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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 298: Miracle Bahasa Indonesia

Vanity Magazine was one of the top magazines in America, read by millions around the world and a distance away from where it was situated, a cafe was located.

It was a high class cafe that was frequented a lot by the employees working there. Today, two of the reporters from the Entertainment department were drinking coffee after having lunch.

Their topic of discussion was varied but it soon came to the most talked about topic in Hollywood lately.

The casting for Agnas biopic.

It was discussed and bashed a lot online when initial rumours spread about Liam Wilde playing Agnas, mostly from the musician’s fans who were waiting for a movie to honour their idol for a long time.

If this was even a few months ago, it would have been fine and a decision that people would even like as Liam himself was a great musician but after his scandal, everyone felt that it was better for Liam to lie down for a year or two.

The public felt that it was a disgrace for Liam to play Agnas. In the end, it was brushed off as a rumour by Zero International for the time being.

But the people working in Hollywood, especially reporters knew the real picture.

“So, is the information you got true? Is it really confirmed?”

A female reporter asked as she squinted her eyes at her male colleague, like she was warning him to not lie.

“It’s the real deal.” He said. “Liam Wilde is 90 percent confirmed. Only signing the contract is left.”

“I really don’t know why they are going with this decision. They don’t seem to care about Agnas’s legacy.”

“It’s Hollywood. They probably are making this knowing how much money they could mint. And I’m pretty sure a few of Zero International executives would themselves be a part of the orgy. Only the director and the crew seem to be genuinely interested in the project.”

The woman laughed hearing that. By the man’s expression, she knew that it was not even a joke.

Hollywood biggies were capable of doing worse things.

“Anyway, could nothing happen? My mom’s a huge Agnas fan and I want someone with a bit better image to be playing him. If I watch Liam as Agnas on the big screen, I will keep thinking about his orgy pics.”

“You stared at them too much— Okay! Stop glaring at me and I’m not an executive. I just got this information from a contact.”

Both of them talked a bit more about the topic, particularly what the male reporter had heard about Liam’s acting skills and other things from the biopic and which director they want the story to go too.

There was a simple thing for biopics. A lot of the time they were more of ‘biofics’ which meant that certain things are changed to make the story more interesting to the audience. After all, the audience needed some spice in the story even if it hadn’t happened in reality.

At the end of their discussion, the female colleague just muttered.

“I don’t really know how the reaction is going to be when it’s officially announced.”

“Zero International would have their cyber army ready to tackle it. Then, Liam would just need to give a convincing performance and it’s all good when the movie is released.” The male colleague said, then added. “Though, I still hope that someone else is chosen. Liam doesn’t seem like the right choice for some reason.”

“That would need a miracle.”


“Okay, the cameras are ready? Check everything. It’s going to be the last scene, so we need to finish on top.”

“You don’t have to worry, director. It’s just a small scene.”

“It still needs to be perfect so we leave on a high note.”

Asano said and looked at Aiden and for a second, the emotions in his eyes changed. Just a few days ago, when he had seen his eyes, they looked so empty but now, they looked different.

More like Ray, the main character for [Action Hero].

‘He’s really an actor.’

Asano thought in his mind as he gestured to the slate to drop.

The scene started then.


[Action Hero2 April-2018Act 10Scene 6Take 1]

Ray looked at himself in the mirror. Blood was streaking down his head, an injury he had gotten in a fight. His hands were bandaged, a relic of another fight a few days ago and his face seemed like it had been through some rough pounding.

He frowned as he opened up the tap. Water started coming down from it as he splashed it on his face.

‘I was never going to start fighting mindlessly again but people are monsters here. I can understand it. They are frustrated but it doesn’t mean giving up their sanity.’

Thinking of that, he thought back to the scenes he had seen since he had come here. A conversation with a bullied guy particularly came to his mind.

“You know, I have thought a lot about suicide.”

“What are you saying?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do that. I tried. Was too tired. When you see death, it’s only then you realise how much courage it takes to approach it. I’m a coward. I can’t do it.”

A trace of anger appeared on his face thinking of it abc the next second, a punch landed on the mirror as Ray screamed.

“Fuck it. The only way to destroy something is to become that.”

A voice came out as he said that and immersion broke.

Aiden came back to the real world and heard a lot of whistles and cheers from the crew and other actors. Everyone looked happy as they had finally finished what seemed like an important movie of all of their careers.

It had also only taken a bit more than a month. They have given it their and it was evident in their voices.

“Let’s go to a bar and celebrate.”

“It’s still afternoon so we should all go out for lunch. I’m pretty sure the director won’t be stingy today.”

“Then, after that, the bar.”

“Hey, I have a family unlike you.”

Aiden heard all those voices and then turned towards his co actors. A lot of them were young but they were nodding towards him, applauding his performance.

He had truly given a good performance that they could look up to.

‘The shooting finally ended. I completed one more movie.’

Aiden felt a surge of positive emotions in his heart. He heard footsteps and saw Asano walking towards him to give him a hug.

They shared a small hug and he looked at him with a smile.

“Thank you for making Ray a reality. I don’t know if I have gotten a better actor for this project.”

“I hope you say that even if the movie doesn’t work.” Aiden said, shaking his head.

“Hey, you should not say that. It’s bad luck.”

“I don’t think luck would affect it. I won’t say something like this until I’m sure that the movie will do well regardless of anything.”

Aiden said and they talked a bit more about the shooting and how Asano was planning to lock himself in a room to edit the movie.

“So, you are coming to the feast I’m holding.”

“You already booked a restaurant?” Aiden raised an eyebrow.

“Obviously. I do it every time with my crew. Need to treat them for the good work or those bastards would just work with someone else when I have a movie coming. Anyway, let’s go.”

“No, I can’t come.”

Aiden stopped Asano in his tracks.

“It would be odd if the lead wasn’t there.”

“I have a meeting. You know the track I sang when you came to my house.”

Asano slowly nodded his head, his mind going to the music he had heard. The only thing he could say about it was that he was still desperately waiting for it to release officially everyday.

“It’s a track that was originally going to be used for Agnas movie. I’m going to a meeting for the movie.”

“Oh.” Asano understood what was going on. Although it didn’t have every single piece of information, he knew that Aiden had auditioned for it. “Good luck with it. I know it could be a huge opportunity for you.”


Aiden said and walked out of the set while thanking everyone and promising to have a drink with them in the future. Outside, Wade and Tom were already waiting in the car.

“Let’s go. I don’t think we should make them wait for long.”

Aiden said, sitting in the car.

“Don’t worry, it’s close by.”

Wade said and started the car. Through the drive, Tom couldn’t help but ask a question that was running in his mind.

He was very worried about Aiden in the last week when he had locked himself in his house to work on something but looking at him now, it seemed like he was perfectly fine.

“How did you actually get a meeting with them? I heard Wade tried before and he failed.”

“I got a friend to help me.” Aiden smiled. “Anyway, we don’t have the meeting with the producer but directly with the director.”

“What do you plan to say in it?”

“I’m going to persuade the director to cast me as Agnas.”

Aiden said and looked outside the car’s window.

These days, all he was thinking of was Agnas and his life and if he didn’t got this role, he was going to regret it for life.

‘At this point, I’m sure nobody could play this better than me.’

He thought in his mind and hummed the ‘Joker’ tune throughout the ride.


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