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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 160: Sacha Crane Bahasa Indonesia

Although it was just a tiny quantity of Rank 3 Phantom Wolf Blood, it was better than nothing. Even so, Vaan would need to collect more wolf blood if he was to expect any result.

The presence of inferior wolf blood could stimulate the Immortal Lycan Bloodline’s awakening. But there was also a chance it could dilute the bloodline and ruin it. That possibility exists—according to normal situations, that is.

Fortunately, Vaan had the system.

As Vaan continued rummaging through the wasteyard scraps, he did not find any more wolf blood of any kind. However, he did find remnant blood of other beasts.

‘Rank 2 Shadow Snake Blood, huh? The quantity is far too small to brew any useful magic potions… But potioneering isn’t the only thing it is used for. I could mix it with some other ingredients through simple alchemy to create poison or lures if needed,’ Vaan mused.

With that thought in mind, he collected it into Heaven-Swallowing Space. The fragmented glass with Rank 2 Shadow Snake Blood disappeared through his hand in that instance.

The ability to control the Heaven-Swallowing Space allowed him to use any part of his body to store and retrieve items from it. It didn’t look much different from his body assimilating objects or spitting them out.

Nevertheless, Vaan gradually sensed people approaching before he stopped using the Heaven-Swallowing Space.

“What are you doing?” a woman directed a question at him.

Turning around to look, Vaan spotted a six-foot-one lady with slender, smooth legs standing by the edge of the wasteyard.

She had long, messy brown hair tied back in a singly fluffy ponytail, dull grey eyes that seemed unfocused, a celestial nose, a round face, a ghostly-pale complexion that seemingly lacked sunlight, and a near-anorexic slim body.

Coupled with her cheap, loose but comfortably worn t-shirt and shorts, the lady looked like a homeless beggar that had not eaten properly in months.

Although she was like a beauty buried in mud due to improper self-care, Vaan did not doubt that she was a heavenly beauty like other witches.

Furthermore, he could tell she wasn’t just any witch but a Senior Witch. She was Wise Scholar Sacha, the artificing instructor.

No matter poor and cheap she looked, she was still someone with enough wealth to purchase an Atomic Visualizer.

But upon further thought, she had most likely broken her wallet to acquire the said magic tool.

“I am salvaging reusable materials to forge myself a stronger weapon,” Vaan calmly replied before adding, “I didn’t know there were rules prohibiting people from scavenging goods in the wasteyard. If you want me to stop, I will, my Lady.”

“There’s no need for that,” Sacha Crane shook her head and coolly said, “There’s no such rule. I just didn’t expect anyone else to come to the wasteyard for the same idea as me.”

Shortly after, she hopped into the wasteyard and started rummaging for reusable straps without bothering Vaan. The two kept their distance and salvaged materials in silence, just like neighbors that don’t bother each other.

Nevertheless, Vaan subtly paid attention to the materials she collected to determine her purpose and find a topic to discuss.

However, Sacha Crane was the first to break the short silence between them.

“Just out of curiosity, what kind of metal are you using to forge a better weapon? You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to,” Sacha Crane asked reasonably.

“It’s okay. It’s nothing I need to keep a secret. I will use a Rank 3 alloy based on these metals I’ve collected. It’s a pity I don’t have the right equipment. Otherwise, I could try my hand at making a Rank 4 alloy,” Vaan casually said, but it drew Sacha Crane’s interest.

“Oh? What kind of alloy is that?” Sacha Crane asked while thinking about a whole range of Peak Rank 3 alloys in mind.

“Well, it doesn’t exactly have a name yet,” Vaan said with a slight smile.

“What?” Sacha Crane uttered with surprise as she turned her head and directed her full attention at Vaan. Her eyes narrowed before she asked, “Are you saying you are going to make a new Rank 3 alloy, or you simply don’t know its name?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure whether it has a name or not under someone else, but the alloy I have in mind certainly doesn’t fall under any of the present 512 Peak Rank 3 alloys in the records,” Vaan replied.

Sacha Crane was someone who didn’t care about her appearance, only her research.

As such, Vaan’s words easily attracted her interest. But at the same time, it also made her doubt him due to her lack of trust and understanding of him.

She even started suspecting whether Vaan had purposely gone to the wasteyard to try impressing her because it was her area of interest and expertise.

“I don’t believe you,” Sacha Crane honestly stated and asked, “Do you mind if I take a look at what you’ve collected in the bag?”

“Of course, my Lady,” Vaan forwardly handed over his bag of salvaged materials.

After Sacha Crane took a look at the contents of Vaan’s make-do leather bag, she furrowed her brows in thought.

“Flaming Mithril, Dreamiron, Ethereal Frost Stone, Rubyevil Crystal, Prismatic Gold Dust, and Dustevil Meteorite… Besides Flaming Mithril, a Rank 3 metal, everything else is at Rank 2. Heck, you even have Rank 1 Prismatic Gold Dust.”

Sacha Crane had to admit that the present materials combination did not match any of the 512 known Peak Rank 3 alloys.

However, that was because most of the present materials were off-world resources. They came from the Gehenna Realm, a place filled with the unknown. Many of its resources were still in the middle of research.

It didn’t necessarily prove they could be mixed to create a Peak Rank 3 alloy.

“You really think you can produce a Peak Rank 3 alloy with these materials?”

“Of course not.”

“What?” Sacha Crane blanked at Vaan’s reply for a moment before her gaze turned serious. “Are you messing with me right now, Vahn Cadieux?”

“So you know my name, my Lady,” Vaan softly chuckled without feeling pressured by Sacha Crane’s threatening tone.

“I have the knowledge, theory, and calculations, but I lack actual results. So, while I am confident in producing a Peak Rank 3 alloy with said materials, I can’t guarantee that I will make it until it is actually made.”

“If I have a workshop with all the forging equipment, I would also be confident in producing a Rank 4 alloy with the present materials. But of course, this is also just based on my theory and calculations,” Vaan added.

Sacha Crane’s eyes flickered.

There were presently less than 12 known combinations of Rank 4 alloys produced by Master Artificers in the world of artificing.

Although Sacha Crane found it hard to believe in Vahn’s claim, she also didn’t want to reject the possibility. She was inclined to give him a chance.

After all, he was someone from the Delarosa Household.

“I’m not going to lie. You have caught my interest, Vahn,” Sacha stated forwardly.

“If I can provide the workshop you need, will you be willing to tell me about the theory and calculations you used to arrive at the conclusion that you can produce a Peak Rank 3—possibly Rank 4 alloy with these materials?”

“Of course, my Lady. It would be an honor to share my artificing knowledge with a beauty like yourself,” Vaan replied with a charming smile.

“I’m a beauty, huh?” Sacha thought with a self-deprecating smile before shaking her head. “Never mind that. If you’re done here, follow me back, Vahn. I’ll take you to my workshop.”

“Understood, my Lady.”


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