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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 83: Awakening[2] Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at the huge claw crashing down on him with an unfazed expression.

Unlike previously, he felt that the speed of the Byk attack was incomparably slower than his previous attacks.

Alex let go of the claw that he was clutching tightly and jumped into the air with a stomp.

While staying in the mid air, he spun his body vertically while landing on the big claw of the Byk with his hands and used it as a foothold and channelling all his strength into his arms, he pushed himself while using his hands as springs toward the face of Byk.

Alex’s body jolted and shot towards the muzzle of the Byk with an astonishing speed like a comet.


The Byk felt a strong hit in the lower jaw of his muzzle and felt as if a meteorite crashed against it, making its body shoot backwards with a haggard motion.

Alex kicked its lower jaw with all his momentum and rotated in the air and steadied his position.

Holding its huge horn and gripping it tightly while clenching his other fist tightly, he punched and smashed its face.


Another loud band echoed as Alex’s punch crushed the Byk onto the ground with a huge bash.

The Byk roared in anger and as its body slammed down against the ground, he opened its a muzzle and fired a ball of the fireball

“Hmmph.” Alex snorted in annoyance and waved his hand while muttering a spell.


The fireball passed by Alex’s image as if it was just an illusion and went into the sky and exploded into huge flames of clouds.

Alex used a short distance teleportation spell to avoid the blow quickly and disappeared from the Byk’s eyesight.

The Byk immediately got up and jumped with its huge body making the earth tremble violently but before it could leap into the air, Alex waved his hand at Byk while his eyes glowed brightly.

A rock as colossal as Byk’s body appeared and slammed on the Byk making it fall on its knees again.

Darkish light erupted from the furious Byk body which enveloped the whole surrounding as it roared loudly on top of its length with a voice akin to that of a mad psychopath that wanted to destroy everything in its path.

Alex felt that Byk battle strength was increasing like a volcano that was about to burst.

Roaring loudly, Byk looked at Alex while smashing its flapping arms at him with all his strength.

The attack was also loaded with the energy of darkness which increased its lethality by a huge margin.

Alex’s body glowed with golden light which shoned brightly under the basking sun as if a new sun had emerged from his body.

In the golden light, Alex looked quite a holy and devoted individual who seemed to be quite close to the Gods and Goddess.

Clenching his fist tightly, he looked at the incoming darkish mass of energy fired from Byk, whom the energy of darkness wanted to overwhelm him and punched at the incoming attack.

The air before Alex rippled and tore apart as if something huge was about to come from Alex.


The air before Alex emitted a crackling noise and shattered like the glass which seemed to break the void.

A tiny crystallised mass shot forward with a high pressure which materialised to form a fist and collided with the darkish claw attack.


For a moment the entire forest descended into silence as if the previous sound of the clash were just an illusion.

But this silence was just the symbol of the forthcoming storm which shook the entire forest.

A huge circulated mass of pressure contracted to the max and then exploded with a huge deafening roar that burst the eardrum of listeners.


Huge clouds of dust appeared and high-speed gales of wind started to emerge from the place of impact and faint rumbling started to spread like a wave which shook the entire place.

The trees swayed down making a to and fro motion while those who were present at the scene raised their arms and covered their eyes to protect themselves while trying not to be blown away by the strong coercion coming from the blast.

Alex stared at the huge hole at the centre of the clash which had made a huge crater extending down towards the underground basement which seems to be completely in tatters.

But Alex didn’t stare at it for a long time, as he felt the mass of mana coagulating and gathering at a certain place.

Alex narrowed his eyes as he saw that the mana in the air swirled around the Byk and strong pressure burst forth from the Byk’s body as it prepared for the final attack.

Fortunately, before the Byk could release its breath and shot at him, Alex heard a voice which snapped him out of his focus.

“Your Highness, we have found your sword,” Kassel shouted while running towards Alex and threw the sword at Alex quickly.

Alex glanced at the incoming sword and tilted his body to the side,letting the body of the blade slide down and brushed past him while extending his hands to clutch the hilt of the sword.

“It’s time to end this,” Alex muttered as his lips curled upwards with a smile.

Alex was quite satisfied with the current fight which made him realise the pros and cons.

As everything has an end, it was time to end the battle.

Though he enjoyed it greatly, it would be bad to keep this Byk alive despite the Byk suffering from inside while screaming for death.

Alex could clearly feel Byk’s emotion who was begging for death so that his sufferings may end quickly.

Alex slides his fingers through the blade of the sword while tilting his body backwards and raising his left foot forward.

“Farewell, my friend. May you live happily in your next life.”

A crimson glow covered his sword while a layer of mana enveloped his sword emitting a fierce and blood thirsty aura.


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