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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 66: It’s Time For Round Two Bahasa Indonesia

Count Hamilton nodded and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

“I want you to channelize your mana into the orc and examine the mana core of the Orc,” Alex spoke and explained the process a little bit to Count Hamilton.

“Why do you need to go through all this trouble? Can’t we just take out the mana core of the Orc since it’s already dead?” Hamilton asked.

“No, I want to check the channels first and see if something is weird in them. So, please inject your mana into it.”Alex said.

Hamilton nodded and raised his finger and mana started to condense on his finger he put it on the body of the Orc and tried to circulate the mana inside the Orc.

The body of the Orc emitted a faint light as mana coursed through his mana channels and sipped inside his body.

Hamilton frowned as he felt that the Orc mana channels weren’t alright and seemed to be quite different from others.

He knew that the mana channels of monsters and humans are bound to be different but still they had some resemblance to humans.

Moreover, Orc mostly doesn’t awaken mana and only those who are highly talented among them were able to awaken it but this Orc body structure was quite odd.

Hamilton felt an ominous feeling that was flowing inside the orc and as soon as he reached the core, he felt a jolt of burning sensation and he quickly withdrew his hand.

Hamilton’s back was totally drenched in sweat and he looked at the Orc with eyes of disbelief and shock.

“Uncle, what is it?” Alex asked with a solemn expression.

Hamilton wiped off his sweat and said”It’s dark. The entire core had turned dark and I have never seen such an ominous mana core. It looked as if it had been tainted by something causing the Orc to lose control.”

Alex heard Count Hamilton each words clearly and noted them carefully in his memories while trying to analyse the situation.

“I think my guess is spot on. Something troublesome is going on inside the forest.”Alex muttered while rubbing his chin.

Hearing Alex’s words Hamilton nodded.

They need to do something before the situation escalates and for this, they need to enter deep inside the forest which is full of danger and perils.

After all, the forest was an unexplored area for them.

As Alex and Hamilton were talking, the sound of the trumpet rang again indicating that another beast tide was on them again.


Alex and Aeon’s records of battle were narrated to every soldier and recruit and hearing it, their eyes were filled with awe and reverence.

Hearing the tales of a fight between the huge Orc and their highness, they wanted to contribute as much as they could in the battles.

But they needed to wait for it but they didn’t have to wait for too long as the opportunity was upon them as the huge beast tide was making its way there which was much larger than before compared to previous ones.

Alex took the charge first as today Ben had fought too hard and had got some wounds. Still Ben wanted to fight while taking the commands first but Alex asked him to oversee the situation from the top and only make a move if the situation turned worse.

On the ground, Alex and Charles took over the respective battalions while Aeon’s looked at Charles while waiting for the second turn to take the command while Hamilton stood over the city wall and looked at the huge number of monsters and beasts that were rampaging their way till here.

Hamilton was called Guardian Of The West because, with him, there hadn’t been a single outbreak in the last 25 years.

It was a pity that he wasn’t able to make a breakthrough in Epic and remained stagnant.

Hamilton may be considered a genius in Nevan but in Kinely, one could hardly call him average.

Seeing no prospect for him, it was obvious that the academies wouldn’t support him.

Armed with the knowledge of various good tactics and trained in a good academy in Kinley, he was quite superior compared to others in his ranks.

When Alex thinks about this matter, he considers himself quite lucky for not going to the academy because he knew that like a novel his study in the academy would be filled with face slapping with the siblings going over each other’s throats.

Compared to that Alex was a freeman and could do as he wished.

Alex looked at the horde and shouted.

“Prepare your shields, raise your spear and sharpen swords. It’s time to crush these mongrels who dare to set their eyes upon us.”

“It’s time for them to face our wrath.”

“Unchain the beast inside you.”

“Now charge ahead but don’t fight like a fool only to get your ass beaten.”

“It’s time for Round 2.”


In the eyes of others, it looked as if they are going to a party but instead of a party full of food and wine, they are going to drink the blood of the beasts.

The soldier shouted on hearing Alex’s words and released all their strength and charged toward the beast.

Alex pulled out his weapon of mass destruction and put it on his shoulder.

If the monster and beast coming at him knew about the previous experience of the horde of beasts who were turned to meat paste before this weapon of mass destruction, half of them would already think of fleeing from the spot.

Still, it wouldn’t be too late for them to flee after witnessing the myth of the Meat Crusher whose fame was soon going to be spread far and wide.

Running ahead, Alex took a huge mighty leap and his body rose high up in the sky.

Appearing over the head of the monster, Alex spun his body in the air and his figure shot like a meteorite towards the ground.

Accompanied by the momentum of his fall, he raised the huge hammerhead and harnessed the momentum of his fall and slashed with his hammer.


A loud explosion reverted in the entire area and the ground and trees around the impact were crushed into pieces and we were blown away like dust.

The fate of the monster was much worse compared to trees and soil than and those who hadn’t awakened were directly crushed while the one at the squire rank was killed immediately and turned into blood mist.


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