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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 299: Taking what l deserve Bahasa Indonesia

In the Zero International New York office, a lot of people were gathered around in a conference room.

“Since the higher ups already had their talks, I don’t think there’s any suspense that you are selected as the lead to play Agnas. There will be a lot of talks online but we are prepared to handle it now that we are in the same boat.”

“I would rather say we are on a cruise with Liam as the lead. If his fangirls stormed the theatres the same way they do during his concerts, then we would be looking for over 40 million dollars opening.”

“That would be like a dream come true.”

Theodere didn’t say anything as the people in the room talked. Being the main producer in the biopic, he needed to have a good relationship with the main lead.

He hadn’t liked that the decision wasn’t on merit but then again, which decision was in Hollywood? There’s always these things involved.

And he had gotten used to it.

Going against something the CEO had decided would be a fool’s errand.

‘Only Director Baz could do it and he didn’t even mind having Liam on board. His acting skills are surprisingly good.’

Theodere thought and took a look around. A few producers and the project manager were talking amiably with Liam who was sitting in the center. He was here to talk with Baz and sign the contract today.

Then, the official announcement would happen tomorrow.

A rat faced guy who was Liam’s assistant and a tall guy who was a senior agent from Intra Entertainment were here too. The latter was here to make sure that everything went well.

They were hyping up Liam at every chance they got.

Suddenly, the senior agent looked at Theodore and asked.

“Theo, you ain’t talking much today.”

“I’m more of the type to observe, you know that. I’m waiting for Baz to come here.” Theodore quickly replied with a smile.

“Where is Director Baz?”

Liam looked at him and Theodore glanced back to the door.

“He said someone was going to meet him, so he’s in a small meeting area. He will be back soon.”

“Who is he meeting?”

“Don’t know. Just said he’s meeting someone due to a friend and doesn’t know what the meeting would be about.”


Baz McCarthy was a very experienced director. One of the best in business. A famous magazine called Morbes has even called him, ‘One of the pioneers in modern cinema’.

It also meant that he had connections all over Hollywood and any production company would want to work with him. At the same time, he had seen so many wild things in his life that he could write a book named ‘Top 100 unbelievable experiences a director goes through’.

Even then, he had never expected an actor to be so blatant while talking to him.

“So, let me go over what you said. You said you want to play Agnas in his biopic and there’s no one better than you to play it.”

“There might be but I have never come across them.”

Baz slammed the table and blinked his eyes at Aiden. Besides him, a burly man who was his agent was sitting.

After calming down a bit, Baz let out a sigh and looked at Aiden who was not even blinking. He looked as serious as a person could get.

“You saw the shiny black Lamborghini in the parking lot.”

“Yeah, it looked good.” Wade said.

“Liam Wilde owns it. He’s in the other room currently, waiting to sign the contract to play Agnas. We are going to announce it and release the posters after his look for the movie is finalised. Do you still think that you stand a chance here?”

Baz had thought that Aiden didn’t know about the situation with Liam but instead of backing out, Aiden nodded his head.

“I know about what you said. I obviously did my research before coming here. The CEO of Intra Entertainment and Zero International made a verbal deal. It would take something big to remove Liam from the movie.”

“Then, why?”

Baz frowned and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He was surely going to write this incident in his biography when he decided to make one.

“Because I heard about an incident.” Aiden muttered. “It was your third movie. First two movies have an average box office but you were good enough to get a third. The production company wanted another actor but a new actor had impressed you so much that you got into a fight with the producers.”

It was a very famous incident in Hollywood and it takes balls of steel to do something like this. Baz had done it when he was still a young director whose one mistake would send him to make B grade movies.

Baz licked his lips as Aiden recounted that incident.

In the end, Baz had gotten his actor and the movie earned over 150 million dollars at the box office, becoming a huge hit. The actor went on to be a huge star named Ray Hardy.

“You have not impressed me that much.” Baz said and looked at Aiden who simply smiled.

“Yet.” He said. “I’m here to just do that. Give you something that would be enough of a reason for you to back me to play the role.”

It was at that moment that Baz realised that he hadn’t seen anyone with that much confidence other than Aiden. There were confident people he had met but a lot of them got over confident and ruined their careers.

With Aiden, there was something very clear in his eyes. A plan.

“What is that?”

“Listen to this.”

Aiden said and took out his phone, then he played ‘Joker’ in the small meeting room.

Ten minutes later when Baz had heard it twice and was dumbstruck, he said.

“Let’s go to the conference room. This is… it won’t be something easy to solve but I guess it’s enough of a reason.”

Aiden smiled hearing that.


“Ah, Director Baz, you are finally here.”

The senior agent from Intra Entertainment stood up from his chair when the door opened to reveal the director. A few other people did the same, including Liam.

But they froze when they saw who was behind him.

“What is Aiden and his agent doing here?”

Liam muttered and everyone wondered what was going on. Knowing that something interesting was going on, Theodere asked.

“Director, was it Aiden who you were having a meeting with?”

“Yes. It was quite an… interesting meeting.”

Baz said under his breath, in a low voice, then looked up at everyone in the room. His eyes glanced at Liam for a second but it was just that. A glance.

“Director, I’m pretty sure the meeting was interesting but can we focus more on Liam signing the contract? I have other appointments later on in the day.”

The senior agent looked at the director with a smile but Baz shook his head.

“I’m sorry but that won’t happen now.”


“Aiden here had managed to convince me that there’s no one better than him to play Agnas and I also felt that. So, Liam, I’m very sorry but I want Aiden to play the lead role. It’s a hard decision but I hope you can understand it.”

“What the fuck?”

Liam’s assistant — The rat faced guy — muttered. Liam’s face was the personification of those lines and a few other people were now giving Aiden weird looks.

They were stunned too. Everyone was.

“What a headache.” Theodere put a hand on his head but there was smile on his face. It was interesting. Things were interesting.

The senior agent seemed to think it was a joke and laughed.

“Director Baz, your sense of humour is good. A little dark for my taste but let’s be a bit serious.”

“I’m serious.”

Baz said and someone let out a deep breath that they were holding back.

“Director, on what basis you are saying this. The CEO had already decided everything and I don’t think you have the right to decide who could play the lead now. You yourself said Liam would be fine.”

“That was before and the CEO had given me the right to final decision if you don’t know.” Director Baz glared at the senior agent, not liking his tone. “As for why, I’m saying this suddenly. There’s a big reason for this.”

Baz glanced at Aiden saying it. That was the signal for him to open his mouth but Aiden looked a little lost.

‘Why they are not here yet?’

He thought in his mind and turned to look at the door. As if he was commanding it, the door opened.

Joseph and Cameron walked in. There was a look of confusion on their face seeing all the people who were present in the room.

They could tell that the atmosphere wasn’t the most ideal.

“Aiden, what is going on? You suddenly called me here.”

“Why is Liam here?”

Cameron pointed at Liam who was standing shell shocked. He wasn’t even bring able to open his mouth and looked like a lost child at a carnival.

“He’s here to sign his contract but I kind of ruined it… Anyway, I will explain it later. It’s a pretty complex situation.”

Aiden muttered, scratching his hair. He actually didn’t knew Liam was going to be here to sign the contract.

It was very unexpected but it had added to the situation.

‘I would be lucky if his agent or him don’t try to punch me. Need to look out for shoes and phones flying out too.’

He thought in his mind and looked at Joseph.

“Joseph, I did it.”

“Did what?” The old man raised an eyebrow.

“I completed ‘Joker’, Agnas’ last song.”


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