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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 68: Danger Ahead Bahasa Indonesia


Aeon swallowed his saliva seeing Alex fight.

Although Alex’s swordsmanship and fighting were quite good and his style was quite fierce, Aeon feared mishaps happening to Alex due to his nature of rushing on the battlefield alone.

Aeon waved his hands and beckoned to the man who was beside him and said”I am going to give you a task which you have to do no matter how worse the situation may become.”

“Yes, Commander.”

The soldiers beside him saluted Aeon armed with respect and looked at Aeon with an expectant gaze.

“Form a squad of elite and follow his Majesty and try to keep him safe. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him due to carelessness.” Aeon waved his hand, signalling the man to move quickly.

But he frowned as he saw no one was going forward and he looked back to see the soldiers standing there like a statue with a frozen look all over their faces.

“What! Why are they not following my order?” Aeon spoke while he split a beast into two halves who dashed towards him.

“Commander, are you sure about that?” One of the men spoke and turned his head towards Alex and seeing him, he further added”By the way, I am seeing things, I don’t think His Majesty needed our protection.”

Everyone behind him nodded while hearing his words.

After all, if one sees Alex from a distance, he looked more like a beast rather than these green head goblins and it looked like these goblins need protection from Alex, not the other way around.

In fact, many started to pity the goblins who were rushing at Alex.

Seeing Alex’s brutal fight with goblins, who were hacking the goblin’s head wide open, one may even start to pity the goblin and ask Alex to show this poor goblin mercy.

Aeon glared at his troops and spoke”I know about that but he is fighting all alone with no one around. Although he is not careless, we should take precautions beforehand.”

“So, just get your ass over there and stop wasting time,” Aeon shouted.

The soldier nodded in unison and started to dash towards Alex while Aeon looked at the scene and muttered.

“Are they sure he didn’t have those barbarian traits?”

Aeon shivered to see Alex drenched in blood while striking straight at the goblin’s vital spots.


Alex went on a total rampage and his body was covered in blood from head to toe.

If one looked at Alex, he may panic seeing his state and mistake that it was Alex’s blood and he had been badly injured.

“Come on, give me your blood.”

“Yeah, excellent. Give me your life.”

“Your death shall be my nourishment.”

Alex shouted like a madman while swinging his swords all around.

[Host, calm down a bit. Don’t lose yourself in the endless killing and slaughtering.]

The system started to fear that Alex may go out of control and the monster that had been lying dormant inside him may awaken at any moment.

Just the thought of Alex achieving this kind of strength without awakening may frighten many to death and some even piss off in their pants thinking that if Alex can almost take a master rank when hadn’t awakened his mana what would happen when he awakened his mana.

The system knew everything about Alex and he was sure about one thing, the day Alex awakens mana, this world will surely suffer a catastrophe.

Alex in itself was a walking disaster, a nuclear bomb in itself that can explode at any time if provoked slightly.

This was one of the many reasons Alex’s skills had been sealed from before and Alex was allowed to recover the skills slowly.

With the awakening of mana, many skills will be unlocked which had been lying dormant in Alex’s arsenal and each of the skills was taught by Goddess herself which were the epitome of perfection.

In fact, by the end of Alex’s training, Alex can use some of those skills more skillfully than the goddess and his control in magic had reached on par with Goddess.

All in all, Alex had become a dangerous being who if left alone without guidance can destroy the very world if he goes crazy.

And it was one of the system tasks, to keep Alex in check.

“Don’t worry. I am alright.”

“I have not lost my mind. Do you think I will lose myself while playing with these babies?”Alex spoke while the system replied.

“I am just intimidating them.”

[Host, still it’s better to be cautious. You are becoming more and more careless. So, please be careful so that you don’t lose your worthless life]

Alex’s lips twitched uncontrollably when he heard the system describing his life as worthless.

” You are worthless, your family is worthless.No, your whole fourteen generations are worthless,” Alex shouted.

[Host, I am sorry to remind you but this system had neither parents nor any family. So, I apologise for it]

A thick vein bulged on Alex’s forehead as he heard the system voice rang in his mind but he quickly shook it off and asked the system to show his status window as he heard another notification of level up.

Alex looked at his stats.

Name:Alex Von Stan



Level: 38









Stats Points:28

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth[Unlocked], Mana Sensor[unlocked], Emperor Charisma[Locked], Emperor Pressure[Locked], Lady Luck’s Blessing[Locked], Heal[Locked], Restore[Locked], Goddess Buff[Locked]

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level 0, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level 0, Abyssal Slash Level 0, Grand Martial Art Level 0, Mighty Punch Level 0, Spell[Locked], Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level G

He noticed that magic stat appeared with a faint line which signified that it wouldn’t be long until he awaken his mana.

Alex was looking at his stats and was thinking about where to put the stats when his mana sensor detected some faint movement.

Alex activated the mana sensor and increased its radii trend as soon as it got the signals, his expression turned ugly.


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