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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 90: Consummating The Marriage* Bahasa Indonesia

“My Lord!!” Riya’s eyes moistened a bit on hearing Alex’s words and she nodded her head.

“My Lord! I swear that this life of mine belongs to yours and I will always stay by your side.” Riya spoke with a resolute expression.

Seeing Riya’s expression Alex’s heart burned with passion and he kissed Riya slowly and carried her to the bed and put her down slowly while asking for her permission to proceed further.

Riya didn’t know what to say and just nodded her head with a shy expression.

“Riya, if you are uncomfortable with this, we can do it any other time when you are ready,” Alex asked with a worried look seeing Riya’s expression.

He didn’t want to rush things and wanted to take it slowly, if Riya was not prepared, for now, he didn’t need to force herself.

Riya thought about Alex’s words carefully.

If she misses the chance now, she doesn’t know when she will get the next opportunity.

Moreover, she was going to take his Lord’s first time which could be taken by others if she hesitated now today after all who knows if the others wouldn’t take the chance.

The current Alex was different from the past, his looks, his strengths and his aura. Everything was top notch which could make anyone fall in love with him quickly.

“My Lord, let’s do this,” Riya spoke while raising herself to give a gentle peck at Alex’s lips.

After giving the kiss, Riya lowered her head out of shyness and closed her eyes.

The flush and the fluttering eyelashes of Riya told Alex how nervous this girl was.

Unlike Riya who was doing this the first time, Alex wasn’t much nervous about the process as he had done it a few times in his previous life.

Alex opened his arms and embraced Riya and the smoothness and softness he sensed made him feel like he was in some kind of heaven.

Riya suddenly tensed up on feeling Alex’s touch which made Alex more excited.

He calmed himself and started to undress Riya while kissing her starting from her lips to her neck and then moving down further.

A subtle wave of heat and fragrance suddenly spread through her body followed by the sound of heavy gasps.

Riya’s face and neck instantly reddened and she subconsciously covered her chest with her arms.

Like a kitten, she peeked at Alex and then closed her eyes as her body was assaulted by Alex’s heavenly touch.

Alex gasped in shock as he stared at Riya’s insanely beautiful body.

Riya’s skin was smooth and white like ivory, her legs had perfect shapes with smooth curves, her waist was slender, her chest was full with two huge mounds and her collar bones were delicate.

This was the first time Alex had seen Riya’s voluptuous body.

As he saw her body, he felt like he was struck by lightning. His lips, mouth and throat were dry and he felt like a man who was hanging onto his life in the middle of the parched desert whereas the goddess-like beauty before him was the only well that could cure his thirstiness.

For a moment, Alex even thought that he was tainting such a peerless beauty but he shook his head thinking that she was his loving wife.

While Alex observed Riya’s heavenly beauty and feasted on his eyes, Riya also took a peek from time to time at Alex’s well-built body.

After recovering from being an imbecile, Alex had grown up a lot.

His height increased from 168 to 184 centimetres while his fatty stomach had disappeared leaving behind well-built and chiselled abs which combined with his V-shaped jawline make him look like an immortal.

After staring at each other to their heart’s content, Alex started to make his move and slowly entered Riya giving a sense of intense pleasure.

Under him, Riya’s eyes were in pain and she looked a little uncomfortable and there were even tears sliding down her face.

Alex looked at Riya and stopped moving and asked”Riya are you alright? Did it hurt a lot?”

Alex wondered whether he was too hasty and entered too aggressively. Although he knew it would hurt a lot for the first time, he didn’t know the extent of the pain so he was quite worried about Riya.

As if Riya sensed Alex’s mind, she opened her eyes and wrapped Alex’s waist with her legs.

She stretched her neck and panted heavily, she slowly explained in her lovingly warm voice which made Alex’s heart melt

“It hurts but it also feels good. I think I can endure this so, please carry on, My Lord.”

After sensing her passion, Alex became proactive again.

Inside the dimly lit bedroom, the Shadow Queen bit her lips and furrowed her brows.

With her legs locked onto Alex’s waist, she expressed her pain and the subtle wave I pleasure in a series of moans that echoed in the room.

The scene was quite enchanting as both Alex and Riya connected both physically and spiritually.

Alex could sense Riya was heading towards the peak of ecstasy and was moaning loudly.

As they continued, Riya’s iris started to become purple while a purple layer of aura burst forth from her body accompanied by a purple mist which made Alex more excited and heightened his sensitivity towards pleasure.

She felt her strength rising by a margin and her lust for Alex started to appear in his eyes.

“My Lord, I can’t control my power. It seemed to be going out of control. If this goes on, I fear that I will lose myself.”Riya spoke with a panicked voice.

Alex kissed her and both of their tongues intertwined with each other.

Pulling back his lips, smiled gently while increasing his speed and said”Don’t worry Riya, just believe in me.”

Alex smiled and his eyes glowed with a reddish aura while his aura burst forth from his body which seemed to counter Riya’s purple aura and suppressed it by a margin.

“Nullify!!” Alex shouted and his body started to glow which startled Riya and brought her back to her senses.

“Suppress!”Alex muttered and as if his voice commanded, the purple most emitted from Riya sucked into Alex’s body like a black hole.

The purple mist was similar to an aphrodisiac which makes one go crazy but Alex was resistant to this and will not have any effect on him until he lets the most affect him.

Riya was startled for a moment and wanted to ask Alex what was going on but she was made silent again by Alex’s passionate kiss.

“Riya, it looks as if our match is made by heaven.”

“Nothing can break us apart now. I can nullify your power if you go out of control and I will always be there for you to stop you from going on a rampage.”

“For now, try to absorb my aura, It will calm you down” Alex muttered while trying to circulate his mana inside her.

Riya felt a sudden influx of mana which seeped inside her body and helped her to control her power while at the same time stimulating her.

Both of them engaged in a heavenly pleasure session while finding warmth in each other’s embrace and feeling each other overflowing with love while drowning themselves in the night of ecstasy.


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