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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 67: With A Sword In His Hand, He Danced On The Sea Of Blood And Corpse. Bahasa Indonesia

After sweeping away the battlefield with his huge hammerhead, Alex placed it at the side.

Most of the mindless beats had been taken care of by the bloody battle and Alex noticed that many goblins were swarming around the Fortress.

They had gathered a small army of their own and seemed like they wanted to take this opportunity to bring them down.

But whether they could bring them down only time will tell about it.

Alex used his mana sensor and noticed that there were several strong hobgoblins on the ground who were charging at him and these hobgoblins were at the forefront of the battle.

“Rotate the shift quickly. You all have been worn out where else these goblins are brimming with strength. Moreover, they are more agile than humans. I will hold the line along with the troop’s sergeants .” Alex commanded.

Under his command, the soldiers began to retreat while another squad started to take their place.

Over the top of the walls, the archers started to shoot arrows at the incoming goblins.

Their arrows killed many goblins but it wasn’t enough to make a big difference in front of these mad goblins.

Alex jumped down from the pile of corpses that had been killed by him and drew out his sword as he came out of the pile of a corpse covered in blood.

His sword glistened under the faint moonlight which was going to be dispersed soon by the coming of the dawn.

Alex took his right step forward and with a single draw of his sword, a huge hand of a goblin flew back into the air and hit the other goblins who were behind and the blood splattered on their face making their vision go blind for a moment.

The hobgoblin tried to grapple Alex with his remaining hand wanting to throw him around but Alex moved past him and slashed his sword at his neck and slit his sword into his throat.

The huge body of the goblin which was around two and a half metres tall fell to the ground.

Alex jumped on it and used the chest of the hobgoblin as a foothold to jump on the goblin behind it.

Arriving before the goblins, Alex tilted his body forward shifting his centre of weight forward while placing his sword on his left waist, he drew his sword with a great speed.

The blow was quite fast and sharp while it had been timed perfectly and well-judged.

Alex’s sword flew fast and cut too deep into the goblin’s guts, his sword went past their guts giving a deep and with a heavy wound, his sword struck fast and with the slash, he killed many goblins that were in the arc of the draw in one go.

“Impressive!Excellent.”Count Hamilton muttered as he saw the impressive display of swordsmanship by Alex.

Alex’s swords danced around as Alex’s sword pierced at the hobgoblin’s armpit and he pulled back the sword and slashed at its exposed throat. The hobgoblin threw its hands over the wound to cover it as lifeblood spurted out.

Alex’s display of swordsmanship had not a whiff of mana to it and the style itself was beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Alex showed his skills as he blocked the huge axe that had been thrown at his exposed back but just he raised his sword at his back and the weapon slid off the sword with a clattering sound and struck on the ground.

At that moment the shift had been fully rotated and all the new soldiers arrived on the battlefield and fired their arrows onto the mass of the goblin.

Some of them took up their swords and shields and charged down the slope close to the foe. The goblins diverted their forces while some charged at his soldiers while others ran towards Alex with a deep thirst for his blood.

Alex watched as many of the goblins chose to fight him.

Alex’s lips curled upwards with a small smile as he saw the mass of goblins flocking at him.

” You goblins are shitheads,” Alex muttered under his breath as he observed their approach.

He guessed that facing so many foes at once was a good thing as it would force him to give his best but it was only if he would be able to remain alive by the end of the battle.

Alex pulled his sword back while bending his knees and channelling his strength into his legs, his figure disappeared for a moment while he thrust his sword at the incoming goblins.

The goblin at the front of the charge suddenly felt a Deja Vu and before he could understand what happened.

A big and bloody hole opened in its chest and even the goblin behind him was also hit by it.

The same holes even appeared on its chest as a burst of pressure blew past his chest.

Aeon guarded his troops while slashing a huge fiery arc of blades towards the goblin that burnt them.

Aeon looked at Alex’s directions and saw his beautiful swings as he danced around in the sea of blood and corpses.

Two huge goblins swinging their mace rushed towards Alex who instead of retreating and jumped toward them.

The two goblins swung their mace at him and Alex spun his body in the air bending his body at an unpredictable angle showing his superior flexibility and dodged the blow quite skillfully much to Aeon and his troop’s amazement.

But it was far from over. After ducking the blow, he jumped again when his feet touched the ground and he rotated his body in a complex 360° arc while slashing his sword at the goblin’s back and cleaving both of their backs open.

Another goblin ran towards Aled and slammed his mace on Alex’s back as he found an opening.

But Alex didn’t need to look back and as if he had eyes on his back, he just sidestepped while bending his upper body and turning his body at the attack while he rotated his wrist and slashed.

His sword slid off the outer edge of the goblin’s mace and sparks flew as both the metal crashed with each other and slid off.

The directions of the goblin’s mace changed by a margin and it passed off Alex by a hair’s length while Alex’s sword hacked the goblin’s gut wide opening making blood spurt from the gut like a waterfall.

“Awesome Your Highness.”Everyone who looked at the scene was momentarily stunned and can’t help but be mesmerized by the beautiful and swift decisive swordsmanship that was shown by Alex in this battle.

All of them can’t help but praise Alex and all of them felt a burning sensation in their heart which made them want to follow Alex’s lead and crush the enemies and learn a few of his moves while watching him.

Count Hamilton looked at Alex’s swordsmanship and thought that it was one of the best sword styles he had seen, if not the best.

And the way Alex dodged the blow made him look like a veteran in the battlefield who has fought through countless of battles but still survived fighting on the harsh battlefield.

A true warrior who with a sword in his hand danced on the sea of blood and corpses.


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