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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 176 Bahasa Indonesia

Under the dark sky with no stars or moon, two figures were walking by the side of an Aquarius fountain.

They had been silent for a while now, and dinnertime was approaching fast.

Keith glanced at his blonde companion, who had returned from the Grayson Manor an hour ago and happened to stumble across him and Qingyue, who were returning from the forest. But seeing her still lost in some thoughts, he stayed quiet.

“Keith.” She finally spoke as soon as he looked down at the pavement again.

“Yes, Rebecca?”

“Did you know Julian planned on doing it?”

“He did not tell me about it, and we never had the conversation.” He shook his head. “But I do know where he and Naomi are.”

Her ocean-blue eyes looked at him, having sensed that he was keeping something from her. But since he had told her that Julian had not informed him about it, she had gotten her answer.

“May I ask you for something?”

Keith suddenly stopped after hearing his words and curiously looked at her.

“Since when do you have to raise this question before asking me for anything?” He mischievously smiled, but seeing that she was very serious, he nodded his head.

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. They are my siblings, and I love them.” She said to him, and her eyes turned a little misty. “Please, keep an eye on them…”

He sighed when he watched her show this vulnerable side to him and pulled her in a hug, comforting her back as he lightly stroked it.

“I will keep an eye on them. And they will come back safely together with me.” He planted a kiss on her head.

Hearing his words, her aching heart calmed down, and she clutched his shirt.

Watching her mother break down, blaming herself for forcing Julian to run away, ached her heart immensely. A memory where everything stayed as fresh as ever was a curse, especially when it was a sad memory.

“Well, you will have to promise me something in return, too.” He suddenly said, which made her narrow her eyes at him after she separated from him.


“No lazing around. Not too much. And you will take care of everyone. Okay?”

“Okay.” She readily nodded her head.

“And you won’t tease Qingyue…”

“But then it would all be so boring…”

Keith chuckled as he watched her pout.

“If she hears you say it, she might mistake you for having a particular interest in her.” He playfully said, and she started giggling as she recalled what had happened all those months back.

To say that she was shocked when Qingyue clearly told her that she was not interested in girls would be an understatement. It was something she had never expected, but then she understood that it was Keith’s doing.

After a brief talk where they set things straight, both of them confronted Keith, who feigned innocence.

Now that she remembered it, she really could not help her giggles.

“No, I am not promising you that I won’t tease her.” She shook her head.

“Okay.” He shrugged. “Just don’t take it too far.”

“I never do.” She grinned at him and then dragged him inside the Manor. “Also, do remember that you still owe me a few dates! When you return, you must take me out on a date.”

“Oh, and that reminds me, you promised to pay on our next date.” He grinned back at her.

“I am your Fiancée now.” She narrowed her eyes at him.


“You would really make me pay?”


“Where do you plan to take me?” She curiously asked.

“It’s a surprise.” He smiled and refused to tell her about it.

“It better be fun!”

“Have you ever had a dull day with me?” He planted a kiss on her cheek and said, which made her blush a little.

The two of them silently walked down the corridor, towards the dining room, and right before they entered, Rebecca could not help but voice out something that was saddening her.

“We were supposed to hold our wedding on my birthday, Keith…” She weakly said and he sensed the loss in her voice.

Yes, his plan of going away meant that they could not hold their wedding in the coming February.

Keith smiled at her and planted a kiss on her head before grabbing her hand and pulling her inside the room.

Everyone was already at the table, and as soon as they sat down, Celine asked Rebecca about what had happened.

She did not go too much into detail but informed everyone that her Younger brother had left the family to go join the Military.

Julian only left behind a letter in which he requested their father to name their Cousin the Heir of the Family and apologised to their mother for being willful.

Seeing that Rebecca was fine, no one bothered her with their questions, and the blonde girl happily engaged everyone in a casual conversation.

After dinner, Keith pulled her with him to their room.

The blonde girl immediately pulled him into a kiss and her left hand started unbuckling his pants, however, Keith grabbed her and stopped her from undressing him.

“Wait for Amelia…” He playfully said, and her eyes widened in shock.

Keith burst out laughing as he knew what she was thinking and then tapped her silly mind.

“She’s not joining us in bed.” He told her, and she feigned some loss even though she was relieved in her heart.

“Is it something important?” She displeasedly asked for making her wait.

“Very important.” He nodded his head and then leaned in to capture her in a kiss. “Rebecca…” He separated and looked her in the eyes.

“Yes?” Her ocean-blue eyes curiously stared into his eyes.

“I love you.” He said and watched her gorgeous eyes turning misty.

Her body lightly trembled and then she aggressively pulled him into a kiss.

She had waited long to hear him say it. And Keith knew that it was something that bothered her which was why she never told him this to his face.

“I love you too!” She heartfeltly said and then tightly hugged him, burying her face in his neck and planting a kiss there.

“I know.” He smiled and hugged her back, squeezing her against him. “And I wanted to ask you something?”

“Hmm?” She did not care about what he wanted to ask as she was a little too happy right now.

“Will you marry me tonight?”

Her body turned stiff as soon as her mind processed his question, and then she separated from him, looking deep into his eyes.

“It better not be a joke, Keith.”

“It’s not.” He shook his head and smiled. “Will you marry me tonight?”

“Yes.” She unhesitatingly said, and when a knock on the door sounded out, she understood why Amelia was there.

“Come in.” Keith smiled and said, and soon the emerald-eyed girl walked inside the room.

“I suppose she said yes?” She lightly asked.

“Of course!” Rebecca pouted and then giggled and she failed to keep the excitement in her heart.

“Let’s get started.” Amelia locked the door behind her and then approached the two of them.

“Tops off,” Keith said to his blonde Fiancée who was curious why she needed to take off her shirt, but she still listened to his words.

He too took off his shirt, and then the two of them stood half-naked before Amelia, who grabbed Keith’s left hand and Rebecca’s right hand.

To the amazement of the blonde girl, who was watching Amelia use her Runes for the first time, beautiful golden living Runes travelled from Amelia’s hands onto theirs.

And Rebecca knew exactly what it was.

“The Sacred Wedding!” She called out in amazement and her heart warmed up when she saw the gentle smile on Keith’s face.

“I suppose you know what to do?” He knowingly asked.


“Okay.” He did not tease her by asking if she was willing to take the Divine Vow as he knew that Rebecca had no doubts about it and would never doubt it.

The two of them recited their Vows in the Divine Language of their Pantheon and Amelia understood their words too as Keith had taught the language to her.

A brilliant golden light engulfed the two of them as the Divine Laws approved their decision and solemnised their marriage.

The moment the light subsided, the Runes started disappearing into their bodies, leaving only their names on each other’s hands.

Their marriage shook a lot of people as all the True Inheritors and Gods of their Pantheon sensed what had happened.

Erebus and Hecate were married, which caused their Divinities to mingle with each other. And for this to happen, it meant that the two who had married were the True Inheritors of these legacies.

Those who were far away in the other worlds waited for the day to come when they would meet Rebecca and Keith, and those who were present in this world smiled as if they had seen it coming.

Rebecca was happy tonight. Way too happy. And all her restlessness was gone.

And as soon as Amelia left the room, the blonde pulled Keith with her to the bed, and their room resounded in her cries of ecstasy for the entire night.


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