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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 82: Awakening Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing Alex’s body shot towards the forest like a weightless twig made everyone panic in fear.

The soldiers who were shooting the arrows while trying to maintain the distance were horrified seeing Alex being hit hard by the Byk’s fierce claws.

“Your Highness!”

“Your Majesty!”

Everyone shrieked in panic and rushed in the direction where Alex was thrown.

Entering the place they saw that many trees were disrupted and some of the trees were swept away by the impact.

They started to look for Alex like a madman.

The thought of something happening to Alex frightened them to the core.

While looking around, they heard the faint sound of the beating of drums.

They frowned when they heard the weird voice and ran towards the source.

But as soon as they reached the place, they found Alex lying in a puddle of blood.

Blood trickled down from his head while a huge dent appeared on his chest armour and through it a wound of four claws marks were visible which peeled off the layer of skin which exposed the bones of the sternum.

But what shocked them wasn’t his wound rather noticing the abnormal light.

His body had a faint glow near his chest and everyone felt a terrifying breath coming from Alex’s body which seemed to be twitching a little.

The sound started to enlarge and echoed in the forest with a high pitch.


Aeon lost his senses just by thinking about the possibility of the sound coming from Alex’s body.

He wanted to rush forward to check Alex’s condition but he could feel that Alex was currently in a critical period and a slight disturbance may disturb and hinder his progress.

He can feel the awakening of mana inside Alex but he has never seen such a violent awakening that could make the ground tremble.

While all of them form a barricade around Alex to protect him, Alex felt that his consciousness was slowly starting to return.


He never knew that he was so sensitive to mana, it felt like it had been years since he truly felt what being alive means.

Reaching the epitome of power after years of brutal training and in the next moment waking up,to find that he had again become a powerless individual who had to start his journey, was a kind of nightmare.

Though Alex had never expressed his inner turmoil, he still had a lingering bitter feeling about it.

It’s a feeling akin to achieving the status of a billionaire but in the next moment, not having the balance to even spend a penny.

It mayn’t look like but he was quite insecure about what would happen if he was killed even before he could start again.

He may laugh, cast some jokes, try to behave like a fool but in this world except with Riya he had never felt the sense of solace.

Everytime, tones of things ran inside his mind which weight him down while he try to shake them by inserting stupid jokes.

But now, Alex felt that a huge burden had lifted from his shoulders which gave him a feeling of weightlessness.

Even amidst the endless pain and fatigue, Alex felt a wondrous feeling. Despite the fact that he was in the middle of the battlefield, he could feel the breath of Byk and other people that surrounded him.

No, it wasn’t only that. What came into his mind wasn’t just mere breaths.

The mana that everyone had, the mana that covered the entire world and the mana that boiled in his heart while flowing through the blood and vessel strengthening his body and clearing away his fatigue and lessening his pain.

He could feel it all.

This was an awakening, an enlightenment and a moment of emotion in itself which he yearned for.

It was as if wings sprouted from his back and he could finally fly without anything to hold back.

Alex opened his eyes and stood up.

His body was covered with a layer of reddish aura which was starting to grow fiercer.

Many notifications flashed before his retina.

[All active skills had been unlocked]

[Spells had been unlocked]

[Passive skills can be used by now.]

[Magic state had been unlocked.]

[Mana’s heart had been fully integrated into the host body strengthening the host body]

[Magic stats unlocked]

[All Host stats are raised increase by 10 due to integrations of mana heart]

Name:Alex Von Stan


Rank:Peak Disciple Ranked

Level: 40









Stats Points:18

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth, Mana Sensor, Emperor Charisma, Emperor Pressure, Lady Luck’s Blessing, Heal, Restore, Goddess Buff

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level E, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level G, Abyssal Slash Level G, Grand Martial Art Level G, Mighty Punch Level G, Spell, Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level E

Alex smiled looking at the stats window and felt that the chains that had been locking him down had been loosened.

“I am back,” Alex muttered while walking towards his group who looked at Alex anxiously with a worried gaze.

“Don’t worry, I am in my best condition.”

“I have never been finer than now,” Alex muttered while looking at the wounded soldiers that looked at him with moistened eyes.

He raised his hand and twirled his fingers and muttered.


As soon as Alex’s chants resounded, all the wounded soldiers glowed with a greenish light and the wounds and burns in their bodies started to heal at an astonishing rate.

Alex looked at Max who had the worst condition of all and put his hand on his shoulder and spoke.


Jouroun was a major healing spell that contained the blessing of the Goddess which is generally used by priests on paladins.

“Let’s end that insolent beast,” Alex spoke and lunged forward leaving the whole group in bewilderment.

With a single jump, he covered fifty metres in an instant and appeared at the place where Peru and Kassel kept the Byk engaged.

“Goddess Buff,” Alex shouted and cast it on Peru and Kassel.

Peru and Kassel who were struggling while taking on the Byk suddenly felt a burst of strength flowing inside their bodies and both of them felt quite stronger.

The Byk used the darkness and formed a gauntlet over its claw and struck down towards the ground at Kassel.

Kassel raised his mace and was about to slash at Byk when he saw a faint shadow brush past him like a gust of wind and appeared before him.


The Byke fist covered with darkness collided with the ground with a burst of pressure making the ground tremble.

Kassel was pushed back by the impact while keeping his eyes locked on Byk.

Byk gasped in shock as he felt a strong grip on his fist and he looked down to see the human whom he had crushed before arriving before him while holding down his claws.

“Kassel, Peru, try to find my sword. Only I can overpower his darkness element.” Alex shouted.

Peru and Kassel nodded with a solemn expression and ran around in search of Alex’s sword while Alex kept the Byk’s attention on him.

The Byk tried to pull his claws towards him but Alex tilted his body backwards while shifting his centre of weight back while trying to pull the Byk’s claws apart and restraining him.

Byk was surprised for a moment as he saw the puny human evenly matching his strength and locking him down at the place.

He pulled his other arm and swung it at Alex.

[Note:1 magic Points will increase Mana by 5]


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