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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 76 Bahasa Indonesia

“Yes, there’s a way. But that’s a method that Lady Beolde can never use.”

Do 100 good deeds. That good deeds must be recognized by the fortune teller.

Even under such conditions, he did not dare to manipulate Beolde, the swindler fortune-teller was a person with innocence that did not suit him at all.

He just handed over the authority of the curse in exchange for her overlooking his existence without any proof.

‘Besides, he thinks that she can’t do it.’

Just what kind of monster did he think Beolde was?

Just until yesterday, Dalia intended to take advantage of his innocence and solve Beolde’s curse in a good way. But now she changed her mind.

She will use these 100 good deeds tenaciously.

With that determination, Dalia really groaned in pain.

She understood why people in the past would get sick and die just by encountering a tiger.

Beolde was literally a beast. It was not a force that ordinary people could bear.

Fortunately, there was a bed on the fourth floor because it was a renovated inn. In a small room, Beolde, Meldon and Wayne all gathered and surrounded Dalia, who was lying in bed.

It looked like someone on the deathbed with a limited time left to live.

Dalia tried to chase someone away with her arms outstretched, but was disappointed when she realized that there was no one being chased out.

“Is that……true?”

Beolde pulled a chair around her and sat backward. Then, she put her hands on the chair’s back and buried her face.

“No, that’s a lie.”


“Actually, I lied when I said that it was a lie.”

It was the first time Dalia realized that she was such a mean person. She smiled as she looked at Beolde.

At that moment, the back of the chair that Beolde was holding turned to dust in her hand.


Dalia erased her smile and turned to the ceiling as if she had seen something she shouldn’t see. As expected, it’s better to do it moderately.

Beolde rose from the seat while brushing her hair.

“Damn it. I’m going to organize my thoughts.”

She kicked the chair she sat on out of anger and left the room. The part of the chair where Beolde sat was cave in.

Now only Wayne and Meldon were left in the room.

Wayne knelt down at Dalia’s bedside with a miserable look on his face.

“I’m sorry, Miss. I couldn’t keep my order to protect you.”

“……No, it’s okay.”

It was Dalia’s fault for underestimating Beolde.

Instead of the seemingly useless trait of ‘nullification’, Beolde was exceptional in all aspects.

It was unbelievable that she managed to drive people to the brink of fainting only with her force. Is that a human being? A beast. A big bear. Damn bear. Dalia criticized again on the inside.

Thanks to this, her headache returned and she frowned. Wayne hurriedly put a cold towel on Dalia’s forehead.

“Thank you.”

“……I have reflected.”


“I can’t believe that I can’t stand the force that even such a young person can endure it head-on.”

Dalia quickly blinked.

In fact, there was a secret here. Her gaze very subtly moved to Meldon and reached him. When their eyes met, he scratched his cheek with a shy expression on his face.


This time, he strangely doesn’t look like he was being cheeky even if he acted like that.

“And I was amazed.”

When he said that, she looked at Wayne again. His eyes were strangely stained with respect and aspiration.


It seemed that he had somehow instilled a strange illusion of her.

“How did you endure her force alone with such a weak body. I also thought that I had transcended the limits of human beings once, but compared to Miss, I am still far from it.”


“No matter how much the Mershain placed the bounty, no one could find the fortune teller…… I should have noticed how extraordinary Miss was when you found him at once.….”

‘Uh, that’s not it.’

She just copied what Meldon did.

However, Wayne’s misunderstanding only deepened.

“Did you know how to break the curse from the beginning? From the moment you found the fortune teller, did you expect everything to be like this?”


“I can’t even predict how far Miss is looking at.”

Dalia turned her head awkwardly and nodded.

“Uh, huh……”

“Miss, I’m……”

Wayne was about to say something again. However, if he opened his mouth again, Dalia would turn into a squid. She hurriedly stopped him and pointed to Meldon.(*t/n: probably some korean saying but I can’t find the meaning)

“I, I have something to say to this person. Can you give us some space?”

“Yes. Excuse me.”

Wayne immediately bowed silently and left the room. Meldon’s eyes widened and he pointed at himself with his finger.

‘With me?’

That was what his eyes were saying.

She couldn’t stand it, so she let Wayne go, but it was true that she had something to say to Meldon.

She nodded her head. Meldon pulled the chair and went closer.

First, she needs to thank him.

“……Thank you. For following me and come all the way here.”

“No, if I leave this alone, I will die in the hands of Sir Cedric.”

Those words seemed sincere. He doesn’t seem to think too much about giving strength to the pattern.

Dalia pointed it out. Meldon shrugged as if it were nothing.

“Anyway, it wasn’t really a big deal, was it?”

“……You’re bold.”

“And it was funny. I’ve never seen the Mershain crazy bear apologizing. As expected, you have to live a long time to see this.”

He seemed genuinely happy when he said that.

He held his chin and looked down at Dalia with his eyes narrowed.

“It seems that interesting things keep happening around Miss.”

“…… It’s a misunderstanding.”

“So please let me join in from time to time.”

Meldon tapped his wrist indicating to call him if necessary.

Dalia gave a little smile. She knows that it’s a location tracker.….she will never use it anymore.

“Mr. Meldon.”


“Are you not interested in the Artus Dukedom?”

A moment later, Meldon answered.

“……You’re saying something dangerous.”

“I couldn’t have done this without Mr. Meldon. So, I’ll give to Mr. Meldon about ten of Lady Beolde’s good deeds.”

Dalia’s words were generously sincere.

In the first place, she discovered the fortune teller and Beolde were all thanks to Meldon in the original story. Dalia only followed what he did.

Just in time she had an appropriate excuse, since she was also planning to make him the Duke of Artus with this opportunity.

It wasn’t just because she felt sorry for Meldon.

The original <The Labyrinth of Ouroboros> consists of three routes.

Aceras route, Meldon route, Lewayne route. However, the only way for Meldon to become the Duke of Artus was only during the Meldon route.

Why can’t he become Duke Artus on another route?

Lewayne route has no particular reason, but there was a clear reason why he could not be the Duke of Artus in Aceras route.

That was because the current Duke of Artus, whom Dalia had just met, was secretly communicating with the Holy Empire.

So, the current Duke of Artus plays an active role in kidnapping Adrisha to the Holy Empire on the Aceras route.

In the end, in order to stop Aceras, she had to get rid of the Duke of Artus quickly.

At that time, Meldon asked Dalia.

“When did you know that I was a transcendent of the Artus family?”

Dalia frowned and looked at Meldon.

He still asked that even after calling the Duke Artus as his father and killing a man in front of her eyes with that fist?

Thinking about the same thing, Meldon awkwardly shut his mouth.

“The person who gave me the business card was Duke Artus. Do I need to say more?”


“Lady Beolde Mershain will returns to the society, and with her support, Mr. Meldon will have a say. If the three other families except Artus acknowledge that Mr. Meldon is a transcendent, you can be incorporated into the family.”

There are two ways for an illegitimate child of a family to enter the family with transcendent traits.

Originally, the family should recognize him on their own, but if this was not the case, if the transcendent of the other three families acknowledges that he was the transcendent of the family he claimed to be, he will be incorporated into the family naturally.

This was because every bloodline of the transcendent greatly contributes to the national power of this empire.

In fact, after he convinced Beolde like the way Dalia did, he forcibly wins the approval of the Pesteros and Blueport families under the full support of the Mershain family.

In fact, it was difficult to deny him as part of the Ducal family when he had the transcendent traits.

“However, Artus wouldn’t want me to be the head.”

“But you’re confident.”

Dalia said casually.

Meldon smiled awkwardly as she hit the mark.

After that, his eyes gleamed with a different light than before. His lips drew a belligerent smile.

This side of him was the closest to his nature, which he has been hiding so far.

“Miss strangely seems to know me too well. We’ve seen each other a few times at best.”

‘……Did, did I make a mistake?’

“I don’t know. Didn’t Mr. Meldon shows interest whenever you see me?”

Dalia hid her embarrassment and responded naturally after Meldon. Fortunately, Meldon liked it and laughed once more.

Then, Beolde kicked the door and came back to the room where the two of them were.

“Shit. I’m ready now.”


“As you said, I will do 100 good deeds that are not even funny.”

It was good news. Dalia removed the wet towel from her head and raised herself up.


She didn’t realize it when she was lying down, but the bruised spot started to hurt. Meldon was staring at her.

“What should I do first? Yeah?”

“First of all…… Why don’t you clean this up and go back to the Mershain family?”

As if she had expected it, Beolde showed dislike, but did not refuse.

She nervously sat on the chair that she had kicked. Then the chair tilted as if it were collapsing. Beolde stood up again while swearing.

At that time, a man hurriedly appeared in front of the door with a surprised expression.

“Sir Beo! Some bastard has devastated the headquarters…… !”

Astonishingly, it was three hours after Meldon had appeared in the building.

He probably was out and came back just now.

Beolde looked at him pathetically and gestured with her chin.



“Now you’re the owner of this place. I’m retiring.”

The man made a stupid expression. Dalia expressed her condolences to the dark future of this organization.

Until now, the head was Beolde, and the Mershain family protected them even if something happened, but now there will be no protection from neither Beolde nor Mershain.

The man looked happy without knowing his future, which had only a downhill path.

Translator Note: This is a very long chapter…I really want to cry when I first saw how many pages there were (ノД`)

**sidenote: just some trivia that happened yesterday..

So my younger sister has an exam..science exam to be specific…the question goes something like

Question: What will happen to the living things if there’s no sun?

My sister’s answer: The end of the world

Me: (•ิ_•ิ)?


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