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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 75 Bahasa Indonesia

“Young Master!” Caesar politely bowed to him as he entered the Study.

He briefly glanced at Sebastian, Yingying, Victor, and Ryouta, who were already present in the room, watching the livetelecast of TechCom, where a new product called Oculus was being unveiled.

“Yes, Uncle?” He asked when the aged man came to stand by his side.

Caesar did not say anything but handed him an envelope, which contained some information as well as a memory stick.

Sebastian got up on his feet as soon as he saw the Flash Drive and brought him his laptop.

There were a few images, more informational documents, as well as a video where two young men were chatting in a high-end club, and the date and time on the video was of last night.

Keith immediately recognised the two young men, because one of them was his childhood freind, Hal, and the other was the first Young Master of the Falken Family, Christian.

The audio was quite clear, and their converstion was recorded from start to the end.

“Anything incriminating would do.” Christian spoke intently and Hal took his time before he replied.

“He hasn’t done anything that can be used against him.” He dejectedly said. “And if he has, then there is probably no evidence of it.”

“How about the girl that is his personal secretary?”

“I don’t know much about her.” Hal simply shook his head.

Hearing his words, the Young Master of Falken Family intently chuckled.

“Then get to know her. And since he’s your best friend, ask him to hire you in his company.”

“You want me to keep an eye on him?” Hal asked doubtfully.

“No. I want you to keep an eye on his secretary. She’s quite close to him, but she’s just a simple girl.” He grinned. “Also, if you can get your hands on something beneficial to me, it would not go unrewarded…”

Keith dangerously narrowed his eyes the more he listened to their conversation.

“Like you asked me to do, I investigated the Underground Fighting Event that you were supposed to attend on 8th of December. And it turns out that the fights were rigged. Christian Falken was the secret organiser of the event, and he apparently rigged all the fights to gain the most profit.” Caesar informed him after the video ended.

“I see.” He nodded and closed his laptop after looking at all the data that linked Hal’s father to the Falken Family, and his dear friend to Christian Falken.

“Did you find anything on the others?”

“James and Eric are clear. The rest are quite close to your friend Hal.” Caesar straightforwardly said.

“Did you find out the reason why he is against me?” Keith curiously asked.

As far as he knew, the two of them had never had any problems with each other.

“Not really. But, your friend is likely attracted to Miss Lin.”

Keith already knew about it, and he smiled devilishly.


“Yes, Master?” The young Assassin stepped forward.

“Eliminate him. Leave no traces.” He lightly said.

“Yes, Master!” The dark-eyed boy simply nodded his head, accepting the task.

Keith was not in the mood to play these stupid games since the end benefit was not high. Hal was a simple pawn, and he was worthless to Christian Falken.

A man with no value was of no use to him either and he did not have time and patience to keep an eye on a nuisance.

He probably would have let his old friend live had he not accepted the task to harm Nana. It was something unforgiveable, and since Christian Falken was also responsible, how could he let that man go?

“Christian assaulted a high-school girl named Gloria back in March 2035, in Seraphim City. She was a student of Beacon High, and belonged to a low-income family. Her father used to run a bakery at the Food Street. The girl committed suicide after she found out that she was pregnant with his child and he refused to take responsibility. The men of Falken Family dealt with her body, the evidence, and her father was killed too. However, there is still a witness, and that’s Gloria’s former classmate. She also has a recording of the converstion of Gloria where she was begging Christian to take responsibility for the child. Gloria saved that recording in an online account that belonged to her friend but she had access to. However, the poor girl couldn’t muster up the courage to stand up for her friend after they killed Gloria’s father. Her name is Joanna. She should still have the recording in her possession.” Keith said, and Caesar understood what he had to do.

“Everything will be arranged, Young Master.” The Head-Butler of the Demiliore Family politely bowed to him before taking his leave.

Keith knew such a minor thing could not harm the Falken Family, but it would harm Christian’s reputation, just like how the Young Master of the Falken Famiky wanted to harm his reputation.

“What do you think of Oculus, Sebs?” He smiled and asked when the event ended.

“It’s a ground-breaking technology. But it should not be as perfect as they claim it to be.” Sebs frowned and said. “Regardless, it is something that many around the world would love to invest in, especially the Governments.”

“Why?” Victor curiously asked.

“You did not listen to its use?” Sebs raised his brow and asked.

“I was paying attention to the story Young Master was telling…” Victor embarrassedly grinned, which made Sebs chuckle.

“They claim that this console can be used to learn new skills whilst sleeping. Just imagine being able to learn a language, do your assignments, learn about a new fighting style whilst sleeping at night.”

“Ohhh…” Realization finally dawned on Victor when he heard those words. “I will get myself one.”

“No, you won’t.” Keith shook his head. “None of us will.”

“Why, Young Master?” The muscle-head asked.

“You will lose your remaining brain cells too if you use it.” Keith chuckled and got up from his seat. “Sebs is right. It isn’t perfect. In fact, it is dangerous.”

He proceeded to instruct Sebs on a few things regarding the Business and then left the study, followed by Yingying.

“Have you thought over it?”

“I want to serve you, Young Master.” She lightly but firmly said.

“Kiara is my little sister, Yingying. I need someone I can wholeheartedly trust to protect her.”

“Forgive me, Young Master. But I have been trained to become your shadow. I won’t leave you.” She determinedly said.

Keith sighed as he already knew that she would not agree to it.

As his shadow, she only cared about his well-being, and even if she was obliged to follow his every command, she could not agree to not stay by his side.

“Well, you will have to protect her after I am gone.” He cryptically said, and Yingying halted in her steps.

However, seeing him not stopping, she immediately caught up with him.

“What do you mean by that, Young Master?” She grimly asked.

“I will tell you at the end of this year.” He chuckled at her question. “But don’t worry. I will be coming back to you.”

Even though she was still anxious in her heart, she was relieved that it was not what she thought he meant by his words.

“Go, tell Aunt Celine that I am waiting for her in the car.” He said as he walked towards the Underground Parking space of the Manor.

“Yes, Young Master.” She nodded her head and walked towards the wing where Venessa resided.

Keith interestedly looked around and then decided to drive the Mercedes EQS today.

When he arrived at the front of the Manor, Celine was already there, holding a small suitcase, which a butler helped her put inside the car, and then she happily climbed into the front seat.

“Fancy, eh?” She teasingly asked.

“Just because you are my company.” He chuckled and started driving. “And where are we going first?”

“I need some painting equipment, and more canvas.” She told him. “Venessa suggested that I finally follow on my dream to open an Art Gallery, and I think I want to do it.” She informed him and then hopefully looked at him.

“You are brilliant, and I am sure you will find success in it.” He confidently said.

“Thank you!” She brightly smiled. “I also have a painting in my mind. A perfect wedding gift for you. But it will take some time.”

“I will be waiting.” He nodded his head, really looking forward to seeing it. “Just don’t make it something sad.” He took a jab at her, which made her pout and fold her arms on her chest.

“I said it will be a perfect wedding gift. Have some faith in your Aunt.” She complained.

“I was just messing with you.”

“I know!” She giggled and then started talking to him about yesterday, and how perfect his wedding was.

It was clear that the couple of days she had spent at the Demiliore Manor were full of happiness for her, and Keith could discern it in her voice that she was a little reluctant in her heart to leave. But it was her decision to settle in the Robin’s Nest, and everyone had to respect it.

What Keith was glad about was that she did not want to stay at the Lin Mansion with her husband. Even though she decided to not separate from her husband, she understood that she needed some time away from everything that was transpiring.

Grandpa Lin too agreed with her thinking as it would also save Qingyue and Lin Houtian from worsening their relationship of a parent and a child.

But how could they know that Keith wanted to utterly destroy all the relations of Lin Houtian? That man was doomed to lose it all.


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