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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 126: Enticing Offer Bahasa Indonesia

Over at the private study area, besides tables and chairs, was a small lounge area.

The small lounge area was right by the wall, where a fireplace was found. It had soft brown leather couches and armchairs positioned around a low snack table and also under a large rug.

It was a social area for witches to read books and share their insights with their peers.

After Vaan headed over with the three True Witches, they chose the more comfortable and cushy couches and armchairs over the hard wooden chairs.

“Alright, which one of you lovely ladies would like to go first?” Vaan inquired.

The True Witches all looked forward to Vaan’s massage, but they also didn’t know what to expect. They did know if it would actually be great or bad.

After passing the honor back and forth, hoping someone else could test the waters for them, they gradually settled on Sabrina.

“You were the most curious at Vaan’s youth-rejuvenating facial massage, Sabrina. You can try it first.”

“Yeah, Sabrina. We’ll let you go first. No need to thank us. That’s what friends are for, right?”

After Euhphenia and Glinda spoke with such pretentious generosity, Sabrina glanced back at the two with speechlessness.

“You two….” Sabrina uttered before eventually shaking her head. “Well, whatever. I will go first then. Don’t regret it later.”

After a snort, Sabrina turned her attention to Vaan.

“You heard them, Vahn. Please do me first.”

“Sure, I’ll do you first.”

Although Vaan’s words were somewhat ambiguous and suggestive, which surprised Sabrina, she couldn’t determine if he meant anything else due to his calm and unreadable expression.

“Lean back against the couch, rest your head, and relax your shoulders, my Lady.”


After Sabrina followed Vaan’s instructions, Vaan, while standing behind the couched, moved her long black hair to one side, revealing more of the delicate skin on her face.

At the same time, their gaze briefly contacted before Sabrina glanced away, feeling a bit shy and nervous.

Looking down past Sabrina’s face, Vaan could see her cleavage perfectly.

They weren’t big and could even be considered close to petite, but they were pretty revealing from his angle, only hiding the tips. It made them quite exciting and lovely to look at, regardless of their sizes.

Vaan wasn’t a man who favored one size over the other. Big or small, he liked them both; both were good.

Nevertheless, Vaan had seen all types of breasts during his working days at the Earthly Pleasure Manor.

From flat washboards to large mommy milkers or the more exotic yet generally less desirable saggy cow teats to the gravity-defying torpedo tits, Vaan had seen them all.

As such, Vaan didn’t feel overly excited over seeing them like virgin boys.

Vaan only had a simple appreciation for Sabrina’s petite breasts like he was looking at a budding flower that had yet to blossom.

There were no lust or nefarious thoughts.

Due to that, Vaan’s gaze didn’t feel invasive or violating to Sabrina, who had become conscious of his gaze. That made her feel strangely excited and not repulsed, which also surprised her.

Nevertheless, Vaan’s gaze didn’t linger on Sabrina’s cleavage for long before returning to meet her black eyes that were like the night skies.

“I will begin now.”


Sabrina felt mildly disappointed that Vaan didn’t get excited over her breasts.

Were they that unattractive?

‘Should I start drinking milk?’ Sabrina seriously contemplated.

Nevertheless, Sabrina’s random thoughts were soon washed away by the comfort on her face as Vaan massaged them with his magical hands.


Sabrina unconsciously moaned before she quickly covered her mouth with a startled look. She didn’t expect her body to react to such a brief touch.

But to Vaan, such a scene was all too common. Once she offered up her body to him, her body was already at his mercy.

As Vaan increased the intensity of his facial massage, causing mana to gather quickly and nourish Sabrina’s face, her erotic moans were the only thing Euphenia and Glinda could hear.

The two bystanders watched how Sabrina’s body squirmed, and her legs rubbed against each other, feeling good about herself.

Before they knew it, Sabrina’s ecstatic mood also affected them, causing their bodies to feel hot and aroused.

Euphenia and Glinda started to cast their furtive and expectant glances at Vaan, wondering when he’d be done with Sabrina.

They started to feel impatient and uncomfortable.

After Vaan was done with Sabrina, he moved on to the next, leaving her to melt on her couch with a big blush on her face.

Vaan had only touched her face, but she climaxed twice during the facial massage.

When Sabrina regained clarity of her mind, she couldn’t help but cover her face with shame and embarrassment.

Vaan cycled through with Euphenia and Glinda before falling into similar states, each having climaxed twice before their facial massage ended.

Sometime later, Euphenia recalled the purpose of the facial massage before she pulled out a mirror to check her face.

“Wow! I’m like a baby; so soft, smooth, and glossy!” Euphenia poked her still slightly reddish cheeks while staring into the round hand mirror with surprise.

Sabrina and Glinda didn’t need to pull out their hand mirrors. They could understand the effectiveness of the facial massage just by looking at each other’s faces.

“Hey, Vahn. This isn’t permanent, is it?” Sabrina turned to ask.

“No, it’s not, my Lady,” Vaan calmly shook his head and said, “It’s just like washing your face; it’ll only last a day before returning to normal. You’ll have to receive a regular massage to see some more permanent effects.”

“I see…” Sabrina uttered thoughtfully, but she wasn’t disappointed.

Nevertheless, the wetness in her nether region quickly made her recall she had climaxed twice and gotten her black uniform wet.

Her embarrassment caused her face to flush red again.

“I… I need to return to my dorm now. Thank you, Vahn. Your massaging skills were otherworldly. I’ll repay you next time we meet,” Sabrina quickly excused herself in a hurry to leave and wash up in a bathroom.

However, after taking a few steps, Vaan’s following words made her pause, and the other two also glanced over.

“I also offer full-body massages and dual practice services if you decide to be exclusively contracted to me, my Lady.”


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