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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 155: Tiger Flash Steps Bahasa Indonesia

“I believe I’m not late,” Vaan coolly replied.

“No, I’m just early,” Bram Krauss shook his head wryly and said, “I was looking forward to this duel of ours.”

With one look at Bram Krauss’s wry and awkward expression, Vaan understood that he wasn’t the one who spread the news of their duel.

After all, Vaan had briefly mentioned the duel to a few people, and Bram Krauss had most likely done the same.

It was from those people that the whole academy ended up learning about the duel between them. Even the academy instructors have shown up.

People treated the duel as an entertainment event to end the day.

Even the academy’s healer, Wihnhilda Angelsin, was present, on standby, ready to act at a moment’s notice—should the situation call for it.

“You’re not going to use a weapon?” Vaan casually asked.

“For a friendly bout with the intention to learn, a weapon serves no purpose other than to inflict unnecessary injuries. Besides, an Aura User’s best weapon is his body,” Bram Krauss replied.

Shortly after, Bram Krauss took off his top and tossed it aside, receiving cheers from the excited young witches in that instance. Ignoring the hoots and cheers, he entered a battle stance and gestured to Vaan with two fingers.

“Come, Vahn! Let us fight!” Bram Krauss urged with rising battle spirit and unleashed his vigorous red aura, much denser than any Aura Users Vaan had ever met until now.

Considering Vahn was confident enough to challenge him and even believed he would win, Bram Krauss didn’t intend to go easy on him.

“Taking off your top may not be a good idea,” Vaan kindly and calmly advised, but his eyes flickered with anticipation.

A topless Bram Krauss would allow Vaan to study his body better and possibly gain insight into his aura training method.

Evidently, Bram Krauss practiced a higher level of aura training, unlike the rest of the Aura Users with overly huge builds.

Such excessive muscle mass granted extra power at the cost of maneuverability.

“Why wouldn’t it be? Wearing it will only hinder my movements and restrict me from fighting at my best,” Bram Krauss argued reasonably.

“Perhaps bad clothes would restrict your combat potential. Good clothes, on the other hand, will augment it. For example, it can obscure your opponent’s vision and make your attacks unpredictable,” Vaan calmly explained.

Some servants were enlightened by his words.

“That sounds like a dirty way of fighting,” Bram Krauss frowned, not feeling very fond of the idea.

Vaan nonchalantly shrugged and said, “Perhaps. However, in a real fight, it doesn’t matter whether a fighting method is fair or not. Only the result matters.”

“Nevertheless, this isn’t a real fight of life and death. So, I’ll play your game and even the playing field,” Vaan coolly stated.

After all, he wasn’t looking for a quick win.

A few moments later, Vaan took off the coat piece of his modified black uniform and tossed it to the side, leaving himself with just a simple black shirt and pants.

“Take it off!”

“Take it off!”

“Take it off!”

Some young witches hooted with excitement after seeing Vaan take off his coat. Some of Bram Krauss’s fangirls also jumped ship, converting into Vaan’s fangirls.

That was only with Vaan’s coat off.

It was hard to imagine how crazier the young witches would react if Vaan went fully topless. However, it clearly showed his growing popularity.

Even some witches overcame their previous fears to join the cheering crowd.

Alas, Vaan didn’t satisfy their wish. After entering his battle stance, he asked, “Do you want to make the first move?”

“Oh my. How nice of you, Vahn,” Bram Krauss chuckled and said, “Since you asked, you must be very confident. Don’t mind if I do then!”


Right after he spoke, Bram Krauss shot forward with explosive speed, leaving a deep imprint on the ground behind him.

Vaan narrowed his eyes instantly, taking in all of Bram Krauss’s actions.

He engraved everything into his memory, from minor movements to major ones, as he evaded the incoming left fist, sidestepping to the left side of Bram Krauss with the Cloud Evading Steps.


Bram Krauss struck empty air with a surge of wind, but he quickly followed up with a twist of his body and sent out a back kick with his right leg.


Vaan evaded the second attack with Cloud Evading Steps again, albeit barely, as Bram Krauss’s right leg grazed his shirt.

Although it was just a graze, the power behind the kick easily tore away Vaan’s shirt, revealing a small patch of his left hip area.

Even with Cloud Evading Steps, a movement-type martial skill, it was clear Bram Krauss’s speed was superior to Vaan’s.

Vaan retreated several big steps as Bram Krauss glanced at him with a frown.

“You better augment yourself with aura, Vahn. Otherwise, I can easily cripple you with a single hit. There will be no point to our duel if that happens,” Bram Krauss spoke out of kindness.

Vaan slightly smiled and said, “Worry about yourself, Bram. Even without aura, you’ll be surprised by my durable body—if you can even land a solid hit.”

“Then, we’ll see. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!” Bram Krauss barked.

Boom! Boom!

Bram Krauss charged forward with the same explosive step. But his eyes briefly froze in the same instance as Vaan catapulted toward him with a similar move.

No, it was the very same movement-type martial skill he used!


Bram Krauss’s temporary lapse in concentration caused him to receive a right hook to the left cheek, which sent him flying a few yards.

“What’s the matter, Bram? You blanked out for a moment there. You better try harder if you don’t want to get your ass beaten badly,” Vaan goaded with a provoking smile.

“Ptui!” Bram Krauss spat out some blood, wiped his mouth with a thumb, and said with a slight smile, “I was just a bit surprised. I didn’t expect you to practice the same Tiger Flash Steps as I did, Vahn.”

“However, I promise you; it won’t happen a second time,” Bram Krauss added.

“We’ll see.”


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