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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 11 Bahasa Indonesia

The three of them chatted for a while, before a group of Doctors, headed by Director Ethan arrived in the ward.

The shocked expressions they wore when they saw the state of Celine were quite funny. Qingyue was still worried about her mother’s health, but Keith and Celine really enjoyed the disbelief and agitation that the doctors were drowning in as they conducted the tests on her.

After the results of the tests came out, and Celine was proven to be in good health, the Doctor’s turned to look at Keith with a heated gaze. Even Ethan, the director of Sovienna Health Clinic, who was also a proud member of the Royal Medical Academy, looked like he was ready to kneel in front of him.

However, Keith had already decided on how he wanted to approach this matter. And he did not give anyone time to approach him and start trying to please him.

“If you are curious about my Medical Skills, I can tell you that they are not conventional Modern or Ancient, Western or Eastern Skills. My Medical Skills come as an inheritance, and I can not divulge its secrets to the world. So do not bother asking me to teach my techniques to you.”

His blunt words poured cold water over their excitement, and they looked like lost puppies. If it was someone else, they would have still pestered him, but the person in front of them was the Heir of the Demiliore Family. They did not have the guts to upset him at any cost. But they still looked a little unconvinced.

Keith knew that making all these brilliant Doctors sad would not be beneficial to him in the future, and it was an opportunity for him to make them subjects who would always respond to his call as loyal dogs. And he was already smirking in his heart.

Ethan knew better than the rest that such Medical Inheritances existed in the world. And it was not something that Ordinary Mortals like them could afford to deal with. He was about to request the Doctors to leave the ward when Keith spoke the next words that left him and the rest of the doctors brimming with excitement.

“However, I can see how much you all are dedicated to the Medical Studies, and since my Skills are not just restricted to a single field or times, you can consult me if a dire need arises. I will gladly help you. But please, remember to only consult me if it is a dire situation. No offense to you and this noble profession, but I can not dedicate my life to its cause. I have a lot more responsibilities on my shoulders.” He seriously said. “Also, please do not divulge my identity as a Doctor to the outside world without my permission.”

“We understand, Young Master Demiliore.” Ethan readily nodded his head, and the rest of the doctors promised to listen to his words.

Qingyue stood on the side looking at everything in a daze. She could not fathom how all these renowned Doctors of the world looked at Keith as if he was the King of Medicine. It was not because she doubted his ability, but because she did not have the understanding of Medicine that these doctors possessed. They understood that what Keith pulled off by saving Celine was nothing short of a miracle. But what really intrigued Qingyue was Keith himself. He was the same age as her, had been her classmate for years, and she was aware of his academic ability that was on par with her if not better. She always regarded him as a future rival, but now she felt a little inferior to him.

And when Qingyue realized that she was yet to thank him for saving her mother, she felt ashamed of her neglectfulness and her heart grew very uncomfortable.

“Keith… You don’t know what it means to me. And words can not really express my gratitude but thank you. Thank you for saving my mother.” She stepped forward and sincerely said to him as soon as the Doctors, with the exception of Ethan, left the Ward.

“It’s okay, Miss Lin.” Keith politely smiled at her and nodded his head. “I am happy with your ‘thanks’, so, rest assured.” He said and then proceeded to inform her about the 18-Month Treatment plan he had come up with. He told her how Celine should spend the duration of it, and asked her to keep a check on the diet of her mother. He also recommended a few light exercises that she could help her mother with.

“Heir Demiliore, I would like to invite you to my office for Coffee if you have time on your hands.” Ethan politely said when Keith was done talking to Qingyue.

“I have some work to attend to in the afternoon, so I must take my leave now.” Keith politely smiled at him. “I will visit your office on the day Miss Smith is discharged from the Clinic.”

“I will take your word for it, Heir Demiliore.” Ethan smiled at him. “And rest assured that Miss Smith will be looked after with responsibility.”

Keith nodded to him and then turned to look at Celine to say goodbye.

“Little Keith, aren’t you forgetting something.” Celine sternly looked him in the eyes, reminding him that he was yet to make a request to her.

Keith sighed helplessly, but it was all a pretense. He already had something in mind that he wanted.

“Then I will be impolite, Aunty. There is indeed something that you can help me with.” He looked at her and smiled.

“What is it?”

“I want your Robin’s Nest.”

Celine looked at him in surprise, but then a bright smile bloomed on her face.

“I will send you the deeds and the keys to that Villa by this evening. It’s yours now.” She accepted his demand. “But I must say that you are very greedy. You want your Aunt’s favorite Villa.” She smirked at him.

“Well, I can’t help but want it when I look at it. It is a beautiful house.” He smiled back at her, not in the least embarrassed by the demand he had made.

Celine was not dissatisfied at losing her favourite house to Keith, instead, she was actually happy in her heart that he wanted it. In her mind, she was already giggling at the thoughts that she entertained. And there was a playful smile on her face after she glanced at her daughter.

Qingyue stayed silent on the side, but her heart was really agitated. Robin’s Nest was not just her mother’s favorite house, but it was also very special to her. She was born there!

When she was younger, she had always dreamed of one day bringing her child into this world in the same house that she was born in. She wanted to spend her life in that house with the man she would choose for herself. It was meant to be her Nest in the future.

Of course, Keith knew all about it. It was the reason why he asked for it. Now, whenever Qingyue will think of Robin’s Nest, his face will come up in her mind. And slowly, he will creep into her dreams and become the face of the man she always wanted to spend her life with in that house.

“Thank you for listening to my selfish demand, Aunt Celine. I will take my leave now. Be safe!” He politely said to Celine and nodded to Qingyue before taking his leave.

“Aww… Little Qingyue, Keith stole your dream house.” Celine teased her daughter when the door behind Keith closed. “What will you do now?”

“Mama…” Qingyue complained and lowered her head in embarrassment. She did not think her mother knew about it, but now she felt even more dissatisfied because her mother gave the house away even after knowing that it was her Dream House.

“Is that house worth more to you than your mother’s life?” Celine suddenly turned serious and asked.

Her question made Qingyue panic and the little girl’s mind sobered up from all the dissatisfaction.

“No, Mama.” Qingyue stepped forward and hugged her mother tightly. “How can it matter to me more than you?”

“I know.” Celine giggled and comforted her daughter by stroking her back. “And it is not like you can not visit that house anymore. Keith is your classmate, and you have known him for years. You too will make really good friends.” She did not say anything more, and as Qingyue thought over her mother’s words, she could not help but nod her head.

After that, Celine made Qingyue tell her more about Keith. And the two ladies chatted happily.

Outside the Sovienna Health Clinic, inside a limited edition Bentley EXP 100 GT, Keith was looking at the picture of him and his friends.

There was a cold glint in his eyes as he stared at each of their faces. He already knew the ones that were superficial friends, who were only there for benefit, but after learning from Qingyue that most of the class knew about their plan for today, he decided to keep an eye on those too that fell with him in the future.

“I was meant to be pitted from the start.” He mockingly chuckled and shook his head.

He was meant to lose a bet today, and he was going to accept the dare to make Lin Qingyue fall in love with him. But, unbeknownst to him, Qingyue was going to be made aware of the bet. And that would have led to her having a bad impression of him, which would eventually make it impossible for her to trust him.

Had he not known the future, he would have not taken a different approach with Nana. He would have not brought her mother to this Clinic. He would have not come here today, but instead would have attended the event as planned, and he would have fallen into the trap that was the beginning of his downfall.

As he thought over it, he could not help but laugh mockingly.


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