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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 174: More screenings Bahasa Indonesia

<In the middle of bad, cringey and sloppy rom coms, [30 days of Happiness] might be the odd one out.

-American Sun reviews.>

<For a film with a basic storyline, it shines in its moments with great performances and music elevating the level of it. It’s not a bad watch.


<[30 days of Happiness] tells Hollywood what to expect from its leading man Aiden Silvereye. He shines in the front with his acting and in the back with his music.

-Hollywood Grant.>

<One of the better movies to come out this year that might surprise everyone in the theatres.

-Movie Fever.>

<Katie Brooks might have landed the role that could promote her in the Hollywood hierarchy but the standout point was nonetheless Aiden Silvereye.

-Rotten Apples.>

‘I told her several times that this is a good movie but in the end, she didn’t come.’

A bespectacled guy with brown hair frowned, reading out the reviews on a poster of [30 days of Happiness]. Studios would often pick out the best reviews to attach with the posters to make it look like the movie is really good.

As for the reason why the brown haired guy was frowning, it was because the girl who he had asked to see the movie with him had stood him up.

It was five minutes to the next screening and she wasn’t picking up calls, texts were not going and she seemed to have no intention of coming here.

Knowing well that she won’t come today, the guy could do nothing but feel disappointed.

‘I bought two tickets for nothing it seems.’

He looked at the two tickets in his hand. It was then that his phone rang as he got a notification. It was his Skygram.

He opened it up and was shocked.

On the screen of his phone, the first post was a photo of the girl who had stood him up. In the photo, she was standing in what looked like a pretty big theater and a guy was holding her hand as they both smiled.

He recognised the guy.

He was a part of the basketball team in his high school and was pretty rich too. Going by the photo, both of them were going to watch [Leap in the Sky].

‘Bitch! Fucking bitch!’

The guy couldn’t help but curse in his mind. He was feeling stupid for even inviting that girl for a date. She could have just rejected him but she hadn’t done that and instead decided to stand him up.

‘I even saved money to buy good clothes for today.’

He wasn’t able to stop himself from frowning and wondered what he was going to do with the extra ticket in his hand.

It was then a sweet voice called him out.

“Excuse me.”

“Ah, yes?” He turned around and for a second, he felt mesmerized as a girl was standing in front of him. She had short brown hair and was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Even in those casual clothes, she looked very petty.

“Are you waiting for someone? You have two tickets but you seem to be alone. I actually wanted to watch the same movie but the tickets are already sold out on the counter.” The girl said, a bit hesitant in her speech. The brown haired guy was able to tell that she had only approached him after thinking a lot. “If you don’t have anyone that you are here with, do you mind selling me the ticket? I’m a big fan of the lead actor, you see.”

The brown haired guy glanced at the tickets in his hand and then at the girl.

‘Jesus, you are alive!’

He thought in his mind and thanked the god. He didn’t have to watch the movie alone anymore.

“Yeah, I could. Actually, the person who was going to watch the movie with me never came.” He looked at the girl. “I don’t mind giving the ticket to you. We could watch the movie together.”

On that day, the brown haired guy got his first girlfriend and to give his thanks, he left a five star review for [30 days of Happiness].


“The occupancy rate is an unbelievable 70 percent in all the theatres on the first day!”

“We earned 4 million dollars on just the first day. Like this, won’t we eventually cross 50 million dollars in just two weeks.”

“We would earn more than that. Most of the audience reviews are good and a lot of teenagers are liking it.”

“At this rate, we might recover the production and marketing budget in a few days.”

In the Marketing team office in Eternal life movies, employees were keeping an eye on the comments on social media and checking up on the collections of the first day.

The box office collection of the first day was as estimated 4 million dollars but the good news was that the audience reviews and comments have started to come out and they were highly positive.

It meant that the word of mouth was surely going to spread.

It opened at 6 at the North American box office rankings. For the record, [Leap in the Sky] has opened up at 3 with 7 million dollars on the first day.

The top spot was taken by a superhero movie about a guy who had the power of a vampire and loved cringey catchphrases. The second spot was taken by the third movie of a super successful zombie action franchise.

Both of these movies have already been released two months ago but are still ruling the rankings.

Though, there were definitely chances of an upset in the coming days.

It should be noted that the budget of the movie was only 5 million dollars and the marketing had only cost an additional 5 million dollars. It was like that because the majority of the marketing was handled by Aiden himself.

Otherwise, marketing these costs a lot of money.

The streams on the soundtrack and the physical copies sold had already gotten a lot of the budget back, so in just some days, the movie was going to break even and after that, all the money would be profit.

“It looks like everyone is working hard.”

The door of the office opened, revealing Sofia who had come with a bright smile on her face, obviously happy to see a good number of people excited in the movie. Behind her, Aiden also walked in with Wade following him.

Every employee became excited seeing him even though they have gotten used to seeing him around the office.

“We are getting very positive reviews. Critics are calling [30 days of Happiness] a sleeper hit and a movie with one of the best soundtracks, so the atmosphere is pretty good.”

Sofia nodded when one of the employees said that.

“It seems like we are going to make a lot of money this time.” Sofia said then turned to Aiden. “All thanks to your marketing idea.”

“It was just an idea I suddenly got. I’m happy it worked out.”

Aiden sat down on a seat and one of the employees excitedly opened her mouth.

“It worked like magic! Look at this graph. People’s interest in the movie was at 56 percent before and now it’s over 135 percent, at least on social media and it’s just increasing.”

Aiden stared at the complicated charts that the employee was showing him. It truly looked like his marketing idea truly struck a chord with the audience.

“I’m hoping it goes higher. If you all want me to do something, tell me. My schedule is free these days.”

Aiden said, smiling. He was here at the office to check up on the box office numbers and how the movie was received.

Fortunately, everything was going great.

“Actually, there’s something we wanted you to do. It’s not a lot and you don’t even need to do a lot. It’s just for some free marketing from the tabloids.”

“What exactly?” Aiden raised an eyebrow.

“It involves both you and Katie…”


Outside a theatre in Los Angeles, a few high school students were lining up against the ticket counter, asking for tickets of [30 days of Happiness].

“Hey, old man, we need tickets for [30 days of Happiness].”

The guy against the counter squinted his eyes at the students and frowned.

‘Who are you calling an old man? I’m still young!’

He thought in his mind but knew that he needed to be polite.

“I’m sorry. All the tickets are already sold out. The tickets for the next two days are sold out, so you could only watch it after that.”

“Can’t something be done?” A scrawny guy asked.

“No, I don’t really have the power to do anything. Why don’t you guys watch something else? Like [Leap in the Sky]. If you want some fantasy, [It’s Morbin time!] is still running in the theatres.”

In his words, the high school students frowned. They have only come here after hearing very good things about the movie. But they can’t get a screening of it.

That made them upset.

“We don’t want that.”

“I heard [Leap in the Sky] is bad. My friend didn’t like it.”

“I won’t mind another screening of [It’s Morbin time!] actually. Just for jokes.”

The high school students talked among themselves and at that moment, a lady who was hearing the entire conversation from a distance walked towards the ticket counter.

“Can’t you just get more screenings of [30 days of Happiness]? I saw [Leap in the Sky] getting way more screenings. Just get another screening if there’s so many people wanting to watch it.”

“Actually, I don’t have the power to do it. We need to contact the studio for that.”

“Then do it.”

“We are already in contact with other movies.”

The employee replied as best as he could but it just made the high school students feel much worse. It looks like nothing could be done.

It was then that a guy walked ahead.

“We demand more screenings for [30 days of Happiness].”

Hearing that, other students also started chanting the same.

“Yeah, we demand more screenings!”

“More screenings!”

“More screenings!”


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