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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 317: lnterrupted Moment Bahasa Indonesia

Ninth Peak, Guest Building

After returning from the land of fire, Vaan noticed the other ladies were all out and about, experiencing the dragon culture.

Considering it was a rare opportunity to interact with the secluded dragons, he didn’t find it surprising that no one wanted to waste time resting in the guest building.

Nevertheless, since everyone else was out, he decided to check on Eniwse.

With a quick scan of the guest building with Omni-Sense, Vaan quickly located Eniwse’s room before he made his way over.

Perhaps because Eniwse wasn’t an Abomination for a very long time compared to Aeliana, her recovery was very swift.

When Vaan stepped into her room, Eniwse immediately sensed his presence and woke up despite not being a very light sleeper.

Of course, it was also partly due to their connection.

“How are you feeling?” Vaan asked with a smile as he sat down on the edge of the bed and supported Eniwse in sitting up with care.

“Physically, there isn’t any issue. But, mentally, I feel out of touch with the world. A part of me still finds everything to be unreal,” Eniwse replied after some deliberation before turning her head to look into his eyes directly. “I didn’t think I could return to normal after losing control.”

“When have you ever had a problem I couldn’t solve?” Vaan casually said with a confident smile, which Eniwse found especially attractive.

It was new to her.

Vaan had always been a determined person with confidence in his knowledge. But the confidence he revealed back then and now was completely different.

There was a sort of strength behind his confidence.

“There’s so much I want to ask, but for now, I’m just happy to be able to see you again, Vaan. I thought I lost you,” Eniwse rested her head on Vaan’s shoulder before whispering her desire, “Love me… can you?”

Vaan slightly smiled.

Shortly after, he lifted her chin and stole her lips with a soft and gentle kiss that soon became passionate as Eniwse responded to his show of affection with her eyes closed.

Although she closed her eyes to savor Vaan’s gentleness, she desired more. Thus, she actively pried open his lips and showed off her experience.

She was no stranger to more passionate kisses, thanks to Vaan.


Eniwse subconsciously uttered a soft moan of pleasure as her body quivered with euphoria, overjoyed by Vaan’s simple touch.

It was better than she remembered—or rather, her body seemed to have become more sensitive to his touch, not that she hated it, though.

In fact, she enjoyed it a lot.

As they took turns stripping each other’s clothes off, Eniwse’s impressive mounds were revealed for Vaan to feast his eyes on.

Although they were bigger than Vaan last remembered, he wasn’t one to discriminate or favor one woman’s breast size over the other.

They each had their own unique beauty and strength.

In Eniwse’s case, her watermelons were quite soft and bouncy despite being abnormally big. Vaan’s in-depth knowledge of the pleasure points on women’s breasts may not be applicable to her.

As such, curiosity got the better of Vaan.

He couldn’t help but study Eniwse’s huge melons as he played with them, giving them plenty of soft rubs, squeezes, pinches, licks, and nipples in various spots to record her reactions.

It was like he was fine-tuning the strings of a guitar.

Nevertheless, his casual touches weren’t something that Eniwse could endure in silence.

“Ahn~!” Eniwse softly cried with joy.

Her body spasmed from achieving her first orgasm despite Vaan only casually playing with her breasts.

Knowing he didn’t actively try to pleasure her, she felt slightly embarrassed and ashamed to have reached climax so easily.

She thought she had become relatively experienced and accustomed to Vaan’s art of pleasure, but she felt like a young maiden going through her first spring again.

“Don’t just focus on my chest, Vaan~!” Eniwse wanted to shift Vaan’s focus elsewhere with a firm stance, but her voice came out soft and mellow, full of womanly charms.

Ordinary men could easily become excited and aroused by hearing it.

“Alright,” Vaan smiled.

Although he hadn’t used the Heavenly Massage, Eniwse’s dragon cave was already soaking wet with love nectar and ready to receive the dragon.

Any of his casual touches brought her body unimaginable pleasure, a side effect of exceeding the fifth level of pleasure, no doubt.


Eniwse’s erotic voice resounded throughout the room the moment Vaan slid his bulging rod into her dragon cave, connecting their bodies.

In that instant, a powerful and electrifying wave of pleasure swept over her body, seemingly stimulating all her cells into waking up.

Abundant amounts of mana were naturally drawn towards their location, becoming concentrated in a short period and enhancing their dual-practice experience.

“This is it~! I missed this feeling. No, it’s even more incredible than I remembered~!” Eniwse commented euphorically as her huge mounds moved up and down with each of Vaan’s pumps.

Nevertheless, as the two surrendered their minds to lust and delved deeper into the sea of carnal pleasure, the skies above the guest building suddenly roared with thunder.


Following the sudden streak of blue lightning, the cluster of clouds in the sky quickly darkened before a heavy downpour of rain eventually descended.

The bombardment of raindrops created clitters and clatters, but the couple inside the guest building didn’t seem to mind nor spare any thought regarding the sudden storm that arrived without warning.

They simply wanted to enjoy their moment together.


Another roar of thunder resounded, more powerful than the last, shaking the earth and threatening to tear the sky asunder.

After the first came a second, a third, and a fourth, each crackle of lightning in the sky was more powerful than the last, shaking the earth and interrupting the couple’s moments.

Eniwse and Vaan had no choice but to halt their dual-practice session; they couldn’t keep ignoring the abnormal weather.

“What the hell is wrong with this weather? Those thunder roars are abnormally powerful; the most powerful I’ve ever heard and felt. Is this weather normal in the dragon tribe, or does the weather have something against us?” Eniwse wondered with a big frown, clearly upset by the repeated interruption.

Vaan was also baffled by the abnormal weather, which had no sign of arriving prior to him entering the guest building.

However, he recalled an instance when he felt like someone was spying on their room earlier, and his eyes flickered.

He couldn’t help but feel amused when he thought of a possibility.

“Who knows?” Vaan nonchalantly shrugged before replying with a mischievous smile, “Suppose the weather has something against us; it can continue to be angry with us. Let us continue, Eniwse.”

“Mm.” Eniwse nodded with a slight blush.

Rumble! Rumble!


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