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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 108 Bahasa Indonesia

“All set?” He asked as soon as he got into the passenger seat of Victor’s BMW.

“Yes, Master!” Victor enthusiastically smiled.

Keith chose to leave behind his Gamera at the Hotel since it was not bullet-proof. And Caesar had been very clear on the call that he must not give away his secrets. These were the words of his mother, and even if she had not advised him, he was not planning on showcasing the power of Gods to the Mortals. Also, he did not want to lose two of his favourite rides in just a day.

“Master.” Yingying handed him a bullet-proof vest from the back seat, and Keith did not refuse it.

He reclined the seat and took off his jacket, wearing the vest on top of his shirt.

They exited the Hotel from the second exit, and soon the other cars in his entourage surrounded them from the front and behind.

Yingying calmly worked on assembling and checking the firearms and handed Keith a Beretta M27s with the customizations he preferred. It was all out of precautions since Keith might not really have to use it in the encounter.

He placed it inside the front holster on his vest and then stored some extra magazines as well.

The communication systems of all the cars were connected and the guards were exchanging reports every 30 seconds, keeping updates on the latest movements of the Reserve Teams and the Reinforcements.

{Team B and Team C will join us in 15 Minutes at the 8th Junction!} A guard delivered the message to everyone. {We have received confirmation from Delvon Police Service….}

Whatever he was about to say next was cut short when a loud crash sounded out.

Keith frowned when he saw a small truck crash into some cars ahead of them, blocking their path forward. And before anyone could react, there was another crash behind their entourage, blocking them from reversing.

{Code Red! Brace!}

“Are they really going to start here?” Victor frowned, and he received his answer in form of a sniper shot targeted at Keith, which was ultimately stopped by the windshield.

{We are getting surrounded. All paths of retreat have been blocked!} A-Team Leader of the Shadow Guards called out. {Reinforcement will arrive in 10 minutes. Prepare to engage!}

Keith calmly stared at the windshield that had already received five shots on it, making it hard to see the road ahead of them.

A few seconds later, gunshots rocked the Delvon Downtown as dozens of black vans filled with goons from the incoming road unleashed fire upon their entourage.

To make things worse, Molotov Cocktails were thrown at all their vehicles, engulfing them in fire, in hopes of preventing them from escaping.

As soon as the first round of fire ended, the Demiliore Shadow Guards responded in kind.

All the cars had already got into formation, and Guards took cover behind the armoured doors before unleashing a precise yet deadly fire on the enemies.

The snipers were still trying to get through the windshield of the BMW, but the three of them calmly sat inside it, observing everything that was transpiring.

The enemies, with the exception of the hidden Snipers, were all untrained goons belonging to the Delvon underground, and it was not hard to guess that they were Don Francis’ men.

The goons were not expecting the Shadow Guards to ignore the burning fire around them and get out to engage them openly. It caught them completely off-guard.

Within minutes, the street was filled with smoke and blood as dozens of goons lost their lives. But there seemed to be no end to them.

{Reinforcements will be here in 2 minutes!} The Team Leader called out, but then the alarm sounded. {Victor! The enemy has RPGs! Open a path and take the Young Master inside the Underground Parking Center on your left!} His call was followed by an explosion that had missed its mark.

“Damn it!” Victor anxiously reversed the car through the path that the guards had opened, and they narrowly survived another propelled grenade that was shielded by another car.

The BMW slammed into the barrier of the road, breaking it open, and then Victor immediately got out and rushed towards the passenger seat’s door.

The Guards had already used Smoke Grenades to hide them, and as soon as Victor opened the door, Keith got out and Yingying followed after him, carrying bags full of ammunition.

There were sudden sparks and metallic sounds, which prompted Keith to look at Victor, whose skin was mysteriously shining like metal as he shielded the bullets from getting to him.

It was not the first time he was watching the Muscle-head use his Esper Powers, but as always he was quite intrigued by them.

Yingying had rushed forward to clear their path, taking out the Guards of the Parking Center, and they managed to enter the basement without any complications.

Thankfully, the parking centre was mostly vacant, and as they kept going deeper into it, the gunshots and explosions outside on the street became distant.

His beautiful Shadow then proceeded to shut off the lifts by cutting off their power, limiting the access to the basement only from the front, whilst she herself guarded the back stairway.

Victor soon returned after making sure that all the surveillance cameras has been destroyed, and stood right next to Keith.

{Team B and Team C are engaged in a battle 375 Meters away from our position. The enemies are gaining in numbers and they will be delayed.} The Team Leader’s voice sounded out from the walkie-talkie. {Proceed to transfer supplies into the parking centre, we will close ourselves off inside the basement with the Young Master.}

Keith silently listened to everything that was transpiring, not showing any concern. And Yingying seemed pretty calm too, however, Victor was quite anxious.

“Master, where’s Ryou?” The muscle-head frowned and asked.

“He won’t be coming. He has his orders.”

Victor did not ask more questions and nodded his head. He tensed a little when there was activity in the passageway of the front entrance, but they were their people who had successfully managed to retreat inside the basement.

The entrance was barricaded with the help of remaining functioning vehicles which were then destroyed so that they could not easily be moved. The Demiliore Shadow Guards also assembled a make-shift barrier with the help of a few folding Riot-Shields before taking their positions and guarding the passageway.

So far, they had not lost any man, but a few were injured. They were all Aurors, so they could cope with these injuries, however, they needed to be checked before things could get serious.

The bullets were not too effective on Aurors, but only as long as they had Aura to guard their bodies. Despite all that, the injured were still riddled with bullets since most of them were in the Nascent Profound Realm and only the Team Leader and a few others were in the Great Profound Realm. Those in the Nascent Profound Realm did not have enough Aura to guard all of their body at the same time.

Keith walked over to them and proceeded to treat them despite their reluctance and reservations. He could not fully heal them, but he managed to take out the bullets from their bodies and stopped their bleeding before bandaging them up with the basic medical supplies they had in their bags.

“Thank you, Young Master!” The Team Leader, who was a man in his late forties, gratefully said. “Please, sit back now, and rest assured that we will not let them enter the basement.”

“Alright.” He lightly smiled as he wiped the blood off his hands.

The wristwatch he was wearing suddenly vibrated, and when he looked at the caller’s name, he could not help but smile.

“Yes, Rebecca?” He took the phone out of his pocket and answered the call.

There was a moment of silence, but he could hear her trying to calm her breathing.

“Are you okay?” She finally asked.

“I am fine.” He replied.

“Is it Keith?!” Julian’s voice sounded out from behind her.

“Yes. He is fine.” Rebecca informed him and those who were by their side. “The city is in chaos, and we just received the news about you getting ambushed by Francis’ gang. The authorities of the city are not allowing anyone to leave the Hotel.” She then proceeded to tell Keith what the situation was on her side. “Father asked me if you needed us to mobilise our Forces..”

“I am fine, Rebecca. Everything is under control. And do thank your father on my behalf.”

“Mhm…” She nodded to his words. “Keith?”


“Be safe.” She seriously said, and he could not help but chuckle at her words.

“Thank you for your concern, dear Rebecca. You have no idea how warm my heart feels right now.”

She giggled at his words and then informed him that Julian and she will be staying at the Hotel tonight. She did not explicitly say it, but he could guess that she wanted him to come over when it all ends.

Keith ended the call after chatting with her for another minute since the sounds of gunshots were getting louder and louder, making it hard to hold a conversation without getting distracted.

The enemies were trying their best to get inside, but the Shadow Guards were holding well against them.

Five minutes later, the Reinforcements finally arrived outside, but they were not the only ones who made it to their location.

The door of the staircase that Yingying was protecting exploded and several men in black, covering their faces, rushed inside, attacking the Demiliore Forces.

And these men were not untrained goons, but highly skilled Aurors.


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