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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 316: Dragon’s Outrage Bahasa Indonesia


The berserk transformation wasn’t something new to Khaleesi or any dragon in the tribe.

Anyone familiar with mana would know about berserk transformation. They would also know that it was limited to witches but everyone who dabbled with mana.

Nevertheless, there were apparent differences; higher mana compatibility equaled higher risk.

After all, magic is the manifestation of one’s will given form through mana, and mana better answers to a strong will.

That said, nothing was more dangerous than uncontrollable rage to a mana user.

Khaleesi wasn’t sure if her heart could bear it if she had to witness her reincarnated daughter undergoing unimaginable torment every day after finding her.

As such, she was grateful to hear that Vaan had freed her daughter from the Abomination status, even more so since it was done at the cost of his soul force.

“Now that I know Vaan cured our daughter, I find him a lot more pleasant to the eye. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have minded him teaching that brat Gryme a few more lessons,” Khaleesi commented.

However, she suddenly paused shortly after.

She recalled her husband’s earlier words about using a forbidden ancient spell on her daughter, and a portion of her resentment towards him was quickly abated.

“The forbidden ancient spell you cast on our daughter… That was the real reason behind your loss of talent and potential, wasn’t it?” Khaleesi asked before adding, “Why didn’t you mention any of this? Everyone would have…”

“Everyone would have treated me differently?” Narvim smiled slightly before shaking his head and said, “Regardless of the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that my potential and talents were exhausted. So other dragons won’t just stop looking down on me because of this.”

“You should already know what the world is like; it’s a place where strength is respected,” Narvim added.

Between a Rank 5 True Dragon that could still grow stronger and a Rank 5 True Dragon that had already reached the end of his potential, the difference was clear.

Even if Narvim was still respected as a Rank 5 True Dragon and a Peak Lord, that was as far as other dragons’ respect went.

He wasn’t comparable to the other Peak Lords, who still had a chance to ascend to Rank 6 in the future.

Khaleesi could not help but let out a long emotional sigh.

“The forbidden ancient spell you used to retain our daughter’s name is something that interferes with karma, binding past and present lives. For Rank 5 beings to even activate this kind of spell, you would have to sacrifice soul force…” Khaleesi frowned with concern. “The price you paid wasn’t small, Narvim.”

“Soul Masters can replenish and increase their soul force, but other beings don’t have this ability. As such, losing soul force is equivalent to lowering our level of existence.”

“You shouldn’t recklessly use this kind of forbidden ancient spell again,” Khaleesi advised.

“For our daughter, I would gladly do it again if given another choice,” Narvim firmly stated.

Khaleesi’s heart trembled.

She could resent her husband, but it was impossible to dislike him. Others can also look down on him, but they have no choice but to respect him.

Nothing was more attractive to her than a father who puts their child’s welfare first.

That’s why she never had a problem with Narvim raising their daughter like a son until it got their daughter killed. Strength was important in Chaos.

Furthermore, she was raised the same way.

“C’mon, let us head back to Dragon Summit. The other Peak Lords are still waiting for us to return to resume the meeting,” Narvim changed the topic.

However, Khaleesi shook her head and said, “Let them wait. I want to watch our daughter for a little longer.”

“Alright,” Narvim replied with a slight smile as he maintained the magic screen.

Since his wife wished to watch over their reincarnated daughter, he naturally had no complaints. He didn’t mind making the other Peak Lords wait and shouldering the blame for it.

Nevertheless, as the two dragon lords watched Eniwse sleep through a magic screen in the clouds, they soon noticed Vaan entering the picture.

“Hm?” Khaleesi slightly frowned.

“Vaan and Eniwse seemed to have already formed a special relationship much earlier than our encounter. Saving Eniwse was also his reason for entering the Thousand Fog Mountains,” Narvim explained why a man was entering their daughter’s sleeping quarters.

“Oh,” Khaleesi’s frown immediately relaxed, and her vigilance was replaced by interest and fondness.

“In other words, Vaan is basically our son-in-law… And he is also a Soul Master. Not bad. I approve of this relationship. The more I look at him, the fonder I am. Our daughter’s partner can’t be someone incompetent.”

“Mm, this person is under my protection now. If another dragon causes trouble for him, they will have to face my wrath,” Khaleesi declared before her eyes suddenly lit up with excitement. “Look, Narvim. Our daughter has woken up!”

“I can see,” Narvim calmly nodded before saying, “It looks like she has fully recovered after a good rest.”

“Look how intimate they are. Their relationship is so good! Oh my, our daughter looks so happy,” Khaleesi commented excitedly before she suddenly paused with a frown. “Hold on… Why are they taking their clothes off?”

As the following scene on the magic screen unfolded, Khaleesi’s expression quickly turned darker.

“Fuck! What is that bastard doing to our daughter? How unsightly and repulsive! I’m going to kill that scoundrel!” Khaleesi cussed.


Narvim dispelled the magic screen with a dry and awkward cough before stopping his wife from descending and rampaging below.

“The union might be a sacred act during matrimony for us, dragons, but humans are more open and casual about these things, Khaleesi…” Narvim explained with a wry smile, hiding his distress.

“Didn’t you just say Vaan has your protection? Yet, you want to kill him for performing the union with our daughter?”

“I…” Khaleesi was at a loss for words briefly before she glared at Narvim. “Hold on, shouldn’t you, the father, be the one mad about this? Just take a look at our daughter! She shouldn’t be older than half a century!”

“Our precious baby is practically a fetus! And yet, someone is already performing the union with her! How is that acceptable?!” Khaleesi barked.

“Fuck.” Narvim’s eye twitched before he replied, “Now that you mentioned it, that does sound very infuriating.”


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