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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 26: Earth-Attribute Mana Bahasa Indonesia

“Your first time?” Vaan casually asked, despite knowing the answer.

Linette quietly nodded.

From the redness of her cheeks, the tremors of her shoulders, and flutters of her eyelashes, Vaan could understand her nervousness.

As someone who once worked in a brothel, it was his role to erase that nervousness and provide only comfort and security to his partner.

“Take it easy. I’ll start with a massage to relax your body,” Vaan stated.

Shortly after, he warmed his hands and commenced his massage.


A soft moan escaped her lips.

Starting from her neck down to her shoulders, arms, chest, body, legs, and feet, the warmth of Vaan’s hands intertwined with the coolness of Linette’s tender skin.

The clash of two opposing temperatures did not repel but revolved around each other like a whirlpool, perfectly blending to produce a miraculous feeling of harmony like the duality of Yin and Yang.

The comfort relaxed her muscles relaxed, and soon, her breathing became steady and calm.

The first step was completed.

Vaan proceeded to massage her acupoints and aroused her sensual pleasure, opening her pores and drawing in the mana to enhance and enjoy their experience.

With rosy cheeks, eyes filled with charm, and beads of sweat that smelt like the budding lavenders ready to bloom in mild summers, Linette’s previous nervousness was but an illusion.

She was ready to accept him.

Without wasting his breath on superfluous words nor confirmation of her heart’s desire, Vaan pulled the lace on her gown and undressed her body before undressing himself.

Soon, Vaan held her slim waist and embraced her bare body.

They felt the radiating heat of their bodies intertwined and the soft thumping of their heartbeats as they stared into each other’s eyes, wanting to peer into the starry night of their souls.

Not long after, their bodies connected, and the soft cry of a blossoming flower echoed from the tent of passion.


A few hours later, the escort group still had not resumed their journey.

The impatient young warriors pranced back and forth around their small campfire as they wondered what to do with bloodshot eyes.

“Argh, this is killing me,” a young warrior scratched his head with frustration and asked, “How much longer do we have to wait?”

“Until Lady Linette and Lady Lillias are ready to depart,” Captain Rhys answered with his eyes closed and legs crossed in seated meditation as if he was trying to achieve zen.

The moans that followed after the initial cry filled everyone with rich imaginations and nearly drove them crazy.

They either endured with an indomitable spirit and heart of steel or gave in to their inner demons and f*cked the ground, f*cked the trees, or f*cked with their hands.

The breathless dragon that they managed to suppress awakened with a greater fire.

“Ugh, I can stand it anymore. Someone get them to stop,” a young warrior laid defeatedly on the ground.

The two people trapped in their little world of passion had no compassion nor consideration for those outside of it.

“If you want to die, you can intrude on their session and ask them directly,” Captain Rhys stated.

The young warrior immediately cowered at that choice.

“I’m good. I haven’t lived long enough yet…”

“But how are you fine, Captain?”

After the question was raised, the rest of the young warriors were curious how their captain was faring so much better.

“You really want to know?”


The young warriors answer.

“Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly, then repeat after me; inner peace…” Captain Rhys instructed without exiting his closed-eye meditation.

“Fuu… Inner peace…”

“Fuu… Inner peace…”

The young warriors repeated again and again, but they couldn’t calm down the raging fire in their loins whenever Lady Linette’s voice echoed into their ears like devilish whispers of a succubus.

Their eyes became bloodshot once more.

“Argh, I can’t do—”


Everyone suddenly sensed a surge of mana rushing into the area like a gust of wind just before a young warrior could finish his complaint.

Captain Rhys’s eyes snapped open before he glanced up at the top of the rock pillar with surprise.

“That was…”

“An advancement.”

Captain Rhys stated without a shred of doubt as the young warriors wondered.

Not long after, the noise coming from the tent at the top of the rock pillar finally died down into silence, freeing the escort group from the mental torture.

“Finally, it’s quiet now.”


<You have completed an unassigned Subjugation-type Witch Hunt>

<You have obtained the target’s primal essence and earth-attribute mana>

<Calculating appropriate rewards…>


Vaan quietly listened to the system alerts as he lay in bed with Linette in his arm, covered by a thin sheet of blanket.

He casually swiped a few strands covering her face before she grumbled from the slight tingling sensation and readjusted her body into a more comfortable position.

The Delarosa Household was a behemoth in the Kingdom of Black Rose.

If Vaan could borrow their prestige and connection, meeting and interacting with other noble households in the kingdom’s capital would be easier.

As he thought about visiting the capital after accomplishing his present goals, Vaan steadily formed a plan to grow his strength efficiently.

The capital was a place thriving with talents and powerful witches.

It was the best place to grow.

“What’s on your mind?” Linette took the initiative to ask while drawing circles on his chest boldly and playfully.

After experiencing a steamy session together, she radiated with maturity and confidence.

The flower bloomed beautifully.

Vaan hid his true thoughts and replied with a smile, “I just thought whether it was fine for you to give your first time to someone you just met?”


Linette was immediately intrigued by his question.

It was not something a normal man living in a witch kingdom would ask.

“All women are bound to lose it at some point. It’s not something precious, yet men treat it like so when choosing their partners, putting such heavy expectations and unnecessary pressure on women to keep their chastity and forcing them to behave and act certain ways. Are you also someone like that?”


<The rewards have been calculated>

The system suddenly alerted before Vaan could answer.


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