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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 63: Fighting A Frenzied Orc[2] Bahasa Indonesia

Aeon raised his sword and was about to rush toward to give a finishing blow but Alex’s senses screamed danger and he forbade him from rushing ahead.

And true to Alex’s guess, some goblins lying in the vicinity tried to take the chance and rushed toward the Orc warrior but before they could reach that Orc, it stood up and swung the wooden mace that it got from the hobgoblin around it.


Sounds of bone cracking was heard when the goblins were hit by the mage and were directly blown away by the force of the strike.

The Orc stood up and his body started to glow with an orange shade.

The Orc had arms thicker than logs and there were many holes in it which were created after the arrow dug into its body.

The body of the orc started to heat up and smoke started to appear and the wounds disappeared and even the huge bloody cut on the legs which kept it off balance disappeared without leaving a single scratch.

“What the hell!” Aeon shouted with an expression of shock and disbelief while looking at the miracle that happened before his eyes.

While orcs had good regeneration ability that didn’t mean that the wound would be healed so quickly.

“Can we defeat that thing? Isn’t it something impossible with such regeneration?” Aeon asked with a trembling voice.

“The mana rampaging in his body had amplified everything. His hunger, his anger, his strength and even his regeneration ability.”

“The only fortunate thing is that the Orc has lost his self consciousness and is just like a mad bull charging at everything.”

“We just need to avoid the blows carefully and we can take him down.No matter how powerful one’s regeneration is, he can’t grow back his severed limbs,” Alex explained.

Hearing Alex’s words, Aeon finally calmed down a little.

The Orc’s green eyeball became bloodshot with anger as it looked at the two small-sized punny humans before it who tried to block its path.

He beat the chest muscles like a drum as if it was giving them the warning to run with their ass.

The Orc pulled the giant mace that it got after crushing the hobgoblins and casting a murderous glance at the human, it gave a boisterous roar.

Holding the mace tightly, it charges at Alex with thundering footsteps.

The ground rumbled and a footprint of its huge foot was left behind on the ground along with slight cracks and soon it appeared above Alex and Aeon.

When it got into the range of the attack, he swung his mace at Alex with a downward arc.

Alex ran towards the arc of the swing and by harnessing his momentum, he rolled under the swing and felt a strong gust of wind brushing past his face at the displaced air passed by him and the mace missed Alex by a hair’s breadth.

Aeon’s entire body shivered as he saw just how close the mace departed from Alex’s body and Alex narrowly avoided the blow but by no chance did it look like a coincidence, rather Alex looked like a warrior who had gone through countless battles to hone his instincts.

Alex sprang up and put out some distance from Orc as he raised his sword.

The Orc rotated his body towards Alex and completely ignored Aeon and even forgot about his existence.

The Orc jumped on Alex and swung its mace.


The mace hit the ground with a thundering noise and formed a small pit but Alex dodged the blow and seeing the opening,he gave a clean cut under the Orc arms.

Alex could hear the groaning of pain that escaped from the Orc lips which made him more frenzy in anger and the Orc seemed to have lost all of his rationality.

As it rushed at Alex, he held his sword in a horizontal grip and lowered his shoulder letting himself loose a little.

The Orc swung his mace again at Alex but Alex timed his move perfectly and dropped to the ground, he allowed the mace to pass over his head and twisted his sword at an angle and slashed it at Orc’s hands which cut Orc’s empty hand and the sword followed Alex’s movement and cleanly severed the fingers.

Alex taking the chance again swung his sword but the Orc was able to react in time and able to block his swing.

Alex felt as if he had hit a huge wall of iron and got a strong rebound that hit him hard from inside and with his numb hands he staggered in his steps and was forced to take a few steps back as he slid off the ground.

But Alex didn’t retreat but rather launched himself on the Orc.

Since the Orc had a huge body, Alex didn’t find it hard to get a foothold on the giant Orc; his feet landed on the thick log-sized wrist of the Orc and using it as a foothold, he jumped again and in the air, he spun his body.

Alex deftly launched himself and slashed his sword which scraped past the giant Orc’s shoulder and a huge deep cut appeared on the Orc.

Blood spurted from the gaping wound in a sickening gurgle like a fountain while Alex took out the muscle after cutting through the neck muscle and his sword tip was just a few inches from the neck bone of the Orc.

But before Alex could dig his sword deep into the neck, the Orc moved his hand trying to slam it on Alex.

The Orc strength was enough to rip any human so Alex didn’t take the chance and stomping the shoulders of the Orc,he launched himself towards the distance.


A cracking sound was heard and Orc shoulder was dislocated.

A soft sigh of pain escaped from the Orc’s lips.

Alex noticed that the wound on the neck of the Orc started to disappear but unlike previously a scar appeared on his neck.

Moreover, Alex’s predictions were spot on as the goblin’s severed fingers didn’t grow back.


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