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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 243: Aeliana’s Opinion Bahasa Indonesia

After Solana learned about Vaan Raphna and Vahn Cadieux, her lips twitched when she looked back at Dahlia.

‘You’re exploiting my people, and you dare say you mean no trouble? Are you kidding me?’ Solana silently thought with furrowed brows.

Nevertheless, she decided to take a look at the contents of the letter first. It was at least worth a look since it came from Vaan.

Furthermore, Vaan’s letter piqued her interest.

She was curious how a single letter could convince her to permit Dahlia to continue her business at the cost of her own people’s interests.

When Solana opened the letter and gazed at the content, she was immediately intrigued by the complex building blueprint.

It had an exquisite building design, unlike any she had seen before; it was unique and awe-inspiring, as if it was a work of art.

Alas, it was just a building blueprint; it would be even more impressive if such a towering structure could be realized.

According to the precise calculations and measurements, such a tall building did seem possible to make.

However, the blueprint was incomplete.

Some critical information was purposely withheld, making the building blueprint flawed and dangerous to proceed without.

‘If I want the complete blueprint of this marvel building design, I can’t make things difficult for your people in my town, huh? Is that your intention, Vaan?’ Solana silently mused with narrowed eyes.

Nevertheless, it was an enticement she could not refuse.

It wasn’t difficult to erect a tall structure with many floors in the present world using strong building materials and magic.

But structures were limited to around thirty to fifty floors before their structural integrity was called into question.

And while taller structures are more impressive and imposing, there was no point in creating such skyscrapers if they were easily and utterly destroyed with a single attack.

However, Vaan’s design implied that it was possible to reach a hundred floors and over with the structural integrity being affected purely based on precise calculations and without the reliance on magic reinforcements.

Thus, if magic reinforcements were added on top of it, the structure would be incredibly stable and firm.

‘If the complete building design could be erected, it would become a historic achievement and Sunpeak Town’s main attraction,’ Solana’s eyes flickered brightly.

In order words, the skyscraper would attract a lot of traffic and speed up the revitalization of Sunpeak Town, allowing it to become a prosperous town quickly.

After Solana folded up the blueprint and stored it in her Magic Domain, she returned her attention to Dahlia.

“I have received Vaan’s message, so I won’t make things difficult for you. I won’t stop you from conducting business here, nor will I force you to sell back the lands and properties you have bought,” Solana solemnly stated.

“However, I will not allow you to exploit my people as you please. I will inform them of what they are potentially losing by selling their properties to you. Whether they still decide to sell their properties to you cheaply after that, I won’t interfere.”

“Do you have a problem with that?” Solana asked.

“Not at all, Lady Solana,” Dahlia calmly smiled.

She had successfully purchased over twenty properties for less than five hundred low-rank mana stones.

Such a deal was a big win, in her opinion.

“Can I have a word, Mother?” Aeliana suddenly asked, prompting Solana to turn to her.

“Of course,” Solana warmly replied with a smile. “What is it, Allie?”

“In my opinion, there’s no need to inform the townspeople. If they want to sell their property, it implies that they have decided to move out of Sunpeak Town. In that case, there’s no need to care about them,” Aeliana coolly stated.

“If the townspeople want to leave, there’s no use trying to keep them, nor should we care. Only the people that remain in our town are considered our people.”

“Those are the people we should care about,” Aeliana added.

After finding out her Lord had sent Dahlia to Sunpeak Town to invest in real estate, she didn’t want her mother’s decisions to affect his plans.


Solana thoughtfully hummed with knitted brows, contemplating between reason and compassion. But after a moment, her brows relaxed.

“Officially, you are still the Lord of Sunpeak Town. If you think I shouldn’t inform the townspeople, then I won’t. To begin with, these matters should be left to you. I should just go back to managing my inn,” Solana said.

Although Solana spoke with a warm smile, Aeliana could tell her mother had made a hard decision to give up on the people that intended to leave Sunpeak Town.

Nevertheless, it was in the town’s best interest.

“Thank you, Mother,” Aeliana slightly bowed to her mother for her understanding before she said, “I will catch up with you after I am done here.”

“Alright. You can find me at Golden Peacock Inn, Allie.”

Shortly after Solana left, Aeliana turned her attention to Dahlia.

“Tell me more about Lord Vahn’s plan,” Aeliana sought further information about Vaan’s plan for Sunpeak Town from her. But seeing her hesitation, she added, “You can trust me. I am one of Lord Vahn’s people.”

“Alright,” Dahlia eventually nodded.

Considering Aeliana was saved by Vahn and went as far as to call him a Lord, it showed how much she respected him.

As such, Dahlia determined that she could trust her.

Sometime later, Aeliana grasped the situation from Dahlia and understood her Lord’s plan.

Her Lord wasn’t just investing in the real estate business of Sunpeak Town; he intended to make it their base.

After she figured out her Lord’s intention, she realized returning to her Lord’s side earlier was impossible.

She had to stay and assist Dahlia’s operations in Sunpeak Town, protecting her from potential threats and ensuring everything proceeded smoothly over the next two days.

Aeliana softly sighed.

“Alright. Dahlia, was it? Continue what you need to do. I will ensure you can operate in Sunpeak Town smoothly over the next two days. That includes eliminating anyone that greedily eyes your wealth or threatens your safety.”

“Then, I will thank Lord Aeliana in advance.”

Sometime later, Aeliana left to see her mother.

When she did, Dahlia’s calmness deflated like a balloon as she fell back on her chair with relief. Dealing with higher-ranking witches was taxing on her mind.

“I will make sure to do my job well,” Dahlia softly muttered to herself.


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