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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 75 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey, you’re not here for business, are you? Are these crazy bastards trying to mess with other people’s work?”

Even her voice was husky like a boy.

Dalia was stunned by the harsh profanity. Meldon, the culprit of the situation, simply smiled and spoke.

“I’m sorry.”

“These crazy people. The reason I didn’t kill you now is because you broke the wrist of the annoying bastard who just left.”

That was such a relief.

Beolde got up from her seat and went up to Wayne. Then she noticed Dalia hiding behind him and her eyes widened.

“Now what’s this? You look quite cute?”

She stroked Dalia’s hair without permission.

Fortunately, Cedric’s magic remained and her hair color did not change.

Wayne spoke, secretly blocking the gap between Dalia and Beolde.

“Sir Beo, you can talk to me……”

“Be quiet. I’m talking right now.”

What followed was more shocking than Beolde’s insincere alias.

She crudely pushed Wayne away.

Although it looked like she pushed him with no effort, Wayne was pushed far to the back, unable to stand right away and staggered by holding onto the wall.

Beolde glanced at him.

“Wayne, I don’t know what’s going on with the Emperor’s dog, but I know everything about you in the first place. I just called you because I was curious about what you were going to say. So just say what you want and get lost.”


Beolde grabbed Dalia’s wrist and pulled her. Then she crossed her arms around her neck and placed her chin on the top of her head.

She knows in her head that she’s actually a woman, but Dalia was a little shaken because she looks like a handsome blonde boy.

“And you.”

Beolde looked at Meldon, still resting her chin on top of Dalia’s head. A beast-like growl was heard from her mouth.

“You’re that Artus’s illegitimate bastard right? I have a good impression of you but you messed up my workplace. I heard that you had a falling out with Verix. Do you think you’ll be able to continue doing business here with me too? I’ll let you live for now, but be prepared to break an arm.”

“Can you even break it?”

Meldon smiled and provoked Beolde.

There was a grinding sound above Dalia’s head. Just by listening, she could hear an ominous and chilly voice.

“This crazy bastard…….”

Dalia felt some huge energy gathering above her.

Dalia’s hair floated in the air as if there was static electricity with tremendous force.

There was no magic flowing, it was a phenomenon that was created solely by Beolde’s intense force.

Dalia hurriedly unraveled the magic on her hair and eye color and escaped from Beolde’s arms.

The auburn color of her eyes and hair gradually faded, and her original gray hair and blue eyes appeared in an instant.

Beolde’s attention turned to her at that moment. The vicious atmosphere around her subsided in an instant.

“Now what’s this?”


“You’re the little lady of the Pesteros aren’t you?”

Taking advantage of the moment, Dalia quickly held her skirt and bent her knees to show courtesy towards Beolde.

“Hello, Lady Beolde. I’m Dalia Pesteros.”

“Hmm. I saw you when you were a baby. You’ve grown a lot.”

Beolde crossed her arms and said in a relaxed tone. It felt incompatible when she said that with the appearance of a blonde boy.

“I asked Wayne to find a way because I wanted to meet Lady Beolde. Please don’t blame him too much. And what happened downstairs……it’s from a misunderstanding caused by me. That was my fault too.”

Dalia continued on politely.

Beolde quickly calmed down. In the original, she was hot-tempered.

“It’s fine. What’s going on anyway?”

“I’m here to teach Lady Beolde on how to break your curse.”

At the same time as she said that, Beolde’s expression, who had the appearance of a pale young boy, gradually disappeared.

An ominous feeling ran down her spine.

She had thought that this would be the case to some extent, but Beolde’s reaction was much more intense than expected.

The force from before erupted from Beolde again.

It was much more powerful, incomparable from before.

“What you just said……you’re mocking me even when you know what that means to me?”

Once a transcendent outraged, the army would have to be mobilized, and she could see the reason for that.

Dalia, who received the force head-on alone, was likely to collapse like this.

Wayne also found it difficult to stand up. Only Meldon stood up to that force and gently held Dalia’s shoulder just enough to keep her from falling.

She would have fainted right away if it’s not for his help.

If she falls here, Beolde will not meet Dalia again. Everything will go in vain without any reward for her efforts.

‘Meldon was able to win her support because he held out here.’

But will she, who was not a transcendent, be able to endure until then?

At that time, cold energy flowed in from one side of her wrist.

Dalia glanced at her wrist. The pattern that had obviously disappeared before was now glimmering softly.

It was clear that Meldon was helping her. Thanks to that, Dalia barely managed to gain the strength to speak out against the force.

“……Lady Beolde, you won’t regret it once you hear it. My proposal is real.”

“Then show your will. Explain it here like this. How do I break my curse?”

As if to show her wrath, Beolde’s pupils were almost as small as dots.

But no matter how angry she was, isn’t this too much? Dalia was here to help this person.

‘This this…… future’s traitor! The Crazy Bear!’

Dalia poured out all kinds of criticism against Beolde in her mind.

Relying on the energy that Meldon gave, she barely managed to open the bag she had brought.

The parchment that she tried so hard not to lose was inside.

It was given by the fortune teller.

She reached out her trembling hand to hand it over to Beolde.

Surprised that she was still holding on, a little light appeared in Beolde’s eyes.

She approached and took the parchment from Dalia’s hand and read it.

As Beolde’s force eased a little while she was reading, Dalia was able to barely breathe properly.

“……What is this? You’re saying that the bastard just completely handed over to you the right of the curse?”

“Why don’t you think about what it means?”

Dalia responded provocatively. She was a little angry with this treatment too.

Fortunately, instead of getting more angry, Beolde followed Dalia’s advice.

She was lost in thought. She soon understood the meaning of the smart girl’s words.

Beolde’s force weakened a bit more. Dalia did not miss the moment and continued to speak quickly.

“Lady Beolde, I found the fortune teller who made the drug that you took. You’ll know by looking at the name written there. I heard the conditions of the curse from him. Originally, he had to monitor you to fulfill the conditions, but now I’m the monitor.”

“So, what’s the condition for that?”

Finally, it reached this point.

Dalia was sure of her victory. Now, upon hearing this condition, Beolde has no choice but to side with her instead of Aceras.

She opened her mouth as she stared straight at Beolde, who was looking at her eagerly.

“That is……”


“Ah, I suddenly feel dizzy……!”

Instead of answering, Dalia pretended to faint with her hand on her forehead.

Meldon went along with it and caught her collapsing.

“Oh no, Miss! You must have a hard time! How can this be……!”

“No, so what was it!”

Beolde burst into anger.

Dalia glanced at Beolde through the gaps in her hands and cried out in pain even more.

“Ugh, hearing the loud noise gave me more headache…….”

“Oh, poor Miss Dalia……”

Meldon wiped away fake tears. Beolde who was watching was going crazy.

There were two ways to annoy people the most. One was to stop talking…….

Beolde had never been in a situation like this before in her life.

It was clear why Dalia, who had been holding out well so far, was acting out like this now that she has gained strength. It means that she wants an apology.

But she didn’t want to do that. She had never apologized even once in her life.

Even after beating up an annoying tutor, after completely broke off the legs of a young master of a noble family during an argument, after stealing her sister’s drug and getting cursed to not grow old, or even when she was deprived of her title, she came all the way here to run a criminal organization and cause the blood pressure of her family to rise! Not even once!

Dalia pretended to faint.

Meldon, who was holding her, was now acting like she was about to die, covering her face with a handkerchief.

Seeing that, Beolde’s patience has reached its limit.

“Okay, sorry. Shit! I said I’m sorry!”

Then Dalia opened her eyes with a twinkle.

She did something crazy.

However, now that she was this far, Beolde had to listen to the end unconditionally.

She also didn’t want to go all the way to the annoying Pope of the Holy Empire. It was a hundred times better to please that Pesteros little lady. Then, what was the way to end this damn curse……?

“The condition is to do 100 good deeds.”


“Of course, that good deed can only be recognized with my approval.”


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