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The situation had suddenly turned dire as everyone from the Shadow Guards was occupied dealing with the enemies, who were nearly twice their numbers.

Their enemies had come prepared, but they had still underestimated the individual strength of a few of Keith’s Guards.

Whilst the Shadow Guards fought against one to two enemies, Yingying alone was handling over six of them whilst Victor stayed right next to Keith, keeping his nerves under control.

“You can go join them if you want.” He suggested, knowing well how much the Muscle-head wanted to do it.

“No.” Victor adamantly shook his head. “Lady Venessa will kill me.” He solemnly said and then stepped closer to Keith when two more people suddenly entered the basement from the staircase and rushed right at him.

Keith had already summoned his God Ring just in case things got out of hand, and he was glad he took this precaution.

A loud clang sounded out when a powerful fist buried itself into Victor’s chest, who took the hit to shield Keith, and as a result, was sent flying back crashing into the wall, spreading web-like cracks on it. But Keith did not get the time to pay attention to the Muscle-head as the man who had attacked Victor sent another fist at him.

He was about to use his Powers but before he could do it, both the A-Team Leader and Yingying arrived in time and protected him. Yingying had already cut the number of her earlier enemies short by half, but now she completely ignored them and only concentrated on this new powerful enemy, who was clearly in the True Profound Realm, much more powerful than her.

The A-Team Leader, who had tackled Keith out of the way, got engaged with the second newcomer, whilst Victor, who miraculously seemed alright, dealt with the ones that Yingying was earlier fighting against.

Keith frowned when he watched everything transpire. Yingying was clearly on the backfoot, and despite Victor’s haste in killing the enemies as soon as possible, he would not make it in time to help the A-Team Leader and Yingying.

The Muscle-head grabbed a man in black by his neck, ignoring the blades that crashed into his skin, generating clanks of metal, and ruthlessly pummelled the head of the man into the concrete floor, incapacitating him as he did not seem to be getting up anytime soon.

“Kill him,” Keith called out to him when he was about to target another man, and Victor did not hesitate as he pummeled his fist into the chest of the fallen man, making the enemy spray out a mouthful of blood.

The rest of the enemies were horrified when they found their Blades ineffective on Victor. Some of them had even laced their weapons in their Aura, but it seemed to have little to no effect on Victor at all. And what was terrifying was that, despite not being in True Profound Realm, the Muscle-head could protect all of his body against their attacks.

This realization made the enemies apprehensive, who then changed their tactics and focused on keeping him engaged, hoping that they would tire him out soon.

It was one of the major flaws of the Espers that they could not keep using their powers for an extended duration of time.

Victor knew that he could not hold on for long, and he was like a madman hell-bent on killing whatever he got his hands onto.

Keith jumped out of the way when A-Team Leader was sent flying at him. The middle-aged man tried his best to get up again but failed to make it to Keith in time, and the enemy had already approached its target.

“Well done, Fisher.” Keith lightly smiled as Fisher prepared to hammer his fist into his face.

Yes, he knew who it was. It was none other than the second Shadow Guard of Christian Falken, who was present last night at the Racing Circuit.

The eyes of his enemy briefly flashed in a hint of surprise that he had been recognised, but his fist did not stop.

“No!” A-Team Leader shouted out, but then his eyes widened in shock.

Somehow, Fisher, whose fist was only an inch away from Keith’s face was sent flying his way with an invisible force.

The Leader of the Shadow Guard prepared himself and blasted a powerful fist at the coming enemy, who was still baffled at what had just happened.

Fisher managed to shield against the blow, but he had undoubtedly suffered some internal injury as blood leaked out of his mouth.

“Come back,” Keith called out to him, and just like before, he came flying back, completely baffled at what was happening, and even though he tried to manoeuvre in the air and managed to throw a punch at the Heir of the Demiliore Family, he could not muster up all his strength.

Keith blocked the fist with a hand protected by his Aura and then placed his palm on Fisher’s chest.

Those that witnessed the scene could not comprehend what happened as Fisher, who was in the late stage of the Great Profound Realm, suddenly fell onto the ground, sprawled on his back, and despite his struggle, he could not move.

There seemed to be an invisible force weighing down on him. It was just as if Keith could manipulate the gravity itself, and Fisher’s eyes widened in horror.

“Help Yingying!” Keith ignored the man on the ground and ordered the A-Team Leader, who was dumbfoundedly looking at him.

“Yes, Young Master!” He instantly replied and then rushed towards the corner when Yingying was engaged in a heated battle against an enemy who was much stronger than her.

She had blood leaking out of her mouth, and her movements were not as agile as before. It was clear that she had suffered some injuries, and she was not going to last long if left alone to deal with such an opponent.

“Y-ou ar-e an Es-perrr…” Fisher horrifiedly said when Keith crouched next to him and picked out his phone.

“Maybe.” He harmlessly smiled and then started recording what was happening in the basement before uncovering Fisher’s face.

“N-o..” The second Shadow of Christian Falken realised that he had put his Master in a grave situation with his failure, and he tried his best to fight against the invisible force and get up, but could not do it.

“So, it was Christian.” Keith pretended to be surprised and said before discretely tapping Aura into the Death Points of Fisher that were on his abdomen, out of the focus of the camera.

The fallen man felt numb all over and finally stopped struggling. He could no longer utilise his Aura, and when Keith pulled out the dagger from his waist, his eyes grew listless.

He only winced a little when the dagger was plunged into his heart, but then blood uncontrollably pooled out of his mouth, draining the life from his body.

Keith ended the recording and sent it to Caesar before putting the phone away.

He was quite dissatisfied with himself that he could not fight. He only knew the basics of self-defence, but did not know anything about combat. It was something he planned on rectifying in the future.

“Victor, leave them and help Yingying!” He called out to his bodyguard, who had already stopped utilising his Esper Powers and seemed quite haggard.

Victor instinctively turned his back on the enemies to comply with his Master’s command, giving an opening that his enemies rushed at. But before they could get to him, they all cried out in pain as a weight they never felt before hammered onto their consciousness.

It was the second time in his life that Keith was utilising his Divine Consciousness, and against these people who were only at the Peak of Nascent Profound Realm and in the early to mid stages of Great Profound Realm, he only needed a speck of what he had used against Nergal in Fiji.

All the enemies, with the exception of the one fighting against Yingying and the A-Team Leader, were down on their knees or flat on the ground, clutching their heads as they screamed in pain.

The shock of the Shadow Guards only lasted a moment before they regained their wits and focused on the task. Within a minute, all the enemies were slain, and then everyone rushed at the strongest enemy, who was still holding his ground against the combined efforts of Yingying, Victor, and the A-Team Leader.

The man knew that things had gotten out of hand, but unfortunately for him, it was too late to escape since some Shadow Guards had already taken their positions to guard the stairway.

Keith could have helped them all in dealing with this man as well, but he deliberately did not do it.

It was for the first time in their lives that both Yingying and Victor were up against an enemy who was much stronger than them and was hell-bent on killing them. They needed this experience and the pain that came with it to strengthen themselves for the future.

A few minutes later, the Reinforcements finally managed to get inside the basement after dealing with the goons on the streets, and immediately, the strong ones rushed at the lone man who was already up against a dozen enemies.

He fought valiantly, but after half n hour of holding on, he finally fell when he ran out of his Aura and Yingying embedded her dagger in his neck.

An Auror in the True Profound Realm was an invaluable asset to any of the forces in the world. And it was a great loss for the Falken Family to lose two of their most prized assets tonight and fail at achieving their goal.

Yingying limped her way towards her Master without even taking a look at the face of the man she had just slain and protectively stood by his side, not dropping her guard as more and more people rushed inside the basement.

“Rest.” He gently said.

“No.” She shook her head and kept looking at the Demiliore Forces who were busy treating each other’s injuries that they had suffered in the battle tonight.

They had lost a few men too, but their loss was nothing when compared to the loss of their enemies.

Military Rangers and ambulances arrived at the scene a couple of minutes later, and the cops were forcefully driven away from the place.

Caesar had already made the preparations, and it was clear that the Demiliore Family was not going to allow anything to hinder the investigation that was to be conducted by the Military Rangers themselves.

Since it was an attack on the Grandchild of the Deputy Governor General, the civilian law system could not do anything about it once the orders were issued from above.

“Heir Demiliore!” An acquaintance in a uniform stepped forward and greeted Keith.

“Colonel Ian.” Keith lightly smiled at the man.

“We will take care of the rest. Please come with us so that we can escort you back home safely.” Tron politely said, observing his Military Identity before his soldiers.

“Lead the way.” Keith nodded to him, and then picked up Yingying in a princess carry.

“She needs urgent medical attention.” A few nurses rushed toward him and said, but he shook his head.

“No.” He refused them. “She will be fine.”

The nurses looked conflicted, but when Ian nodded to Keith’s words, they gave in and stepped back.

“I thought you had an appointment?” Keith curiously asked when they entered an armoured vehicle that was waiting for them.

“I did. It concerned my Military duties.” Ian lightly answered and then curiously watched as Keith treated Yingying with his Medical Skills. “Interesting technique.” He fascinatedly said.


“You should give your Grandmother a call. She’s quite anxious.” The centuries-old Colonel of the Netherian Military advised him once he was done treating his beautiful Shadow, whom he had put to sleep in his arms.

Keith nodded to Ian and dialled a call to his Grandmother.

He sighed in his heart when he realised that he would have to make a few more calls after it as well.

“Keith!” An anxious voice sounded out from the phone.

“I am fine, Grandma…” He quickly answered and then had to assure her over and over again that he was absolutely fine.

Yes, these were going to be some tiresome calls.


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