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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 154: Friend of Wind Bahasa Indonesia

In another academy location, a group of first-year to fifth-year servants gathered in a garden near the foot of the fourth tower.

Only two dozen servants were present, but their hierarchy was clearly distinguished by their years at the academy.

The first-years lined up in the backmost row while the fifth-years stood at the front, right before a single person sitting on the garden bench.

His name was Osran Barclay, third-ranked among the top five strongest servants in the academy and the leader of the gathered servants.

He had medium blonde comb-over hair, blue eyes, a thick but short prickly beard, a square face, and a toned but not excessively burly body, outlined by his slim-fit black training attire.

Compared to Bram Krauss, Osran Barclay’s body was slightly bigger. Even so, they were roughly equal in terms of strength.

Both were at the peak of Rank 1 Aura Warrior.

“So one of Bram’s men got his ass beaten, and now Bram himself is being challenged to a formal duel by this newcomer who appears to be the new library assistant, huh? How daring.”

Osran Barclay rubbed his chin thoughtfully after listening to the information relayed by his men. Shortly after, he called out, “Barrett, come forward.”

“Yes, Boss?” Barett Dred stepped forward from behind the second, third, fourth, and fifth-year servants.

“You did well holding back. Considering your strength is similar, you would have brought humiliation upon yourself and the gang if you had gone to look for trouble like that loser Rehan,” Osran Barclay cooly said.

“This newcomer isn’t a pushover. That being said, he has a lot of guts to challenge Bram Krauss to a duel. Whether it is blind confidence or true courage, we’ll find out at the end of today.”

“Are we going to watch the duel, Boss?” Barrett Dred asked, not minding that the boss compared him to a loser. He indeed didn’t have the strength to refute it.

“How often do you think a fifth-year servant gets challenged to a duel? And a Peak Rank 1 Aura Warrior, no less. Of course, we are going to watch. There’s value in watching a duel of this level,” Osran Barclay affirmed.

As the news quietly spread from the third to fourth period, more witches and servants learned about Bram and Vahn’s duel in the academy.

Before long, the news also reached the instructors and Headmaster Tabitha.

Inside her office on the top floor of the academy’s main building, Headmaster Tabitha stared outside her glass window wall while holding the Book of Solomon Raphna in her hand.

She was absorbed in her reading, but the news attracted her attention.

“Only the second day, but Lord Helia’s recommended person is already causing quite the storm in the academy…” Tabitha Dawnbringer muttered with interest. Not that it was a bad thing.

“The servants’ growth has become stale due to the formation of gangs. Thanks to Vahn Cadieux, the servants are being stirred into action again. I’ve made the right choice to conceal his background information.”

The seven witch kingdoms were ruled by witches, but even witches had a preference in choosing their partners.

They wouldn’t settle for someone sub-par. No, only a man among men would catch their interest, whether it was in terms of abilities or appearance.

And for witches without strong background, abilities were more important in a man than their appearance.

Naturally, a man with both appearance and abilities would be favored by many witches, even if the man ultimately served only one in the end.

“Vahn Cadieux… If Lord Helia’s information is true, then he does seem like a man with both appearance and abilities—Hm?” Tabitha Dawnbringer suddenly paused.

“Vahn Cadieux… Vaan Raphna… Do men with the name of V possess such capability?—No!” Tabitha Dawnbringer quickly shook the thought out of her head. “It’s a blasphemy to even compare the two.”

“How could Vahn Cadieux even compare to a person with transcendental wisdom like Vaan Raphna? I must be crazy to even think of such a thing,” Tabitha Dawnbringer muttered.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t deny that Vahn Cadieux seemed talented.

The duel with Bram von Krauss would be interesting to watch, even if it’s only considered mere scuffles between children for someone at her level.

Redpine Academy, the library’s back office

As the time of the duel approached, Vaan pulled himself away from Dahlia’s warm, pristine body, which seemingly glowed with a soft radiance from the nourishment of pure mana.

He let her rest on the mattress while he cleaned and dressed for the appointed duel ahead.


<You have selected option one reward>

The lump of accumulated wind-attribute refined mana in Vaan’s body spread out and fused with it under the system’s guidance, manipulation, and control.


<Your body has been reinforced with wind-attribute refined mana>

<Your overall speed has improved by five points>

<You have acquired a speed-type talent, Friend of Wind>

<Your affinity to wind has increased by 3%>

<Your resistance to wind has increased by 3%>

«Physical Attributes»

[155 Defense] [Mid-level Rank 2]

[60 Strength] [Mid-level Rank 1]

[35 → 40 Speed (↑5)] [Low-level Rank 1]

[Friend of Wind (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Overview: When you are within the domain of wind, your movements will receive a small blessing from the wind.

Effect: Increase speed by 0.5%

Restriction: Only limited within the domain of wind.

‘Unexpected, I can improve wind affinity and magic resistance this way. However, I must have been quite lucky… No, this is the difference in benefits between dual-practicing with a True Witch and a Senior Witch,’ Vaan determined.

He looked forward to the benefits he could obtain from dual-practicing with a High Witch. Alas, the road to the top can only be achieved one step at a time.

After equipping his modified black uniform, Vaan headed for the training field outside.

A huge crowd of witches and servants had already gathered after the end of the fourth class period when Vaan arrived.

Many people were interested in the duel as if it were a big event.

“Quite a lot of people here,” Vaan casually commented.

As he headed towards the first training field, the crowd of young witches and servants cleared a path for him.

“You’re here. I’ve been waiting, Vahn,” Bram Krauss spoke with his arms crossed.


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