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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 74 Bahasa Indonesia

“Good morning, Love!”

Keith brilliantly smiled when he entered the room with the trolley of their breakfast and found Amelia walking out of the dressing room after taking a bath.

“Good morning!” She brightly smiled and came forward to hug him tightly in her arms, inhaling his scent and burying her face in his chest.

She curiously looked up at him and stared in his deep brown eyes that had turned to a different shade last night.

“My Aura has changed.” She informed him. “It is much purer than before, and it feels ethereal.”

“Same.” He nudged his nose with hers and then led her to the breakfast table in the room.

“You are not going to tell me why it happened?” She finally asked as they both sat down.

“Frankly, I am not sure why it happened.” He said as he plated the meal for her.

“But you do have some ideas?” She curiously asked.

“Mhm..” He nodded his head. “There are many possibilities such as a Dual-Cultivation Technique, a sacred blessing of our bond, or your Special Physique.” He said and turned to look at her. “But it was not a Dual Cultivation Technique, since we did not practice any, and it could be a Sacred Blesisng but I doubt it.” He confidently smiled at her. “Maybe it had something to do your Special Physique.”

“Not yours?” She raised her brow and asked.

“What?” He frowned at her.

“Are you sure it had nothing to do with your Special Physique?”

“What makes you think that I have a Special Physique?” He smiled and curiously asked, which made his beautiful wife frown at him.

“You don’t know?” She guessed.

“No.” He honestly nodded to her.

“Your eyes changed colors just like mine does. I thought you too had a Special Physique.” She confusedly spoke.

“Oh…” He frowned and lost himself in some thoughts. “What color did they turn to?”

“First Blood Red, then Pitch Black, and they turned Amethyst and remained such until we fell asleep. Our eyes were back to normal when we woke up.” She informed him.

Her words made him anxious, and his mind ran at its limits, searching for all the possibilities.

As far as he knew, he did not possess a Special Physique. God Stones did not give you a Special Physique, and he could not recall any phenomenon in all the information he possessed where eyes changed into colors that Amelia mentioned.

Just to be sure, he summoned his God Ring and channeled the Power of Darkness in his hand.

“What color are my eyes now?” He curiously asked.

“They have not changed.” Amelia shook her head.

“Well, then I have no idea why my eyes changed colors.” He shrugged it off and summoned his God Ring back.

“You never told me what this Ring of yours is.”

“It is a God Ring…”

Keith proceeded to tell her what God Rings were and answered Amelia’s questions as they finished up their breakfast.

It was not something he needed to hide for her, and so he answered all her queries in detail until she was satisfied.

Amelia took the lead and kissed him before going to her study to work on some projects, leaving him alone to his thoughts.

After hearing what Amelia had told him, his sixth sense was screaming at him that she was right on point. Whatever happened last night was probably because he possessed a Special Physique, but the problem was that he never knew that he possessed a Special Physique.

There was no new knowledge about it in his mind, and he felt nothing new in his body. Well, except for his expanded Aura Reserves, which marked him as an Auror in the Mid-Nascent Profound Realm and the quality of his Aura, which was several times more pure and potent than it ever was. However, Amelia too had received the same benefits, making her Aura purer and more potent, but she did not see any advancement in her Cultivation Realm.

Keith was certain that he was not utilizing any Dual Cultivation Technique he knew about through his Devil Sutra. The passive ones could not be used by him yet, and most importantly, they were not supposed to yield such results.

“Hey, System?” He called out, in hopes that he would hear a reply, but even after waiting for minutes and repeatedly calling it, he received no answer.

He was growing quite agitated the more he thought over the possibility of him possessing some Special Physique as even in the Knowledge of the Future, there was no mention of it.

And finally, after thinking things over, an answer popped up in his mind.

‘Did I awaken it by copultaing with someone possessing a Special Physique?’ He asked himself and when he went through everything that happened yesterday. By how his lust had flared up just after kissing Amelia, driving him crazy with the urge to mate with her, he was more certain that it was the case.

He also had some guesses about what sort of a Special Physique he possessed, and what he was certain about was that he was a Cauldron, perfect for Dual Cultivation.

“Yin-Yang Physique.” He frowned as he recalled the name of a certain Physique from all the information he possessed.

A cold chill ran up his spine when he realized that he would become an object of utmost importance to all the women who were mad about Cultivation once they learn about of his Physique. And from his knowledge of the Future, he already knew of some such crazy ladies, who were so immensely powerful that he would have to stay wary of them when he eventually comes across them in the future.

The last thing he ever wanted was being assualted by women and taken against his will. That idea never appealed to him.

But once he thought past all the negatives, he was quite happy about it. Yes, this Physique was not helpful in battles nor did it provide any insane abilities, but it could help him advance his Realm faster by Dual Cultivating with other Special Physiques without any drawbacks. But most importantly, it would make his Aura more potent than the average Cultivators, which was an indispensable boon.

Keith also found the answer today why he felt so drawn towards Qingyue. It was probably because she too possessed a very Special Physique.

He happily stood up on his feet to go to his study and work on some things when he came to a halt and frowned.

He knew everything about the Yin-Yang Physique, about all Ranks and Classes of it, but none of them were supposed to change his eye color.

For the first time ever since he had woken up from that dream, Keith found himself missing the presence of the System.

He knew it held all the answers he wanted, but he would have to wait for three years now to finally get them.

“Keith!” He heard a cheerful call from behind him while he was walking aimlessly down the hallways.

“Good Morning, Qingyue!” He turned to look at her and brightly smiled.

“It’s afternoon!” She scoffed and then approached him, curiously looking at the new hickeys on his neck. “Nice…” She smirked.

“Thank you!” He chuckled. “I take pride in my ability to please women.”

“I don’t want to hear about it!” She loudly told him and then sighed. “Where’s Amelia?”

“In her study. She has some project to work on.” He informed her and then drew his hand to her.

“What?” She asked but subconsciously placed her hand in his.

“Nothing.” He chuckled and planted a kiss on her knuckles. “You just look too beautiful today.”

“I always look this beautiful, Heir Demiliore.”

There was a smug smile on her lips as she replied in the same manner that he would have if told the same thing. And the two of them burst out laughing after glancing in each other’s eyes.

“What’s your plan for the day?” He curiously asked when he looked at her office-suit.

“I have a meeting with Mr. Milovic. We talked yesterday at the Banquet, and he agreed to help me with assembling a R&D Team for my Beauty and Cosmetics Company.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No. I will be fine!” She brightly smiled at him. “But if you are free in the evening, can you help Mama settle in the Robin’s Nest?”

“No worries!” He readily agreed to it.

“Thank you!” She sweetly smiled at him before coming forward to lightly hug him.

He was surpsied at her action but before he could tease her, she escaped away, hiding her blushing face from his eyes.

Keith watched her leaving back with a fond smile, and he was immensely relieved in his heart that his Physique was not out of his control. He feared that he would burn in lust just by touching her, but it did not happen. Which was a relief.

“Sebs, come to my Study.” He sent a voice message to Sebastian through his digital watch before entering the study.

He needed to go trough the financial details of The Meladona and the Pacific Oriental after the New Year’s parties last night.


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