemed to be barren, but the frozen part had great caps of ice.

That was also where Lin Mu had felt the strange energy coming from.

”Let’s head there then.” Lin Mu decided.



Lin Mu stomped on the ground and shot forward at a great speed, covering several kilometers within a minute. He would soar across the surface, drawing an arc in the air before landing on the ground and stomping again.

He had taken a page from Little Shrubby and used this method to move faster. This was actually faster than his peak flying speed. And since he didn’t have Little Shrubby with him here, he needed to depend on himself to traverse the land.

Lin Mu continued to move while letting his spirit sense scan everything within his range. He also kept on sensing the faint changes in the void and the flow of spatial energy within it.

His compression of the spatial element increased bit by bit while he traveled. It might not be the most ideal condition, but it was better than nothing.

Minutes turned into hours, and hours turned into days.

By the time Lin Mu reached the icy caps of the World Fragment, it had already been three days.


Lin Mu took a deep breath and felt the gravity increase on his body.

”This is certainly not normal…” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He was safe from the cold but could tell from his spirit sense that the temperature here was actually lower than the coldest place in the forbidden continent of the Xiaofan world!

If not for the protective isolation of the Mortal Strengthening scripture and his strong body, Lin Mu might have frozen here.

’Even Little Shrubby might have been affected by this cold. He might not freeze, but his speed and control of spirit Qi would have certainly fallen.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

There were large frozen valleys spanning across thousands of kilometer while a dark abyss waited at the bottom of them. It gave one an eerie feeling if they looked at the bottom. It didn’t help that the lesser void itself was very dark and the light coming from Lin Mu was not enough to go farther than a hundred meters.

A few orbs of fire burned around Lin Mu, illuminating the path for him.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t just use spirit sense to observe everything, but rather he wanted light so that he could tell the color of things and tell more details that couldn’t be fully understood with just spirit sense.

Spirit sense basically let him see things in black and white and didn’t give other details. It was similar to using a sense of touch to chart out one’s environment.

”Let’s see where that energy is coming from…” Lin Mu muttered as he sat down to sense it properly.

After about half an hour, he found and followed the energy waves to its source. Along the way, Lin Mu found the spirit Qi getting denser as well.


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