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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 159: Pocketing Goods Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing Edna Stunner was interested in his service, Vaan could not help but check her out.

Edna Stunner was stunning beauty, like her name.

She had shoulder-length snow-white hair, ocean-blue eyes, a small button nose, an oval face, a fair complexion, and a curvaceous hourglass figure with D-cup breasts hidden under a formal black and white renaissance dress.

Like most witches, she also stood six feet tall.

“That’s all you need, huh?” Edna Stunner crossed her arms and rested her chin on one of her hands with a thoughtful look, not minding Vaan checking her out. “You’re very confident, Vahn. But this is the kind of confidence you need to keep me interested.”

“Unfortunately, I am booked for tonight. Thus, I cannot provide you my service today, my Lady. Will tomorrow night do?” Vaan politely asked.

“Since you’ve been booked, I suppose it would be rude to jump the queue. Alright, I can wait for tomorrow. I’ll be in my private room on the second tower’s eighth floor. Don’t keep me waiting too long, Vahn. I won’t be happy,” Edna stated.

“Noted, my Lady. I’ll be on time,” Vaan confirmed.

“Good! Then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Right after she spoke, Edna Stunner left. After she did, the other Senior Witch-level academy instructors left as well.

Surprisingly, none of them approached Vaan for his services.

However, it wasn’t because they weren’t interested or hadn’t abstained from dual practice with other men long enough.

They had already heard everything. Thus, they didn’t need to inquire from him.

At the same time, seeing how they clung to Edna Stunner after they left, Vaan guessed they were planning to wait for her to experience his pleasure skills first before deciding whether to try the same.

As everyone gradually left the first training ground, Vaan didn’t stay either.

The duel with Bram Krauss had caught most of the academy’s attention. There was a chance that Wise Scholar Sacha might not have visited the wasteyard yet.

Furthermore, Vaan had sensed a few distant gazes from the main building and towers during his duel, which strengthened the possibility.

‘Helia Ashenborn mentioned the Marquis Ember went to gather more troops from Blackthorn City to exterminate the remnant forces of the Assembly of Silent Night hiding in the Red Goblins Mountains. I have two days at most to prepare for that expedition.’

Vaan recalled the information he gained from his visit to Helia’s Castle.

During that time, Helia Ashenborn had confirmed that she would also be recruiting mercenaries and joining the punitive expedition to assist the Grand Inquisitor.

News of the recruitment would spread tomorrow, but the actual time of the enlistment would take place on the day the Grand Inquisitor returns.

‘I should visit the wasteyard. Even if I don’t run into Wise Scholar Sacha for my other plans, I might still find something useful there,’ Vaan mused.

Wasteyard was filled with throwaway goods. Anything that could be found there was up for grabs, free of charge.

Vaan wouldn’t be able to find a better treasure pile where he could freely loot.

“Let’s have a rematch another time, Vahn. I will train hard and challenge you when I feel I’ve become strong enough to defeat you,” Bram Krauss shouted.

“Then, you’ll have to train extra hard, Bram. Otherwise, that will never happen,” Vaan left those words as he collected his modified black coat on the ground and departed from the area.

In truth, he did not believe Bram Krauss had what it took to close the gap between them. It would only get larger and larger.

If Bram Krauss wanted to grow quickly, his household’s resources wouldn’t be enough. He had to risk his life and search for opportunities out in the world.

Sometime later, Vaan reached the wasteyard after doing a loop around to the back of the main building.

The wasteyard was a huge pit, no different from a dumpsite for household waste.

For others, it was indeed a land of garbage. But for Vaan and a few others who saw its worth, it was filled with treasure.

Seeing no one was in the area besides a few young witches stalking him from behind simply out of curiosity about where he was going and what he was doing.

Even if he was an engaged man to one of the most influential households in the kingdom, he was still a new rising celebrity in the Redpine Academy.

Nevertheless, looking through the pile of scraps in the wasteyard, Vaan was immediately pleasantly surprised despite anticipating its quality.

‘As expected of a higher-rank academy, this wasteyard has more high-quality scraps than Blackmoon Academy. There are quite a few rank three materials I can savage here,’ Vaan mused.

Vaan quickly gathered the rags and made himself a leather bag to collect some of the wasteyard goods with it.

At the same time, he scanned the surrounding area with Omni-Sense.

After giving himself the clear, Vaan quickly pocketed several rank three materials into his Heaven-Swallowing Space, including earth minerals, monster materials, and remnant herbal ingredients.

While salvaging through the wasteyard without forgetting about his surroundings, Vaan suddenly paused on a broken glass container with some red blood inside.

‘This blood is…’ Vaan studied the small blob of red blood with a few sniffs.

Although the blood’s origin was harder to determine because it looked like any other human and beasts with red blood, it had a distinctive scent that set it apart from the others.

His vast wealth of knowledge quickly helped him find a description that matched the scent of the blood.

‘This blood belongs to the Rank 3 Phantom Wolves…’ Vaan determined, his eyes flickered brightly with insight.

‘I didn’t expect to acquire some wolf blood here, the blood of a Rank 3 Phantom Wolf at that. I’m quite lucky. If I’m right, this is just what I need to awaken my Immortal Lycan Bloodline, even if it’s only partially.’

He had pondered how he could awaken Immortal Lycan Bloodline. Ultimately, he had come up with three solutions with the highest awakening chances.

The first and most impossible option was to consume more blood from Balmodon the Undying.

The next best alternative was to enrich the little bit of Immortal Lycan Bloodline in his body with blood-nourishing magic potions.

The last option was to stimulate the Immortal Lycan Bloodline with inferior wolf bloodlines, which was also a bit of a gamble.

‘There’s no telling what kind of effect or changes to my body the blood of the Rank 3 Phantom Wolf would have on me if I consume it. I better save it for a better time,’ Vaan decided.

Shortly after, he stored it in the Heaven-Swallowing Space like the other valuable goods.


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