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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 89: Preparation Bahasa Indonesia

In the office room, the atmosphere was quite solemn as a high-level meeting was going on.

The sudden news of war struck them like thunder.

According to the information they got before, Amidon was clearly in the preparation stage but in just a few days it declared a full-scale frontal war on Wright.

Moreover, it called Wright a sinner who had taken their land in the past.

From Alex’s perspective, this was just a childish reason.

But things in the current world were like this from the beginning.No one cared about the shit reason, power is the only thing that mattered here.

Alex rubbed his temples with a worried look because Nevan would surely undergo a huge change by the end of the war.

Moreover, he was quite frustrated with the situation.

He just came after dealing with all types of shits in the West and now, he had to pack his bag and begin his journey towards Wright.

Though, he had an itch for a fight that doesn’t mean he was a war freak. He was just bored and wanted to fight for entertainment.

Wake up, train himself and oversee others’ training, manage the administration, read the documents and spend some quality time with Riya.

That was his daily routine.

Alex shook his head to clear away the thought and looked at the map before him.

In front of Alex, Mordek explained a portion of history.

“Previously, it was said that Nevan, Wright and Bright were part of Amidon a thousand years ago.”

“But this chunk of land had a new ruler and separated his territory from Amidon.”

“After a few centuries, the power of central administration weakened a great deal and it was split into two parts.”

“One was known as Wright and the other was none was Bright.”

“And this rounded portion which you see is Nevan which became an independent state after, your late adopted grandfather’s grandfather revolted against the Bright kingdom’s injustice, “Mordek spoke while explaining the things.

” And why the hell are you explaining it to me…”

Before Alex could finish his words, Mordek cut off Alex’s speech and spoke”Your Highness, I am explaining all these things to say that I am 99% sure Bright will try to attack from behind, if we lead all our forces to Wright.”Mordek spoke while raising his chin with pride.

“Uncle Mordek, do you think of me as a kid?”

“I know all this. That’s why I am planning to take only 1000 soldiers with me.”

“I will leave 2000 soldiers here.”

“Huh! I see.” Mordek nodded and rubbed his chin.

“By the way, Uncle Mordek, you are also coming with me. Ben will stay in the capital to take your place.” Alex spoke which startled Mordek as he thought that as usual Alex would take Ben and Max.

Seeing Mordek’s confusing looks, Alex explained”We need to have a strong second-in-hand command.”

“With Riya here, the capital is safe. You don’t have to worry about Bright attacking the steel field Fortress.”

“After all, if they dare to set their foot on that place..Kekekekeke.” Alex laughed in a sinister voice which gave Mordek a chill down the spine.

Peru and Kassel would be the first to tear the Bright soldiers if they made an appearance.

“Now, which place will we go first?” Alex muttered while looking down at the map.

“Going by the facts, Wright had five spots where Amidon could lead an army to attack and might also send a second small army to cut off the reinforcements,” Mordek spoke and explained, pointing at the map.

“I think we should attack this point.” Mordek pointed at the flat plain which is quite easy for Amidon to breach.

“Then it’s decided, we are going to march towards Fortress of Geroge.”

Mordek frowned and said”Your Highness, you got it wrong. I am talking about the Plain of Krevar.”

“Moreover, Fortress of George is guarded by Her Highness Christina. You might have already known that with her there, it would be almost impossible to take down the fortress.” Mordek persuaded Alex.

“Uncle Mordek, do you have an estimate of Amidone Army and Wright armies?”

“Your Highness according to our intel, Amidon had gathered 19,000 soldiers while Wright had recently suffered Kinley’s wrath and it had currently 8000-9000 soldiers of which around 3000 are ours.”

Alex nodded while explaining with a stern voice” That’s where the key lies Uncle Mordek.’

“Christina is the biggest threat to Amidon so they would try to take her down irrespective of the cost.”

“They have brought a huge loan from merchants and collected many resources. It wouldn’t be easy for them to hold on for so long.”

“So, they will try to finish the war as soon as possible, for which they need to get rid of Christina.”

“With our help, we could surely finish the troops sent towards Fortress of George and Christina could move freely to other bases after Amidon’s defeat at the Fortress which would also lower their motivation.”

“I see. You have a point.” Mordek nodded while rubbing his chin.


Under the glistening rays of the moon, two figures sat beside each other on the terrace of the castle.

A soft breeze blew past them making the atmosphere quite pleasant.

Alex stared at the sky full of stars whose brightness was incomparable to the shining star beside him.

Riya rested her head on Alex’s shoulder while reminiscing about the past.

“Previously, I would always be with you, taking care of you and working for you.”

“But in a few months, you have changed from a kid who needs to be fed up to a fine gentleman who doesn’t need Riya’s help anymore.”

“I wish you could have recovered when you were Kinley so that you could have enjoyed your status as the Prince of Kinley.”

Alex chuckled and raised his hand to touch Riya’s cheek.

Slowly caressing her cheek, Alex muttered”Riya, believe me, I am much happier here with you than I could have been in Kinley.”

“Status doesn’t mean much to me if I can’t stay with my beloved wife.”

“You have hardly returned from dealing with matters in the west and now you have to go again.”

“Moreover, you are going to meet Catherine and Christina this time,” Riya muttered while feeling subtle jealousy in her heart which was making her mood sour.

She knew that she couldn’t keep Alex to herself and he had to do his duty as the husband to look after his wives.

Alex turned his head to see a forlorn and helpless expression on Riya’s face which pained his heart.

Looking at Riya’s sorrowful expression he made a firm decision and stood up from his seat and pulled Riya into his arms.

“My Lord, what are you doing?” Riya asked with a startled expression.

She blushed a little seeing Alex’s sudden advances and her cheeks became reddened.

Alex carried Riya in the princess carry position while looking at her with a resolute expression.

“Riya, I don’t know how or when this heart of mine fell for you but I know that a portion of my heart already belonged to you.”

“So, Riya tonight I am gonna show you how much I love and care for you.”

“So, Riya, let’s consummate our marriage.”

Riya was startled by Alex’s sudden proposal and smoke started to appear over her head.

She felt her body heating up while her ears perked up with a reddish shade.

“So, Riya! Now tell me. Are you willing to be my other half and walk this journey of life with this foolish and useless husband of yours?”


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