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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 27: Special Mission Bahasa Indonesia

<Based on the lump of refined mana with earth attributes extracted from the True Witch, a list of suitable rewards is available>

<Please select one of the following rewards>

<Option 1: Reinforce the body with earth-attribute refined mana and increase outer body defense by 3 points>

<Note: There is a small chance of developing a defense-type talent>

<Option 2: Reinforce the five organs with earth-attribute refined mana and increase their defense by 2 points>

<Note: There is a small chance of developing a defense-type talent>

<Option 3: Reinforce a single limb with earth-attribute refined mana and increase its defense by 6 points>

<Note: There is a small chance of developing a defense-type skill>

<Option 4: Feed the earth-attribute refined mana to the Heaven-Swallowing Space and expand its subspace>

<Note: There may be unexpected gains or nothing at all>

Looking at the list of rewards, Vaan could clearly see that the earth-attribute refined mana was centered around improving the body’s defense.

At the same time, he drew some conclusions after seeing the reward list for the third time; the system lists the rewards in order, based on what it deems to be the best to last choice.

However, the fact that he still has the freedom to choose implies that the system’s choice isn’t absolute.

For example, the first choice is the best choice for his growth, but it might not necessarily be what he needs most if he encounters an urgent or dangerous situation.

The system exists to assist him, not control him.

It was reassuring to think like that.

Vaan’s eyes flickered.

He had already made his choice, but there was no need to choose a reward immediately.

The system will save the lump of mana from being swallowed by the Heaven-Swallowing Space until he makes his choice.

‘What about the primal essence?’ Vaan thought.


< The system has issued you an objective mission>

<Objective mission: Collect 5 True Witch-level primal essences>

<Upon completion of the mission, you will be able to awaken a True Witch-level specialized magic>

‘Specialized magic!’

Vaan was amazed by the completion reward.

As long as a witch understood the logic and spell formula, the witch was capable of performing all types of magic.

Despite that, a witch’s most frequently used spell will always be the specialized magic they awaken upon becoming a True Witch.

This is because not only is specialized magic the strongest magic in a witch’s arsenal, but it is also akin to an extension of their limb.

It could be invoked at will.

Vaan did not expect that he, a man, would also get the opportunity to perform the same feats as the witches.

‘Primal essence… Primal essence… Basically, I need to pop more cherries…’ Vaan concluded.

The mission was neither too difficult nor too easy.

Most newly awakened True Witches were at the age of adulthood, but there were also many promiscuous young witches who lost their innocence before reaching adulthood.

Nevertheless, finding True Witches who kept their virtue isn’t too difficult.

He only had to worry about enticing them.

“Well? Do you not have an answer for me?” Linette felt mildly disappointed after not receiving a reply from Vaan.

“Apologies, my Lady.” Vaan smiled apologetically before saying, “Of course, I believe that women have every right as men to do whatever they want and love whoever they want.”

What a joke.

His entire path to power requires intimate contact with witches.

They were his mana sources.

If they were still had the same reservations as the women in the past, only saving their chastity for after marriage, wouldn’t he suffer?

He was bound to have relationships with many witches and not be tied down by one in this life.

“I see. That’s good,” Linette gave a half-smile.

She found his response unsatisfactory.

Nevertheless, Vaan sensed her dissatisfaction and stroked her hair before adding, “We can’t always expect people to fall in love with the right person the first time. Thus, it is ridiculous for people to judge unchaste women without understanding their stories.”

“It is also unfair for widowed women to remain single for the rest of their life because they are viewed as unlucky and unwanted potential marriage partners. Nevertheless, I was speaking for the past.”

“Times have changed. Witches’ lifespans far outstrip men, and they wield unfathomable power that men cannot. It would be weird to uphold the same values and beliefs from 300 years ago.”

“Right? I totally agree!” Linette smiled after hearing what she wanted to hear before suddenly saying, “Still, I hope you don’t see me as some loose woman. I don’t do this with just anyone.”

“I would never, my Lady.”

Vaan lightly smiled before he continued to enjoy the softness of her body as she rested her head on his chest and shared their bodies’ warmth.

They enjoy a short moment of serene silence together.

“Say… What are your plans for heading north? Are you going to visit the capital?” Linette suddenly broke the silence with a curious question.

Vaan sensed the hope and expectance in her tone before he replied, “I do plan to visit the capital and settle down there, but not right away. I have some plans along the way, so it will take some time before I reach the capital.”

“I take it that Lady Linette is heading to the capital?” Vaan asked shortly after.

“Mm.” Linette nodded.

After hesitating for a moment, she asks, “I know this is selfish of me to ask but is it possible for you to drop your plans and come with me?”

“No,” Vaan flatly replied.


Linette was disappointed in his reply.

If it were another witch, they would have surely dragged him along regardless of his wishes and intention.

“However, it would be great if you could write me a recommendation letter, so it would be easier for me to find you once I reach the capital.”

“Of course!”

“Ugh… My head…”

Just as Linnette replied with newfound happiness, Lillias woke up with a complaint, causing her to glance over.

She was immediately startled to see some white smudges on her little sister’s cheeks, which prompted her to rush over and wipe it immediately.


Lillias smiled foolishly under her big sister’s sudden loving care when her nose suddenly twitched and triggered her frown.

“What is that smell…”


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