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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 10 Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing Lin Qingyue enter the ward, Keith could not help but feel his heart thump hard against his chest.

Her tall slender figure with gorgeous curves was a temptation that ignited a fire in the loins of men, and it was not just her figure that was top-notch, her face was perfect too. She had inherited her Italian mother’s features, and had a distinct touch of her Chinese inheritance as well, forming a face that once seen was hard to forget.

If he could see her Charm value, Keith was certain that it was 94 or 95. And any value 92 and above fell into the category of perfection.

Just a look at her had once again roused his desire to conquer her. He had debated if wanted her in his life or not after he had woken up from that nightmare. Was she was worth it? But he knew that some part of his heart was hell-bent on possessing her. And he was a man who wanted to get everything he desired.

Right now, Lin Qingyue was frozen in shock as she watched her mother standing, looking at her with a bright smile. It was not just her that was in shock, the Nurse in Charge had come inside as well, and she was frozen too, in shock that far surpassed that of Lin Qingyue. As Celine’s Nurse, she knew very well that it was impossible for Celine to stand up on her own, and she was dazed as she looked at how lustrous and radiant her skin was. But soon her eyes turned to look at Keith, and worship dawned in them.

Celine enjoyed the shocked look on their faces, and could not contain her giggles after a while.

“Mama…” When she watched her mother giggle, her eyes became hot, and tears started pouring out of them. She stepped forward, trembling slightly, and when Celine opened her arms for her, she could not restrain herself and lunged at her, wrapping her arms protectively around her. “Mama you…”

Seeing her daughter cry in happiness in her arms, Celine started crying too.

“Mama is fine now. And Mama will stay with you for a long time.” She gently spoke to her baby girl, and her words made Qingyue start bawling in happiness.

Keith was dumbstruck at seeing the cold and elegant Lin Qingyue in his memories cry like a baby girl. But he soon recovered, remembering that Qingyue had only become Stone Cold after her mother’s demise. And he couldn’t help but sigh at the love they displayed for each other. It brightened up his mood too. Even if he had only helped Celine out of his selfishness, he still felt that he had done something good. And it satisfied his vanity.

“Aunty, I will take my leave now.” He softly spoke after the mother and daughter duo finally separated from each other’s embrace.

“No!” Aunt Celine resolutely denied his request. “Stay with your Aunt for some time. I really want to chat with you. Also, you still have not asked me for anything. I already told you that won’t do.” She sternly said.

Keith sighed helplessly and nodded, which made Celine smile brightly.

However, Qingyue was flustered now. And she hurriedly turned around to wipe her face off the tears and saliva, hiding her face from him that was completely red in embarrassment.

In her happiness and excitement, she had not paid attention to Keith’s presence here, and she had shown a side of her to him and the Nurse that even her father had never seen.

“Keith, what are you doing here?” She turned around and asked, a little sternly even if she did not intend to. It was a defensive mechanism to cope with her embarrassment.

Instead of answering her question, Keith smirked at her, as if telling her that he saw it all, and Qingyue couldn’t help but have her face once more burn in embarrassment.

“You look really beautiful today, Miss Lin.”

His words flustered her, and she quickly shied her eyes away from him.

Now that was something he had never expected, and it made him frown, but he did not show it on his face.

From her reaction, it was clear that she was not immune to his charm, but in his memories, he remembered her always behaving like his charm was useless on her. But it wasn’t long before he reached a conclusion about it.

Even if the two of them had been classmates for years, at this point in time, Keith had not started pursuing her. And he remembered that in the dream, he started giving her subtle hints from the coming Monday. And the reason why he started pursuing her was because of a bet.

Yes, Keith had started pursuing Qingyue after he lost a bet with his friends in an event that he was meant to attend this morning.

“I thought you guys were going to some Underground Fighting Event. What are you doing at the Clinic?”

Sure enough, as soon as Qingyue asked that question, there was a chill in Keith’s heart. And he understood everything.

“Where did you hear about it?” He still had a gentle smile on his face and asked.

“It isn’t a secret. Almost half of the class knows about it.” She frowned at him and spoke.

“Well, I did have such a plan, but I decided to not attend the event. As for why I am here, my Personal Assistant’s mother had an operation yesterday, and I came to drop her off here so she could be with her.” He answered her truthfully, and sure enough, she did not miss the information.

“Your Personal Assistant?” Qingyue curiously asked.

“I registered a new company yesterday, and we will be starting our operations from Monday.” There was no reason to hide this information.

Seeing the surprise on her face, Keith laughed in his heart. He knew that Qingyue too had plans to apply for Autonomous Learning and start her company at the end of the ongoing Semester. So of course, his words piqued her interest as they now had something common between them.

No one knew what Celine was thinking right now, but as she watched Keith and Qingyue chatting with each other, she had a strange gleam in her eyes.

“Madam Lin, how are you…” A voice interrupted their conversation, and Qingyue hurriedly looked at the Nurse and then at her Mother.

“I am fine now.” Celine politely nodded to the Nurse. “And I would like to have a check-up.” She knew that even if she did not ask for it, the Doctors at the Clinic would later insist on it.

“Yes, Madam Lin!” The Nurse obediently nodded to her and rushed out of the room to call on a Doctor. But before she left, she briefly glanced at Keith with eyes full of worship.

“Mama, how are you suddenly…” Qingyue felt wrong asking this question, so she did not finish it, but both Celine and Keith knew what she wanted to ask.

“It turns out that Little Keith is a genius Doctor, who happens to know how to treat my strange sickness,” Celine informed her and enjoyed the look of disbelief on her daughter’s face.

The Young Lady Lin looked at Keith, and when she saw him lightly nod in acceptance, she was left dumbstruck.

Part of her really wanted to brush off her mother’s words as absurd, another part of her thought that they were joking with her, and a part of her really believed that it was the case. It did not take long before she was sure that what her mother said was true. After all, what other reason could there be for her current state? But the question remained that how Keith could be a Doctor? He was only 18 years old!

However, her mother gave her no chance to question Keith about it and pulled both their hands to drag them on the bed with her.

“Little Keith, do you know that Qingyue is planning on starting her own business too?” Celine happily informed him.

“Really?” Keith showed a look of surprise and turn to face Qingyue, who nodded to him. “That’s great. These years are vital years of our lives, and spending them in the university would hinder our growth. When we have the option of Autonomous Learning, why not avail it and already start working on our future?”

Qingyue totally agreed with his train of thought and nodded her head appreciatively. The two of them did not belong to the class of people who pursued a degree to get a job. That certificate of Graduation had no real value to them. It was just a minor achievement for them, so why spend the entirety of 4 vital years of their life on getting it?

“What kind of Business do you plan to start?” Qingyue curiously asked.

“For now, Real Estate. But I will be entering other industries too in the future.” Keith briefly told her. “What about you?”

“Fashion and Cosmetics,” Qingyue replied with a hint of Pride because both the industries were ones that her Family’s Group was currently not engaged in.

“That’s ambitious. But I know you will succeed.” He confidently smiled at her.

Qingyue did not know why she suddenly felt warm after hearing his words. Seeing that he had confidence in her, when her own father did not show it, her favorability of Keith rose sharply.

“How do you have so much confidence in me?” She curiously asked.

“I have an eye for people. And I can feel that you are blessed with a sense of Business that only a few possess.” He smiled at her. “Don’t ask me how that works, as it is just instinctive.”

His words only piqued her interest some more, as even she did not possess such confidence in herself. But overall, she really liked having someone believe in her. It was a strange feeling to have someone other than your family believing in you, and it boosted her confidence a lot.

And now that she looked at Keith, her impression of him was totally different from before.

To her, he did not look like a spoiled Vieux Riche who liked wasting his life, living it large, and picking up flowers as the rumors said.


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