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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 53: Assault Of Pack Of Wolves:Sigma Vs Alpha Bahasa Indonesia


Swallowing of saliva was heard as they saw the leader of the pack making his presence.

Ben can at the most take on hits against an early disciple ranked warrior while the leader of the pack seems to be in mid or peak disciple rank and it can wield fierce magic.

On top of its strength, it seems to have elemental power and could use lightning magic.

The wolf rolled his eyes and saw many of his kins were dead while others were struggling to finish the group and then it looked at Ben with its sharp gaze.

Ben felt the threat but the fear of dying didn’t suppress him. He had suffered a fate worse than death when Dorda’s men kidnapped him and tortured him.

He raised his sword which was accompanied by flames and jumped toward the huge wolf.

The wolf just growled looking at the weak punny weapon and just slashed its paw from afar.

As the leader of the wolf slashed, a strong zap of lightning hit Ben and his figure was blasted away by the lightning and he crashed against the tree making a dent in the trunk of the tree, puking blood.

“Beennnnnn!” Max roared in anger and lunged forwards toward the wolf but the wolf just howled at its full strength and blew away Max like a twig.

Max felt his eardrums rupture and crashed to the ground and coughed blood.

The wolf made a low growl and the low-level pack getting his signal dashed towards the prey while salivating about the delicious food they are going to eat today.

The soldiers with shields hurried to defend Max who was in quite a helpless state as he tried to get up with trembling legs.

The wolf running toward Max was about to pounce on Max but his eyeball contracted when a sudden gust of pressure went through his body as if an arrow had been shot from somewhere and its body was sliced and split apart which fell on the ground and slid on it, for a distance.

Alex’s figure appeared beside Ben and patted him with a satisfied smile”You all have already won the battle.”

“You all have already conquered the fear of death and triumph over it which is the greatest battle fought by any living being. In front of it, what does this punny battle signify.”

Alex had appeared quite early but he didn’t make his move to test the soldiers, he would have chosen.

Standing before the enemy whom one can’t defeat there will always be some people who will forsake their comrades and run away but there was none among them.

Everybody stood in formations even after seeing the might of the leader of the dire wolf pack.

Alex gave the sword to Max and took his giant axe and said”Today we will find the answer to the long wanted question.”

“Come on Alpha mate, we are going to have a fight of Alpha Vs Sigma.”

[Ohh Host! You have reached the epitome of Dao of Chunni Boy that this poor soul can’t fathom.]

Alex rubbed his nose at hearing the system’s praises but the next moment his delusion was cleared as the system started to curse with all the knowledge he had accumulated and preached to the Dao of Curse using foul words.

[Host, can’t you be serious in such a life-threatening situation. Just because you were busy chasing skirts in your previous life and unable to live your chunniboy life, you don’t have to behave like one in this life.]

“Shut the hell up bastard.” Alex shouted and spoke, “This isn’t being a chunniboy, this is called the Dao of Awesomeness.”

Alex ignored the system which busied itself with cursing Alex for seven generations while Alex looked at the leader of direwolf will with a solemn expression.

The rank wasn’t the problem rather the elemental magic it’s used to fire lightning was making it harder to deal with him.

Alex asked for another axe and clashing both the axes, he dashed towards the wolf who seemed to neglect his presence.

Since it can’t feel any sense of mana or any pressure from Alex, it thought of him as a punny man whom he can crush with just a wave of its hands.

As Alex charged at the boss dire wolf, he saw a bolt of lightning shot toward him by the dire wolf with a bored expression.

Alex swung his axe at the incoming attack and reflected the lightning.

The lightning was deflected from his axe and hit the tree trunk and with a mini-explosion burnt the trunk of the tree.

The dire wolf’s eyes glowed for a moment as it saw the puny human deflecting its blow and shot down many lightning strikes.

The entire forest echoed with thundering and crackling sounds which lit up the forest clearing away the darkness of night for an instant.

Alex just watched the lightning bolt coming toward him and raised both the axes.

He twisted his right foot and used the momentum to swing the axes and rotated his body at a high speed and deflected the blows of lightning.

At every swing of the huge axe, a strike would be deflected and would hit a nearby tree or on the ground and a crack would appear in it.

The dire wolf’s expression finally changed and taking a step forward he gave a maddening roar which shook the entire forest and a burst of pressure bore down on Alex that seemed to pin him down on the ground.

Alex looked at the attack which looked like war cries of barbarians and instead of retreating, lunged forward toward the dire wolf by stomping the ground.

As the burst of pressure was shot towards him by the mad cry of the wolf. Alex raised his axe and swung it down towards the Dire wolf with his full strength.


The air before Alex was torn apart along with the mighty pressure coming towards him which split into two halves.

Just with his strength alone, he cut down everything before him, an invisible arc of sharpness seems to radiate from his axe which shot toward the wolf tearing the ground apart.

The wolf pupil contracted and it jumped to duck the blow.



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