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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 244: Two Days Later Bahasa Indonesia

Redpine City

In the blink of an eye, two days passed by.

During this period, Vaan spent his time at Helia’s Castle like an animal in heating as he dual-practiced with Hester day and night.

Outside of dual-practice with Hester, he also discussed business with Helia over meals and tutored Cyrena on potioneering.

Specifically, he taught a few potion recipes for her to practice in Sunpeak Town and put on the market for attraction.

But like the Pore Stimulation Potion, they weren’t anything particularly outstanding or unique; they were just improved versions of existing potions.

Besides that, he also gave her a lot of homework to keep her busy once he departed for the Thousand Fog Mountains.


The door to Vaan’s room slowly opened before Hester limped out like an old woman with a hunchback as she used a walking stick for support. Her legs felt so weak that she couldn’t walk without them.

Despite being a Peak-stage Senior Witch, she had accumulated so much pure mana over the past two days that even her Magic Domain had been filled.

However, that wasn’t all.

After her Magic Domain and two magic circles were completely saturated with mana, she subconsciously diverted the excess pure mana to her mana veins to avoid wasting the pure mana her body had absorbed.

Thanks to that, her power had slightly risen despite still being a Peak-stage Senior Witch.

“Rest well, Hester. We’ll continue again tonight,” Vaan’s voice found its way into Hester’s ears as she was leaving.

Her body subconsciously trembled.

Hester could only smile bitterly and helplessly in response before she continued to limp her way back to her room.

After all, she had offered to be Vaan’s dual-practice partner during his stay at Helia’s Castle. Furthermore, she had also boldly claimed she was experienced enough to handle him alone.

In reality, Vaan was too much for her.

If she had not relied on potions to increase her stamina and mental recovery to keep up with Vaan, she would still be lying in bed, too sore to get up.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from having dark bags under her eyes like a sleep-deprived person.

Hester wondered if Vaan was the reincarnation of some starving stallion god. His stamina and vigor seemed endless.

Thinking back, she didn’t remember if his impressive tool had ever gone soft after so many rounds.

“Oh, yes. I will also be counting on you for dual-practice when we journey to Thousand Fog Mountains together, Hester,” Vaan’s voice was heard from inside the guestroom again.

After Hester heard that, she staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She remembered she had agreed to accompany him on his journey to Thousand Fog Mountains after he convinced her.

At the same time, she figured she could find the opportunity to ascend to the ranks of High Witches inside Thousand Fog Mountains.

It was definitely safer to travel with Headmaster Astoria in their party.

“Of course, Sir Vahn… You can count on me,” Hester replied with some reluctance in her tone, as if she was starting to regret her life choices.

After Hester left, Vaan checked his status while he washed up.

«Physical Attributes»

[257 → 306 Defense (↑49)] [Low-level Rank 3] [100 Aura Power] [Total Defense: 406 (Mid-level Rank 3)]

[201 → 217 Strength (↑16)] [High-level Rank 2] [100 Aura Power] [Total Strength: 317 (Low-level Rank 3)]

[213 → 215 Speed (↑2)] [Mid-level Rank 2 → High-level Rank 2] [100 Aura Power] [Total Speed: 315 (Low-level Rank 3)]

«Lycan State»

[Total Defense: 406 → 559 (↑153) (Mid-level Rank 3 → Low-level Rank 4)]

[Total Strength: 317 → 425 (↑108) (Low-level Rank 3 → Mid-level Rank 3)]

[Total Speed: 315 → 422 (↑107) (Low-level Rank 3 → Mid-level Rank 3)]

<<Elemental Affinity>>

[Earth: 51 → 53%]

[Wind: 13%]

[Lightning: 10 → 12%]

[Light: 5%]

[Wood: 5%]

«Specialized Magic Understandings»

[Earth Reinforcement: 89% Completion]

‘These past two days of dual-practicing with Hester have been quite fruitful. The defense in my Lycan Transformation state has reached the threshold of Rank 4 beings, and my earth affinity had slightly increased,’ Vaan mused.

With the increased earth affinity, the earth-attribute blessings of his Earth Spirt Body also increased a bit.

More importantly, he was not far from acquiring Hester’s Specialized Magic.

‘It should be completed after tonight or on our way to Thousand Fog Mountains. I’m not really in a hurry to acquire Hester’s Earth Reinforcement,’ Vaan thought.

It was just a matter of time before he acquired her Specialized Magic.

More importantly, Peak-stage Senior Witches could easily die in the Thousand Fog Mountains. While his defense was quite high, his strength and speed were quite behind.

That said, he had the means to improve them quickly.

‘I should raise my aura cultivation with the mana stones I have accumulated,’ Vaan decided to spend his morning on aura cultivation.

Over the past two days, Tenacious Soul Potion and Furious Soul Potion had entered Redpine City’s market and took it by storm.

The crazy sales had filled up Linetta’s account at the Witch Union Bank with another good sum of mana stones.

Before departing for Thousand Fog Mountains, he would definitely visit the bank to make another withdrawal.

There was no need to visit Witch Union Bank now. After all, he still had over a thousand low-rank mana stones on him.

After Vaan scanned the area with Omni-Sense, he took out the low-rank mana stones in his Heaven-Swallowing Space.

As he devoured the pure mana of several dozen low-rank mana stones at a time and converted them into aura power, his aura cultivation swiftly rose.

In a short few minutes, he burned over 700 low-rank mana stones.


<You have successfully produced a moderate amount of aura>

<Your status has been updated>


Aura Cultivation Method: The Way of the White Tiger (Mid-rank)

Cultivation Level: Early Rank 2 Aura Master → Late Rank 2 Aura Master

Aura Power: 100 → 215 (↑115)

After seeing his improvement was still short of his target, Vaan burned another 400 low-rank mana stones.


<You have successfully produced a moderate amount of aura>

<Your status has been updated>

Cultivation Level: Late Rank 2 Aura Master → Early Rank 3 Aura Grandmaster

Aura Power: 215 → 250 (↑35)


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