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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 62: Dealing With A Frenzied Orc Bahasa Indonesia

Alex, who was rushing ahead to kill the mage goblin, soon flinched and took a few steps back in a panic after seeing something hitting the mage goblin and sapping it out.

Alex retreated and saw that a wooden mace had hit the mage goblin.

As Alex was wondering where the hell that thing came from, he heard a loud clattering roar which shook the entire forest.

The bloodthirsty voice of the roar echoed throughout the whole forest and all the fighting going on in the vicinity ceased suddenly as if no one present out there was fighting.

The ground began to rumble and a huge greenish body roaring on top of the lungs jumped out of the forest.

The figure landed on the ground of pitiful goblins and crushed them into meat paste followed by loud rumbles of the ground.

Alex looked at the scene with eyes full of terror. It was a huge orc but something feels off about it.

It had a huge body of 3.5 to 4 metres in length and two big canines protruding from its lower jaw and each of its arms were as thick as a log.

Veins bulged all over his body and his eyes had become bloodshot and his body was emanating mana fiercely.

“Your Highness, it is similar to the monster who have lost themselves,” Aeon shouted.

Alex noticed that the orc mana was running in a frenzy.

It was in a state of Mana rampage and was unable to control its mana flow.

“All of you retreat and stay far away from here. Anyone below peak squire rank go back first and inform the Count.”

“Send the flare,” Alex ordered.

The orc hit his chest making a thundering sound and ran across the field.


With each step it took, the ground rumbled and cracked.

The goblins ran away in fear but they were blown away by the orc’s momentum and a few unlucky ones were struck due to the ground being cracked and came under its feet turning into meat paste.

Some of the goblins tried to fight back but they were blasted off in the air with a casual swing of the Orc.

The Orc looked like an apostle of destruction and harbinger of death who went on rampaging and killing anything its eyes met.

Alex looked at the orc who looked like a bald hulk along with two huge protruding fangs.

Alex didn’t rush forward to attack and waited for the Orc to be worn out by goblins.

Currently, the Orc was doing its job of killing the goblin and he just has to wait for the opportunity and steal the kill.

Alex raised his hand and signalled to fire the arrows at the Orc.

At the back, the people who had retreated at a safe distance took out the crossbows and, aiming at Orc, fired the arrows.

The arrows rained down on orcs but most of the arrows were unable to pierce through the Orc defences and most of them bounced back.

The Orc skin was quite hard and the wooden tipped arrows were unable to pierce it.

Alex shouted at them to use the steel arrows.

One of the men took out an arrow which had a sharp steel metallic head and loaded it into the crossbow.

And taking the ground after adjusting his position and aiming at the huge Orc, he fired it.

On the other hand, the Orc fought and killed the goblins, a huge hobgoblin which was way larger than the normal goblin and looked like a mini orc rushed forward and jumped on the Orc with the huge wooden mace.

The Orc roared and caught the mace with one hand and pulled the hobgoblin towards him.

The hobgoblin tried to flee but a huge pair of hands tightly clutched his head and pulled the head,ripped it from the body and threw it away.

He took the mace into his hand and was about to take a step when many arrows rained on him again but this time some of them pierced him.

He was forced to take a step back.

One arrow dug into his arm where many others were in his thigh. The Orc pulled the arrow and greenish fluid gushed out from his wounds

Previously this arrow fired at him just gave him a small ticklish but now they were able to pierce his defence and dug deep inside his skin.

He cried and groaned in a pained tone and looked at the spot from where the arrows rained on him, he gave a thundering and bloody roar and took the hobgoblin and raised it in the air and using his thick log-like arm as a catapult threw at the group of men.

Alex noticed the Orc’s intention and shouted”Take Cover.”

A body flew into the air and shot towards the group of men like a canon.

The group of soldiers and rangers jumped out of fright.


A tattered body slammed on the ground and with the lingering momentum rolled on the ground and then slid off against the ground while breaking trees and boulders in its way.

Few of the men that were closer to the impact were blown away but fortunately, no one was hurt.

The Orc snickered and held another dead body with its huge hand and was about to throw it off when two silhouettes appeared before him.

One slashed his sword and gave it a huge cut while the other jumped in the air and kicked it.

The Orc raised his head to defend itself.

But Alex changed the trajectory in the middle and slid down to the ground and slashed his sword at the Orc legs while Aeon spun his body in the air and kicked a huge thick log like an arm.


With a loud bang, the Orc was pushed a few steps back and slid off the ground.

“Grrrr Kkkkkkkkkk!’

It roared again with its bloodthirsty cry and ran towards the duo but due to the cut, it staggered and tripped over the meat paste goblin and fell down.


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