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The next morning, Keith silently left the Manor together with Venessa. He had to report to the Special Forces Headquarters tomorrow morning, and as he had promised her, he was going to spend the entire day with his mother.

They silently drove to the east, heading towards the City of Damistris, where the Special Forces Headquarters was situated.

It was a six-hour-long journey, but Venessa was driving a little too fast, intending to reach their destination sooner.

Sibyl was silently sitting in the backseat, and Keith had his seat leaned back, which allowed her to caress his head like he wanted her to.

“I hope you remember what you promised me.” Venessa suddenly said, which prompted him to open his amethyst eyes.

“I do.” He smiled. “Not a single scar on my skin, no short hair, no tattoos, no stupid bulky physique.”

“Good.” She smiled at him. “And?”

“No sleeping around with random girls.” He chuckled.

It was something that neither she nor Amelia had to remind him about. After all, with his Special Physique, he could no longer freely sleep around with girls. He had to choose his bed warmers very carefully, and if Keith was being honest, he did not need one.

Yes, he was a lustful man. He never denied it. But he was someone who had reigns on his lust and could go without sex for a long time. In fact, he had a bet with Rebecca, which he intended to win otherwise his previous car collection would fall into her hands. Not that it mattered much to him, since she belonged to him and everything that belonged to her was his, but he did not intend to lose a bet.

Of course, he knew that she proposed this bet to stop him from finding any bed warmers in the next two years. But he was going to play along with her.

Keith had already left his cellphone and watch at home. The business was going to be in the care of Amelia, and Rebecca would help her out if needed.

Nana was going to work under his wife and manage all his Social Media activities.

Yingying was going to protect Amelia when she would step into the Primal Desolation. And Celine was going to open an Art Gallery later this month.

He knew that Qingyue would drown herself in her work, but with Rebecca and Kiara around, he was not worried about her. The two of them would not let things be dull for her. And his little sister was going to be busy focusing on her Cultivation and learning from his mother about Business and Diplomacy.

A sudden rising heat on the back of his left hand caught his attention, and as he willed it, the name of his new wife appeared in beautiful Runes.

She had woken up, and she was already missing him.

Keith too infused his Aura in the Rune and transmitted his feelings back to her, and he could imagine the infectious smile she was wearing right now.

As soon as the Rune receded, he closed his eyes again and Sibyl returned to caressing his head.

They reached the city of Damistris at noon and straight headed to a restaurant to have an early lunch.

The city of Damistris was only a few decades old and a fully planned city. It was built half an hour’s journey away from the Kalyx River which passed through the Soul Canyon. And the city was home to many diplomats, business tycoons, military, and high-ranking government officials, and this was also the third Capital of Netheria.

It was a beautiful place and quite peaceful thanks to its low population because the property in the city of Damistris was very expensive and not everyone could go through the process of screening. And though there were not many sky-high buildings, the city was still a testament to the modern era thanks to the futuristic designs of the buildings.

The restaurant they picked was a famous continental restaurant that belonged to a relative. A place that they had once visited before as well. It was over a decade ago when Venessa had taken Keith with her to a business convention.

“Venessa!” A middle-aged man with a tuft of white hair at his temples called out to the lady as soon as they approached the reception.

“Kyle.” The lady of the Demiliore Family smiled at the man, who was smiling brightly at her. “It’s good to see you still stay at the restaurant to take care of it. I can now rest assured that the food is still as perfect as ever.”

“Of course!” The man chuckled and then drew his hand forward to Keith. “And I can see that your son is a grown man now. Hello, Keith!”

“Hello, uncle Kyle.” Keith smiled and shook hands with the man who too had the trademark Demiliore features.

Kyle was a Demiliore too, and his father was the second cousin of Keith’s grandfather. The Demiliore of the Damistris was a branch family of the Demiliore of the Sameran. While Kyle was a world-famous chef, his two older brothers were High-Ranking Government Officials and his father was the Chairman of RideR, a Netherian Transportation Company with a market share worth Billions.

“Come, I will lead you to your cabin.” The man nodded to him and then led the two of them to their private cabin.

Venessa and Keith left the choice of food to Kyle, who was going to prepare lunch for them, and then the pair of mother and son started chatting about miscellaneous things.

And whilst they were chatting about his High-School days, something popped up in Keith’s mind.

“Mother, did you kill Miss Jennifer?” He curiously asked and smiled when he watched her eyes turn cold.

“You miss her?” Her voice was frosty, and he simply shrugged and started chuckling.

“No.” He shook his head. “I was just curious.” He shrugged.

Miss Jennifer was his Homeroom and Economics Teacher in his first year of High-School, and she was the first woman Keith had slept with. He was only fifteen at that time, and it happened at Miss Jennifer’s apartment inside the Sameran University, where he, as the Class Representative, usually went to talk with her about matters related to academics.

It had just so happened that Jennifer was fond of piano, and she started taking a little too much interest in him after she heard him perform one day.

Keith remembered that Jennifer died in a car crash a few days after they slept together, and though at that time he too thought that it was an unfortunate accident, he always had a hunch that there was more to it. And it turned out to be true.

His dear mother had killed the lady who had laid hands on her beloved son.

Despite himself, he could not suppress his laughter, but when his mother narrowed her eyes at him, he shut up and apologetically smiled at her.

“Just so you know, I was aware of her interest in me and I took advantage of it.” He told her.

“Does not change anything. She’s now rotting in her grave.” She coldly said and poured herself some wine.

Keith leaned in and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“I love you the most, my dear mother and wifey.” He whispered in her ear and loved the blush that bloomed on her fair cheeks.

“I know.” She smiled and then brushed her lips with his. “And I love you more than you could ever love me, my child.”

“Well, it’s hard to transcend a mother’s love…”

The lunch they were served was one of the finest that Keith had ever had in his life.

Kyle was not one of the world’s best chefs for no reason. He was brilliant, and both Venessa and Keith made sure to tell him that once they finished their lunch.

The two of them then headed towards the villa that Venessa owned in the city. It was situated on Imperial Street and was one of the finest properties in Damistris City.

Keith had never been here before as Venessa has bought this place a few years ago. She happily gave him a tour around the place, and then showed him the most beautiful part of this property, which was its pool at the back of the house.

“Up for a swim?” He smiled at her but his mother shook her head and pulled him inside her bedroom.

Keith thought that she was going to sentence him to a trial that was going to last for the rest of the day and the night to come, but Venessa left the room after making him sit on the bed.

He curiously waited for her, and surprisedly looked at her when she led Sibyl inside the room holding her hand.

Even though he had understood her intentions, he still looked at her for an answer.

Venessa smiled at him before she closed the door and then started helping Sibyl undress right in front of his eyes.

“You will make a woman out of my dear Sibyl today.” She mischievously said and smiled when her Shadow started warming up in a blush.

It was so clear that Venessa wanted to gift him something very precious to her. And Sibyl was someone she deeply cared for.

Though his mother’s Shadow did look like a woman in her forties, it was not her true age. Sibyl was 60 years old and was bought and raised by Keith’s maternal grandmother as a younger sister and a future Shadow for her child.

Venessa had received her as her Shadow when she was a little girl, and it could be said that Sibyl was like an older sister and second mother to Venessa, just like she had been to him. And it was perhaps the reason why she had not allowed Keith’s father to lay his hands on her back then.

Her unique grey hair and soft blue eyes complemented her near-perfect features, and once naked, Keith appreciated how healthy and toned her body was.

After undressing Sibyl, Venessa walked up to him and pulled him in a kiss before separating and undressing him as well.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Yes. She is beautiful.” He nodded and smiled at Sibyl, who now had her head lowered.

“Look at him, Sibyl. See how your little Keith is now all grown up.” Venessa called out to her Shadow and made her look at her son.

The unshakable fear in Sibyl’s eyes as she watched his manhood harden and grow bigger made Venessa giggle and she pulled the older woman to the bed.

Venessa sat down against the headboard and then made Sibyl lie down with her head in her lap.

“Come, Keith.” She sweetly called out to him, and he obediently climbed onto the bed.

Keith looked into Sibyl’s eyes as he parted her legs and got between them.

She apprehensively looked down at his member, but he pulled her chin up as he leaned in and stole a kiss from her soft lips.

Her hands instinctively reached for him and grabbed his sides as she clawed on them, revelling in his taste.

He was too experienced with it, and he gave her a first kiss that she was forever going to remember. And then he separated and treated down her neck, planting wet kisses on his way, arriving at her round and supple mounds that perfectly fit in his hands.

“Ahnn” Her body trembled and she moaned when he nibbled on her dark nipple, and then started sucking on it as a child would.

He was always reaching for boobs when he was a baby, but it was the first time he had managed to get his mouth on them.

Unbeknownst to her, Sibyl’s eyes turned misty when she recalled his journey from his childhood to his adulthood. She was too lost down memory lane to be aware of the state of her body, and when the clarity returned, she felt herself gushing out love juices on his hand that was rubbing against her nether lips. She felt the heat of embarrassment on her cheeks, but the pleasure was simply too intoxicating. Unfortunately, she never managed to fall off the peak.

She was on the verge of an orgasm when Keith pulled away his mouth and hand. And then started rubbing her puffy lips with his glans.

“Look him in the eyes, Sibyl.” Venessa pulled her face that she had turned away to hide her blush and made her look at Keith.

He guided himself inside of her, looking right into her eyes and watching her face contort in pain as he kept pushing inside.

There was little to no obstruction in his way, thanks to years of training and fighting that had stretched her maidenhead, but that did not mean that it was not painful for her.

He was simply too big, and even after he filled her to the brim, it took several minutes for her to finally get used to the feeling of being split into two.

Keith started moving when her breaths evened out, and his gentle and reaching thrusts soon dulled down the pain and replaced it with a spasming pleasure that made her back arch as her body writhed under him.

Keith picked up a wild pace when she started thrusting her hips back at him, searching for more pleasure, and her cries of ecstasy resounded in the room, satisfying her Master a lot.

Venessa gently caressed her head after an earth-shattering orgasm hit her, and then grinned at her son.

“Don’t stop.” She urged him to keep moving.

Keith chuckled and started moving again inside Sibyl, giving her no time to recover from the orgasm, and an aching pleasure made her constantly moan and cry.

He loved the way her warm insides were clamping hard on him, and his forceful movements, though a little painful for her, were bringing her pleasure that a woman could only dream of.

When his own orgasm approached, he quickened his pace and leaned in, playfully biting the base of her neck as he erupted inside of her.

“Annnhh!!” She loudly screamed as another earth-shattering orgasm hit her, and this time, there was this strange warmth inside of her that made it even more unbearably enchanting.

Venessa smiled at the two of them and then carefully moved as she replaced her lap with a pillow under Sibyl’s head.

“I will go prepare our supper. You can spend the day with her.” She planted a kiss on his cheek before she walked out of the room.

And right before she closed the door behind her, she heard Sibyl start moaning again.


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