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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 125: New Ability Bahasa Indonesia


<You have selected option one reward>

Vaan selected the first reward without hesitation.

When Vaan learned of Dahlia Payne’s wind-attribute mana, enhancing his hearing had been his aim from the start.


<Your auditory organs have been reinforced with wind-attribute refined mana>

<Your sense of hearing has improved>

<Your auditory organs have been reinforced with wind-attribute refined mana>

<Your sense of hearing has improved further>

Vaan felt the wind-attribute refined mana channeled to his ears and fused them, enhancing his hearing as the system notified.

Sounds from the library’s entrance could be heard from the office room, indicating Vaan’s hearing had already reached the super hearing level.

While super hearing could be a special ability, it wasn’t what Vaan was aiming for.

Luckily, Vaan had collected quite a far bit of wind-attribute refined mana. Thus, his sense of hearing was still improving.

<Your auditory organs have been reinforced with wind-attribute refined mana>

<Your sense of hearing has improved significantly>

Upon reaching a certain level of improvement in his sense of hearing, Vaan could determine the source of noise at the library’s entrance in greater detail.

“Hey, do you think the new handsome library assistant will still be here?”

“Why wouldn’t he be? The library is still open, is it not?”

Vaan heard the voices of two young ladies, but he heard three pairs of footsteps.

Coupled with their voice, movements, and his tremor sense, Vaan precisely pinpointed their positions, numbers, and appearances.

The three young ladies at the library entrance were the three second-year True Witches, Sabrina, Euphenia, and the last, whose name he didn’t get a chance to learn.


<A special phenomenon has been detected>

<You have awakened a sound-type special ability, echo sense>

<Please give this special ability a name>

Vaan’s eyes flickered.

Echo sense, also known as echolocation, echolocative radar sense, and radar pulse, was just what he wanted to enhance his detection abilities.

Now Vaan had tremor sense and echo sense for both ground and air.


<Echo sense has been registered as Sound Pulse>


<Unique conditions have been met>

<Magic Vision, Sound Pulse, and Earth Pulse have been merged to create a new detection-type special ability>

<You have awakened Omni-Sense (Low-rank)>


[Omni-Sense (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Overview: The ability to sense the presence of everything and anything within a fixed distance, whether they are matter or energy.

Note: This special ability is incomplete and not at its full potential. Its range is severely limited.

Upgrade Method: Improve your six senses.


After Vaan finished perusing the information about his new special ability, he received more notifications from the system.


<You have acquired an Early-stage Senior Witch’s primal essence>

<A condition has been met>

<The system has issued you an objective mission>

<Objective mission: Collect 5 Senior Witch-level primal essences>

<Upon completion of the mission, you will be able to awaken a Senior Witch-level Specialized Magic>

Vaan’s eyes flickered.

A Senior Witch-level Specialized Magic was much stronger than a True Witch-level Specialized Magic.

Even so, the condition to acquire Senior Witch-level Specialized Magic was equally more challenging than the condition to acquire True Witch-level Specialized Magic.

‘Objective mission!’ Vaan willed.


<You have two ongoing objective missions>


<Objective Mission 1: Collect 5 True Witch-level primal essences>

<Reward: A random True Witch-level Specialized Magic>

<Progress: 1/5 True Witch-level primal essence>


<Objective Mission 2: Collect 5 Senior Witch-level primal essences>

<Reward: A random Senior Witch-level Specialized Magic>

<Progress: 1/5 Senior Witch-level primal essence>


After taking a look at his mission progress, Vaan left Dahlia Payne on the mattress and covered her sleeping body with a blanket.

Then, Vaan tidied up the room, folded up their scattered clothes, and cleaned himself with a dry cloth, which he found in the cabinet with attires provided for library assistants.

It was a simple yet formal black and white suit that matched with the black and white dark academia dress that Dahlia Payne had worn.

Shortly after putting on the suit, Vaan left the office room.

“There’s no one here. Even Librarian Dahlia is gone,” Euphenia mentioned while searching around the library for people with Sabrina and her other friend.

“That’s strange,” Sabrina furrowed her brows and said, “It’s not that late yet. How come Librarian Dahlia and the new handsome assistant are not here?”

“Could they be in the back office?”

Just when Sabrina had that thought, the office door creaked open before Vaan exited by himself. He closed the door on his way out.

In that instance, the three True Witches glanced over from their respective positions before their eyes lit up.

Looking at Vaan’s new clothes, he looked more handsome and suave.

“Can a person look this hot in such a simple suit? Why doesn’t the academy have more men like this?”

Euphenia fanned her face with her hand while appearing a little too overly excited and borderline fangirling.

“Vahn does look much more handsome. He’s like a prince from a noble household, quite different from those muscle heads,” Sabrina commented with a thoughtful look.

Most men had no choice but to undergo rigorous physical training to become Aura Users, so they could at least make a living for themselves.

Slim men like Vaan without aura training generally belonged to noble households because their wealthy background supported them.

However, that didn’t necessarily mean their lives were better. After all, they were also commonly used as tools for political marriages.

“We were just looking for you, Vahn,” Sabrina stated after she and Vaan approached each other.

“It’s good to see you again, my Lady. I take it that you are still interested in trying my facial massage,” Vaan greeted amicably before turning to the other two. “I assume the same applies to the two lovely ladies over here as well?”

“Yes!” Euphenia and the other True Witch, Glinda, nodded excitedly.

Although they would like to chat Vaan up, they didn’t mind Vaan’s approach as he didn’t beat around the bush.

They were also keen on the facial massage, even though they didn’t know what to expect from it.

“Very well,” Vaan calmly nodded before gesturing to the private study area with a suggestion, “How about taking a seat over there, and I will tend to miladies one at a time?”

“Sounds good.”

Vaan quickly received Sabrina and the other two’s agreement.


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