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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 173: Marketing (2) Bahasa Indonesia

New York, LA, Chicago, San Diego and Austin. For the next few days, Aiden travelled all around America to hold street shows and ask people to watch his movie.

As [30 days of Happiness] was a musical movie, the songs worked like a charm in making people interested in the movie. At the same time, the marketing campaign was a big hit on social media.

A lot of people were hoping that Aiden would come to do a street performance in their city.

Videos of Aiden performing and talking with people became a hit on the internet, and a lot of people appreciated it.

One of them went very viral.

In the clip, Aiden was performing in Chicago when an old lady who was listening to his performance asked him to play an old 70s song that was her favourite.

Without wasting any time, Aiden performed the song for her, making it a sweet moment.

These types of moments were pretty rare on the internet, and it helped the clip gain a lot of popularity.

People were terming Aiden’s fan interactions as very polite and sweet.

This move by Aiden and Eternal life movies was helping gain a lot of free publicity for [30 days of Happiness]. A lot of people who witnessed Aiden’s street performance and got the pamphlet decided to go watch the movie.

The advanced bookings were increasing day by day because of it.

Sofia and Omar felt like their movie would actually be able to make a big impact at the box office, and smiles were not leaving their faces.

Aiden’s fan group had also been active since the [Searching for the One] broadcast. More than 2000 people joined the fan group after the sitcom, making Aiden gain more and more core fans.

When the fan group learned that Aiden was promoting [30 days of Happiness], many of them were excited and happy. Most of them had not been able to catch the movie in Toronto, so they finally had the chance to do it.

[Chuck Norris: So, my advanced booking is finally made for the weekend. Excited to watch [30 days of Happiness]. Is anyone else in the group going?]

[Korean novel regressor: I want to go, but I don’t have anyone else to go with. I might feel like yeeting off myself if I find myself in a room full of couples who have come to watch the movie. Can’t take risks in rom coms.]

[Bond’s 20-year-old girlfriend: The trailer looked cliche except for the songs, so I’m kind of hesitating especially because I know the movie would come out on streaming platforms sooner or later. Although I would catch up with it in the theatres if the initial reviews are great.]

[Young Fruit smiley: I caught up with the movie in Toronto. Really enjoyed it, and I don’t think people should worry about the quality as it won a prestigious award. The ending was very sweet, and I would watch it again in the theatres.]

[Spandex lover: If I’m being honest, I was really not interested in watching the movie as I don’t like rom coms, but the marketing really made me change my mind. It’s a pretty great idea as it’s a musical. I might check the movie out because of that.]

[My dog stepped on a bee: Yeah, the marketing has been pretty good. Reminds me of one time when an actor actually performed with a circus crew because his movie was related to that. They broadcasted it on TV, and everyone was like it looked great. I wonder what the movie is about?]

[Moaning Frodo: Do anyone know how many people have already booked the ticket? I wasn’t able to book it online in my town.]

[Hollywood Insider: That’s mostly because the allocated screens for the movie aren’t a lot. So, it would be harder to get tickets for it if it actually got famous. Though, I do see theatre owners increasing the screens in the future.]

[Mother from another brother: I don’t think so. [Leap in the Sky] looks better to me, actually. Harold Wood is finally back in the genre he rules, so it would be a good watch. I heard a lot of screens are allocated to that because of that, and it’s mostly confirmed that it would be good.]

[Hollywood Insider: You never know if a movie will be good or not until it releases. [Leap in the Sky] could be good or bad, but you will only know after watching it. Neutral audiences are still going to be more interested in [30 days of Happiness] because the product is proven in a film festival.]

[Simping for my boss: It seems like the clash at the box office would be pretty good.]


As the marketing campaign of [30 days of Happiness] was going on, Night Hawk studios weren’t happy as they felt like one of their competitors was getting a huge leap above them in terms of public interest.

That’s why Rodrigo also decided to change the tactics.

He made Harold and the other cast members visit high schools and colleges to promote the movie. In the movie, Harold played a high school student who was a dancer, so it fitted well with the movie plot.

Because of his teenage fanbase, [Leap in the Sky] was also getting a good amount of anticipation from the public.

“The estimates for the first day aren’t bad. 8-10 million is a pretty good opening for a rom-com.”

Rodrigo said, looking up at the documents that his assistant had just given him. He was sitting in his office, and his assistant was in front of him.

“Yeah, it’s expected to rise up after the first day. Though, a lot depends on the online reviews after the first day. People don’t really go to watch movies after critics reviews these days and just wait for common audience reaction.”

“That’s how it is with social media. Hollywood needs to move with it.” Rodrigo muttered, making calculations in his head. “By this rate, the movie could end up anywhere between 100-120 million dollars.”

He thought in his mind.

The total budget of [Leap in the Sky] was 30 million dollars which were a bit excessive for a high school rom-com, but the truth was that Rodrigo needed to spend 15 million dollars just to get Harold on board.

They even spent 20 million dollars on marketing, so they needed 50 million dollars at the box office to break even their total budget.

Actually, Rodrigo wasn’t worried about it a lot. He was very confident about breaking even and earning a decent profit. More money was going to come from other things like soundtrack and streaming platform deals.

If the movie worked well, it would be easy to get more than 50 million dollars from the streaming platform for the movie.

“What about [30 days of Happiness]? Do you know anything about their advanced bookings and estimates?”

Rodrigo looked up at his assistant.

“The response is pretty good for them. They are probably going to open up at 3-4 million dollars going by the marketing. Then it all depends upon the audience and how many people the leads could pull in the theatres.”

“Their lead is nobody. They should not even get 3 million dollars opening.” Rodrigo said, frowning, thinking that Leo’s movie would surely make a decent profit.

He certainly didn’t like that.

“Well, Aiden Silvereye is doing pretty well based on the current market. I heard a lot of studios think he’s talented, and they are starting to take him seriously. In the next five years, he could be the—”

The assistant stopped speaking, seeing Rodrigo’s glare and coughed.

“Uh, their marketing strategy was a big hit and momentum from Toronto and the songs doing well on charts are helping them a lot.”

Rodrigo sighed and nodded, waving his hand to dismiss his assistant.

After his assistant left, he thought to himself.

‘Let’s see who’s movie is going to earn more.’


Days went by pretty fast as Aiden’s unofficial street tour came to an end. After making a lot of buzz on social media, the strategy had managed to get a decent amount of pre-bookings for the movie.

At the same time, everyone who was on the internet had heard of the movie in America, so both Eternal life movies and Aiden were anticipating good numbers at the box office.

One of the reasons why Aiden was a bit more excited for the movie release was also because it was his own movie where he was the main character.

That gave a different feeling.

He was even telling everyone he knew to go watch the movie.

One more reason was that he had a share in the movie, so if the movie earned well, Aiden would surely get richer.

Due to his songs doing so well, the endorsements he was doing, and of course, the matter with Aaron Hart, Aiden had already become a millionaire.

But in Hollywood, it was really not a lot.

A lot of stars here earned millions of dollars every month and would also spend it all in the same month to live a luxurious life. Though Aiden was not like that and had little interest in luxuries early in his career, he still needed money.

So, he was hoping that [30 days of Happiness] would do good business, so Aiden could get more money.

It was mainly because of the plans in his mind. He and Wade had discussed a lot about the next step to make Aiden a bigger star, and for that, they needed money.


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